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Enlightened End #BookReview

I am here with great news and sad news. The latest book in Audrey Carlan's Lotus House Series has been released!! Isn't that GREAT!? In this novel, the seventh in the series, we get to watch Luna and Grant find their happily ever after. Yes, a definitely HEA ending! So why sad news? This book completes the series. Yes, it is the last one.

If you have been reading these novels along with me, then I am sure you are feeling the sadness. The great news, is that in this book, not only do we get to follow Luna and Grant, on their journey to their happy ending, but we get updates on all the couples we already love. As with all the books, you can definitely read it as a standalone, but I HIGHLY recommend reading the entire series, and starting at the beginning.

Audrey is such a wonderful writer. She has the most amazing talent for weaving perfect stories, covering all the details, and creating seemingly real characters and believable lives for them. This latest release will make you laugh, cry, cheer, feel angry, and probably leave you feeling a bit hot at times. There is plenty of steam in this story, but you can easily skim over it, and still really enjoy the plot.

Luna and Grant's journey made me cry. Some from the beauty of it, and some from sadness. It left me feeling happy. Content. As much as I'd love this series to go on forever, this was the perfect ending. The title suits it. I loved the glimpses into all the previous couples' lives. It made the ending of the series bearable.

So, please, make certain you read this series. I highly recommend everything Audrey has written. Happy reading!!

Enlightened End (Lotus House #7) 
by #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling author 
Audrey Carlan.
Release Date  26th June

Each of the books can be read as a standalone but are better read in order. No cliffhangers. Books are erotic romances written for mature audiences 18+.

My world ended the day I received an eviction notice for Lotus House Yoga. Teaching yoga is all I’ve ever known. I’ve been doing tree pose since the age of two. The studio is my home, my legacy. My mother and her best friend left Lotus House to me so that I could carry on spreading goodness and light to everyone who enters our door. Now I’m faced with the very real possibility that it will all go up in smoke…unless I can convince Grant Winters—the most ridiculously handsome and arrogant businessman I’ve ever met—to save not only my business but all those around it.
When I stormed into Grant’s office to beg and plead for a second chance at preserving what my family spent decades building, I had no idea how it would change my life.
A deal was made.
He’d visit the businesses he was planning to destroy and attend classes at Lotus House while I worked to change his mind. In exchange, I had to enter his business-first world of luxury, fast-talking men, and surgically enhanced women.
Turns out, I didn’t fit in... Then again, neither did he.
In the end, we were both enlightened.

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Meet The Author
Audrey Carlan is a #1 New York Times and International bestselling author. Her titles have appeared on USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. Audrey writes wicked hot love stories that have been translated in over thirty different languages across the globe. She is best known for the world-wide bestselling series Calendar Girl and Trinity.
She lives in the California Valley where she enjoys her two children and the love of her life. When she's not writing, you can find her teaching yoga, sipping wine with her "soul sisters," or with her nose stuck in a steamy romance novel.
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What I need you to know... I received an ARC of this book, to read and give an honest review. I was not paid to say anything, and everything I have written is my honest opinion.

Cleaning to Narnia #FunnyFriday

Welcome to this month’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative project. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write five captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

Here is today’s picture. It was submitted by Dawn of Cognitive Script.

1. I am going to find Narnia, if it is the last thing I do. We have to have an entrance in this house somewhere.

2. Mom, to herself: He never cleans. I wonder what he wants.
Son, to himself: I will finish this kitchen, and mom will be in the best mood. She will have to say yes then. My plan is working beautifully.

3. Dad to son: You know that is not how your mom does it.
Son to Dad: She isn't here. She'll never know.
Dad to son: She will know. Trust me, son, she always knows everything.

4. Son to himself: I don't even know what half this stuff is. I should probably never move out. I'll be lost in a sea of unknown appliances, and I'll never eat a good meal again.

5. Anyone else genuinely curious what the story behind this picture is??

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Destination Love #BookReview

I think this is the first book I have read, that takes place in New Zealand, and I loved that. It definitely added to the story. I could really imagine being with Faith and Dean. This is definitely a great read for Summer, and if you read it while at the beach, even better. It is a quick and satisfying read. 

You get to go on a journey with Faith and Dean, as they work to overcome their pasts, and forge a future together. They each have much to learn, and much to overcome, so they can take advantage of their undeniable attraction to one another.

I definitely recommend that you read this. Read it at the beach, if you can, and if not maybe just enjoy a beachy drink, while you read about this wonderful love story. 

Book: Destination Love
Series: Beach Reads Romance Series
Author: Toya Richardson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Day: 1st June

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A woman running from her past. A man with a broken heart. A new future could give them a second chance at love.

