Friday, February 2, 2018

Set Your DVR #SecretSubjectSwap

Welcome to February's Secret Subject Swap. This week ten brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My “Secret Subject” is:

You get to bring back one TV show that has been cancelled. What show and why? Do you re-cast it or keep the same actors?

It was submitted by: (Thank YOU for this subject! I loved it! I had so much fun thinking about my answer!)

So, let me tell y'all something.... This subject has given me such joy. I have spent days pondering this. I will think of it while I am taking my shower, or while I am zoning out and working on my crossword puzzle book, at night while trying to fall asleep, and a million other random times. There are so many possible answers for this. So. Many. Possibilities. 

This is actually the perfect time for just this subject... I mean think about it.... Will and Grace, Gilmore GirlsFull(er) House, The X-Files, Roseanne, Twin Peaks, Longmire (Netflix continued it on past the network's ending of it, and gave fans a better ending), The Killing (Netflix gave fans the same fate as they did for fans of Longmire), Beverly Hills 90210, etc etc.... Plus, there are some solid talk about shows like Charmed, Trading Spaces, and several others. So, a cancelled TV show being brought back, isn't all that far-fetched these days!

I think a lot of times, when it comes to movie remakes, it can be a bit annoying. Either it is just annoying due to the fact that you have already seen that story, and you would rather watch something new. Sometimes, I know it is simply because the original is so well loved, and deemed perfection, so why mess with that?! (I am looking at you, everyone involved in remaking Dirty Dancing!) With TV shows, it is a bit of a different feel, especially if it comes back with the same cast. I think it is less upsetting. It is more of a blessing to the fans of the original show, and could be great for new viewers, who possibly missed the original.

Well, I want to talk you through my thought process on this subject. I have actually pondered probably a million possibilities. That may be slightly hyperbolic, however, it really is not that far off. I think what fueled me thinking about so many options, and not just sticking to my most favorite shows, was the idea of recasting. This really opened the door to possibilities. I could do really old shows, which would not be possible, especially if cast members have passed away. It also led me to consider shows, that maybe I did not LOVE, especially if the reason I disliked it, was due to an actor or actress that I just did not like. So, yes, so many possibilities. So, I am going to briefly tell you about the ones that I most strongly considered. So, in random order....

1. True Blood - I do not know if you are a fan or not, but chances are strong if you are a fan, that you disliked the ending. So the idea of bringing this back, is not the most horrible idea ever. Even if it were just done for one season, and just done with the purpose of giving us a better ending or a more complete ending. There are a few problems with this idea... Several of the actors and actresses involved, are currently working in other projects. I think it would be difficult to successfully balance multiple in depth acting gigs and personal lives. As for recasting... If you read the books, you know their are plenty of new characters that could be easily added to the show, for new seasons, but quite frankly, I would not recast any of the main characters. Also, Lafayette, who was and will always be one of my favorite characters, was played by the very talented Nelsan Ellis, who has sadly passed away. Now, with the way they ended it, Lafayette's absence could be easily handled. Simply by mentioning him in passing, receiving calls and letters from him, and speaking about what he is doing in his life far from Bon Temps. However, I would personally miss his presence. So, that is definitely something to factor into it, when considering bring this one back. Another thought, is that if they brought it back, they could follow a bit closer to the route the books take, and give us a taste of that for once, since they did go so off course of the story the books tell.

2. Dexter - As with True Blood, if you were a fan of Dexter, chances are you did not like how they ended it. The ending might have even infuriated you. I absolutely did not like the ending. I thought they could have done so much more with it, and given the show a much better send off. As for the recasting... I don't think I would change the existing characters, but there is definitely room for new blood. (pun not totally intended) We would obviously need new bad guys, but we could probably add in a few new regulars. It was a show I enjoyed, and I definitely did not like the ending. So, if I am honest another season or two, to simply give it a better ending, would be lovely. If they wanted to carry it on much further than just a small reprisal for better ending purposes, I think that would be possible. I mean there are plenty of ways to show Dexter getting his chance to show the bad guys what it is like to be the victim to a bad guy, as well as so much that could be built up with the relationships between the regulars, and their lives could definitely entertain us. However, I must admit, it could also get complicated trying to repair Dexter's life, so one could make a valid point for having him take more of a backseat, supportive role, to a new character, and take the new show on that route, rather than fully reviving Dexter as the lead. That may defeat the entire purpose of bring it back, rather than just creating and entire new show, that is just an offshoot of the original.