Faith Morgan’s lifelong dream comes true when she signs a book deal with a major romance publisher. For the first time in years, she feels the confidence she needs to cut ties with her nightmare of a boyfriend. But when he demands a piece of Faith's new found success, she has no choice but to put distance between them. She figures about 11,000 miles ought to do the trick. Faith lands in New Zealand and swears off all men for good… until she meets the one who's destined to change her life.
Local businessman Dean Jameson always saw himself as a father in the making. He's ecstatic when he becomes a dad, but his heart shatters when his twisted ex reveals he's not the child's father. Meeting the captivating Faith renews his hope in the future, though he's unsure if he can leave his double heartbreak in the past where it belongs.
As Faith navigates her fear of being controlled and Dean dreads another betrayal, the two slowly but surely fall for each other. When their vindictive exes do everything they can to crush this second chance at romance, Faith and Dean must shed the past to rebuild a future based on true love…
Destination Love is a stirring contemporary romance set in New Zealand. If you like exotic locales, steamy relationships, and happily ever afters, then you’ll love Toya Richardson’s inspiring novel.

Buy Destination Love to experience the healing power of love today!  

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Meet the Author
Writing has been my passion since a very early age. Sadly, it wasn’t until the death of my mum, who was also my best friend, in 2009 that I started to take it seriously. My mum’s wish was to see me published, which didn’t occur until 2014. And now, each book written by me is dedicated to her.
My main genre is romance, with books published in contemporary and paranormal romance. I also have the first of a trilogy published in YA Fantasy, there is an element of romance in this series, although the focus is predominantly the heroine’s quest.
When not writing, or reading my main hobbies are; cinema, theatre, gardening, keeping fit, Formula One racing, darts and spending time with friends.

What I need you to know... I received an ARC of this book, to read and write a review. I was not paid to say anything, and everything I have written, is my honest opinion!

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Bolt Saga Volume 1 #BookReview

I am sure you remember the Misadventures Series, that I have been telling y'all about. Remember the Superhero one? Remember how supernatural stuff is not my favorite, and I tend to struggle to get into it, but how the Super Hero misadventures had really captivated me, and left me wanting more? Well, more is here.

You absolutely must read the Bolt Saga from Angel Payne. One of the best things is that volume one will give you three parts of the story. So, you just need to run out and grab this, and read it, and enjoy it, and discuss it with me. I still think that I am not a huge supernatural romance lover, but that I could read nearly anything, as long as Angel Payne writes it. She has an amazing writing style. I feel like I know her characters, and that I am watching everything unfold right in front of me. 

I think you will find yourself enjoying this journey, with Emma and Reece, as they seek out their own happily ever after. There are plenty twists, turns, struggles, and passion along the way.

Read on to learn more about volume one, our author, and how to get your own copy.

Bolt (Volume 1) 
by USA Today bestselling romance author Angel Payne
Bolt (The Bolt Saga Volume 1: Parts 1, 2 & 3) Release Date:  June 12th!
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
#Bolt #AngelPayne

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Bolt Saga One
A powerful man… A shocking secret…
Working the night shift at a five-star hotel in downtown Los Angeles, Emmalina Crist has had her fair share of strange encounters. But none of them have prepared her for the experience of meeting the enigmatic Reece Richards.
Emma’s connection with Reece is hot as hell and impossible to ignore, resulting in a night of passion that’s unlike anything she’s ever experienced―but even the man’s magical lips and hands aren’t worth repeating the indiscretion. Sleeping with the boss―especially when he’s one of the world’s most notorious players―is a dire mistake under normal circumstances, but even more so with business booming because of Bolt, the mysterious “superhero” turning downtown LA into a truly supercharged tourist destination.
What if Reece could tell Emma their electric attraction is more than just passionate chemistry? That the superhero she celebrates and the lover she resists are the same man? Reece knows that sharing his secret with Emma means exposing her to the same lunatics who are out to destroy him. Can he take that chance?

Bolt Saga Two
The man behind the mask… The love she can’t give up…
Sometimes, fighting the flames only fans them―as Emma Crist and Reece Richards have quickly learned. But Reece’s secret identity threatens their electric attraction when a face from his past reappears, leading to a confrontation that changes everything.
Emma now knows the truth about what Reece does in his “spare time.” But what can she do about it? The man behind Bolt’s mask is the love she refuses to give up―but she’s not alone. A band of rogue scientists still want their prized lab rat back, and they’ve enlisted Reece’s gorgeous and dangerous ex-girlfriend to help.
Emma’s always known she’s wanted more than your typical average relationship―but what happens when destiny comes with danger? Is the power of love strong enough to survive supercharged evil?

Bolt Saga Three
Bolted…and bonded…
Happily ever after is a much different experience when the whole world is along for the ride―especially when life is racing at Mach speed and the prince is a real-life superhero. But Emmalina Crist is doing her best to keep pace ever since being swept off her feet by the charismatic Reece Richards, bad boy billionaire turned world’s most electrifying superhero.
She’s the most envied woman on the planet, but also its most confused. How does life ever return to “normal”? She’s captured the globe’s most renowned bachelor and she’s the media’s new darling because of it―but thanks to the Consortium’s relentless pursuit, the idea of losing Reece at any second is her new reality. There’s no instruction manual for dating a superhero. But when a girl is bolted by true love, she must find the courage to reach beyond reality, expectations, and even herself, in a fight for the ultimate power. Everlasting love.