3. Father Dowling Mysteries - This aired on NBC and later on ABC, in the late eighties and early nineties. I loved this show. It always has stuck with me all these years, even with my memory become terrible these last few years, this is a memory that sticks with me. I absolutely loved it. Do you remember it?! I could be the only person who remembers it, as I have never really had it brought up in conversations. I would love to know if you remember it. It was basically like Murder She Wrote, but rather than it being a writer who helped solve crimes, it was a priest and a nun. Since the characters of two main roles (Father Dowling and Marie), were played by actors who have passed away, it is obvious that this would need to be recast. Sister Stephanie is still alive and well (Her IMDB shows she has a movie coming out this year), so she could still be in it. Since I loved Sister Stephanie, that is great news. I think it would work well, if one of the younger nuns helped the new Priest in town solve crimes. Obviously, Sister Stephanie could help along the way. It could definitely work. I would probably love it still. (Interesting tidbit.... Sister Stephanie is played by Ricky Nelson's daughter, who is also the niece of Mark Harmon aka Gibbs!!)

4. The Wire - I just want to say right here and now.... This is my favorite show ever. It was well made, well acted, well written, and extremely intense. It involves a strong theme throughout of drug use, and I tend to avoid that, as it just really gives me heebiejeebies (for lack of a better word). However, I overcame my strong dislike of that, and watched it anyway. Every episode. Many of them multiple times. I often tell people to watch it, but warn that it may be too intense. So, even though it is my favorite show, and I do not necessarily like everything about how it ended, I do respect it. I do feel it was perfection. So, why mess with perfection and bring it back?! Well, in hopes that it is still just as amazing as before?! As for casting... I think that wherever possible, the original cast should be used. I do not think it would be a great idea to change characters, so I would simply say anyone who is unable to be played by the original cast member, to simply not include them in this new edition of the show. I think most people can be easily written around. As with my Lafayette suggestion above.... Possibly just give reports on that person's life through letters and phone calls and conversations about them. I secretly hope that Idris Elba would somehow be involved. I adore that man, and welcome any chance to see him and enjoy his acting talents. I hate to give a spoiler, but Stringer Bell (Idris Elba) dies in the show, but in the newest season, I feel we could have flashbacks of him. I also think it may be wise to show flashbacks with a few of the other deceased characters, to show how they are living on in the newer generations. Stringer was actually a truly savvy businessman, and it would be nice if a younger generation guy/girl, were making great life choices, and utilizing things Stringer may have taught them. I would also love to see a bit more positive things happening, if it were to come back on TV, but I would also like it to maintain its authentic feel. I just think that showing more of the positives happening in the communities, would be a good thing.

5. Golden Girls - I will be the first to say, that I think the same logic behind not remaking perfect movies, probably applies to this show. However, could you imagine if we could have an updated version of the show, that has the same magic of the old one. Sadly, it would need new cast members, because we have lost so many of the original members. If this were done, and Betty White gave her blessing, and I feel her blessing should be necessary for it to be remade, I think Betty should be one the show. She should somehow be involved with the first few episodes. I am guessing that at least one member of the new "golden girls" crew, could be somehow connected to Rose. I will be the first to admit, that so much could go wrong with trying to bring this show back, and that it may not be worth it to even try, but if it were possible to create a new show that is equally as fabulous as the original, it should be done. This show is hands down one of my favorite comedy shows ever. I still watch it to this day. Some of the episodes I have seen a million times, but if I am flipping through the channels, and it is on... I watch it. I just do. It is one of those shows for me. One that I can watch over and over, and yet always choose to watch it, if it is on. I just know that most of the perfection of the original, was due to the cast. They were fabulous.

6. The Waltons - Another favorite of mine. With this one, it would need an entire new cast. There could possibly be guest appearances by original cast members, wherever possible. I think the new seasons would need to be featuring the ancestors of the original cast. Show what life is like on Walton Mountain in modern times. Show how some of the ancestors still live there, and still fondly remember generations from the past, while making their own stamp on the world. I think there is potential. I think it could work. It would take a great cast and great writing, but all shows need those things, just as the original did. I also think it would be nice to hear about the lives our beloved characters lived, through hearing about them in stories passed down by the new generations. This would also work for a mini series or made for TV movie. It could be a nice thing to watch. I am a sentimental person, and this show has a deep root in my childhood, and I do love it. I have actually watched a few episodes with Gigi.

7. Torchwood - This one I would be picky about. I would want as much as the original cast as possible. I would want it to be just as amazing as the original. I would want crossovers with Doctor Who. This could be a way to see glimpses into the lives of some of our favorite Doctor Who characters, who are no longer actively on the show. I absolutely LOVE Doctor Who, and I actually did not start watching it, until I finished all the episodes of Torchwood, and simply needed to have MORE. I am a firm believer that there were simply not enough episodes of this show, and it has potential to provide us with so many more episodes. The cast can evolve over time, and additions can be made, and it could continue for quite some time. The current main characters could eventually become more of a supporting cast, and we can build up an entire new generation of lead characters. There is so much potential here.

8. Doc Martin - Now, this is a British TV show, and it has not been cancelled officially, however news of the future seasons is not clear. What I do know, is that there is one season pending, it has not officially been cancelled, so more seasons could happen, and there are talks of an American version. I have not been able to find much information on that though. If they can translate this show into an American version, that is just as amazing as the British version, then I hope they do it. I am fully on board with more seasons as is, with the same cast. I love this show. I stumbled onto it PBS, and was so hooked, that I had to watch every episode on Netflix. Gigi has even seen some of the episodes and enjoys it. She is just into all things medical though. I just think the British show, the cast and writing, is magic. It is simple, funny, and I enjoy it.

9. House - I would need the original cast as much as possible. If an original cast member is unable to be involved, then I say write them out. Give them the Lafayette/Stringer treatment from above. I would need for House, Wilson, and Cuddy to be the original actors only. Anyone else could be easily replaced by a similar character. However, if those actors cannot be on board, then it would be a no go. I can see how Cuddy can easily not be in the show. With how they ended it, it would be a bit tricky. I am sure it could manage to go on. Possibly Wilson survives the cancer.... Miracles happen. House somehow got his legal issues resolved. Now he either is a Doctor again, or he helps his team/or a new team solve cases, in the role as liaison. Yes, it would be a tricky thing to pull off, but it would be possible. I am not sure it could have the same magic as the original, and that is why I wonder if this would be a good option. I guess I just wish the original had more seasons. It was a genuinely wonderful show.

10. The Chicago Code - This was just a genuinely great show, that I loved and wanted so many more seasons from. There was so much more they could have done. I absolutely loved it. I would want it to be the original cast, with some new additions. Definitely still a Shawn Ryan led show still. I would just like to see where they can go with it. I imagine it will go to some great places. I think so many shows aren't given nearly enough episodes/seasons, and this is definitely one of them.

So, there you have just ten of the many shows I have considered. Even as I was typing this out, I was considering shows. Some others, that I want to list here, to just let you know that I seriously pondered what bringing them back would be like.... Sons of Anarchy, Married with Children, Unsolved Mysteries, Tales from the Crypt, Dawson's Creek (think their kids), 7th Heaven (think their kids and them as parents), Rescue 911 (the show of actual 911 calls and reenacted rescues)... I could go on and on. 

So, I knew early on the show that I wanted to give as my answer, but it was not exactly fitting for the question. However, after a lot of thought, I am still going to answer my gut answer... It is a show currently on NBC.... It is called The Brave. You guys.... I love this show. I genuinely love this show. We just had their Season 1 finale. NBC has not handed out all the renewal notices, so they could get a second season, but they also may not. I am trying to remain positive. However, for the sake of my happiness, if I did have the control over a TV show's fate... I would love to control the fate of The Brave. I would literally renew them through season six. Yes, I love it that much. I want to give them security and comfort, to just go forth and create awesome.

As for the cast.... I would keep it as is. This cast is perfect. This show is perfect. The writing, the cinematography, the acting, the sets, the costumes, every single thing about it... Perfect. This show is entertaining. It brings a solidly wonderful view of military members onto the screen. It entertains us with their missions, while giving us glimpses into the soldiers themselves. It is just superb. It keeps me on the edge of my seat. These days I rarely watch any TV shows live. My DVR and OnDemand are my friends, and I am fully okay with it. However, with this show, I am there. In front of my TV, every single Monday night, more than ready for each episode. 

As you all know, I have been incredibly ill lately, and I have still watched every week. When I was in the hospital, one of my biggest thoughts, was getting to watch The Brave, if I was not home on time. Yes, this show has really gripped my interest, and I am a fan. So, I really hope they get their Season 2, and I encourage you all to watch it. However, if they don't, I would love for this prompt to become reality, and I would use it to #RenewTheBrave!! 

I may need a support group... The Brave Addicts Anonymous?! Well, actually, we did have a bit of a support group for the hiatus during the winter break. #TheBraveHiatusSupportGroup. So, as I am typing this all out, I am realizing just how bad I am in love with this show. Truly. I love it that much. I love the characters. I love the cast. I love the writers. I love it all. I also love how much the cast and crew interact with us fans. They answer our questions. They talk with us. They are AWESOME. This whole show is just awesome inside and out.

I will honestly be shocked if NBC does not renew it, but weird things happen. So, please watch the show. I genuinely think you will love it. I have watched several of the episodes twice, and have plans to watch them all again. I keep noticing little details I did not notice before. So much thought went into this show. It is so well made. I think you will all love it. On top of that, a lot of things that have made it into the final cuts are improvised. It is awesome. This cast has that great of a chemistry with one another, and such a firm grasp on the characters they play, that they can do flawless improvisation. 

Watch the show.

NBC, please renew The Brave, and give us a second season. 

So, I have so many questions.... Do you like any of the shows I listed? Do you want to have any of them renewed? Do you watch any of the shows that are on the second lives currently? Which show would you choose to bring back, if you could only pick one? Do you watch The Brave? Fill me in. Let's discuss it! 

Now, do not forget to check out what subjects my friends got, and how they crafted them into a blog post! I will meet you there, right after I get more coffee. Coffee is literally my sanity these days. I am hanging in there, but most days I just need that extra boost to hang on a bit tighter!

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  1. I love the idea of a Walton's remake, but didn't really watch any of the others. I'd love to see a remake of Little House On The Prairie that was always my favorite show.

    1. Yes! I love The Waltons so much!!! I feel a revival would do well!! I mean even if it were just a TV movie or two. Just giving us glimpses in what happened next, and the future generations!!! ~ Jules

  2. It's funny, we don't watch the same shows but love the same movies (I'm looking at you, Dirty Dancing). As much as I hate remakes and reboots, they always seem to be a let down, I am actually impressed by both Will and Grace and The X Files.

    1. That is really good to know!! I have had my eye on them, and had planned on watching them. I was wondering how they were. Good to know they should be worth watching!!! Yes, we definitely have different tastes, but that is good. Variety! You should watch The Brave! I think you will like it. It is so well done.

  3. I don't know any you're talking about, except the Golden Girls, and I think we should leave them alone for the reason you're mentioning, the original cast isn't complete anymore. I would like to see what happened to the teens from BH90210 though? My god, they must have teens of their own to deal with in the meantime?
    Great prompt, and great work, analyzing your different choices. Love of course that you went for a list of TEN!

  4. Of the ones on your list, I miss Longmire the most. I also miss The Waltons and Gilmore Girls. But This is Us is an awesome replacement for those and done so very well. No wonder it is number one.

  5. It would be interesting for so many of these shows!



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