Meet the Author
USA Today bestselling romance author Angel Payne has written for four publishing houses, and is also independently published. She loves to focus on high heat romance with emotional twists. She has numerous book series to her credit, including the Honor Bound series, the Suited for Sin series, the Cimarron Saga, the Temptation Court series, and the Secrets of Stone series (with Victoria Blue).
Angel is thrilled to be an author for the bestselling Misadventures series, and looks forward to the launch of the Bolt Saga, featuring her super hero Reece Richards, launching in Summer 2018. Angel lives in Southern California with her soul mate husband and beautiful cosplaying daughter. As an “anime family”, they enjoy attending pop culture cons together.

What I need you to know... I received an ARC of this series, so I could give my honest review of it. I was not paid to say anything, and everything I have written is my honest opinion. I apologize for any issues with the HTML, and I am working to fix it quickly!

Tied Down #BookReview

Today, I am telling you about the newest  release in the Nailed Down Series. Tied Down is written by Chelle Bliss and Eden Butler. A few things.... I enjoy both series books and standalone books. Lately, as you can probably tell, I have been reading quite a few series books, and I am starting to love it. I like getting more than just one book's worth of information about a character/group of characters. I am also starting to really enjoy certain authors, that even just a year ago, I had not read anything by. Chelle Bliss is one of those authors. She and Eden managed to create a seamless tale with Tied Down. I worried I would be confused by multiple writing styles in one story, but they blended their writing together perfectly.

Tied Down is a page turner. Once I started reading it, I did not want to quick, and every spare chance I got, I was reading it, until I finished the last page. I actually read the last two chapters twice, because I just needed to read it once more. To really soak it all in. This is definitely a book you need to read. It is the second book of the Nailed Down Series, and you could definitely read it as a standalone, but I strongly encourage you to read both books.

I think you will love Kiel from the beginning, now you may not fully like him in the very beginning, but you will fall for him. Cara, well, you will not like you from the get go, but trust me, she will grow on you. There is just so much you will find out, and in the end, I think you will like her more than you knew you could. Kiel and Cara are an excellent book couple. They have the romance, steam, drama, and emotions. Their story is so great, and you will love reading it.

If you like suspense, you will enjoy this book. If you like trying to figure out a plot, before all the information is revealed, you will love this book. If you like drama, you will love this book. If you like for a book couple to overcome difficulties, maybe even grow love from a place of being enemies, than you will absolutely love this book. It is plenty steamy, but you can skim over those pieces, and still be fully entertained, by a well written story.

As with everything I have read from Chelle, I highly recommend this book. She and Eden have a winner with this book! Continue reading, to find a synopsis, information about the fabulous authors, and information on where to get a copy of your own.

Tied Down
by Chelle Bliss & Eden Butler
Tied Down is the second full-length book in the Nailed Down series - and can be read as a standalone.
Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Cara Carelli is a silver-tongued mafia princess, master manipulator, and the only woman I’ve ever loved. But she’s also smokin’ hot and my ex-wife.
When Cara led me straight into a trap and pleaded for my help, I couldn’t say no. She thought she had the upper hand, but this time, I was in control and planned to make her beg.
They say all’s fair in love and war and turnabout’s fair play, but what starts out as a wickedly seductive ploy turns into a twisted game of the heart.

Tied Down is the second full-length book in the Nailed Down series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss and Eden Butler.

❤️★TIED ​DOWN​ ❤️★
▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎Available Now▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎



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You don't have to read all the books in this series, but they are great fun so don't miss out..
Buy the Nailed Down Paperback and receive the ebook free

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Meet the Authors

Chelle Bliss
USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss currently lives in a small town near the Gulf of Mexico. She's a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, and coffee fiend. She's written over ten books and has two series available. She loves spending her free time with her boyfriend, 2 cats, and her hamster.
Before becoming a writer, Chelle taught high school history for over ten years. She holds a master's degree in Instructional Technology and a bachelor's in History. Although history is her first love, writing has become her dream job and she can't imagine doing anything else.

Eden Butler
Eden Butler is an editor and writer of Fantasy, Mystery and Contemporary Romance novels and the nine-times great-granddaughter of an honest-to-God English pirate. This could explain her affinity for rule breaking and rum.
When she’s not writing or wondering about her possibly Jack Sparrowesque ancestor, Eden patiently waits for her Hogwarts letter, edits, reads and spends way too much time watching rugby, Doctor Who and New Orleans Saints football.
She is currently living under teenage rule alongside her husband in southeast Louisiana.    Please send help.

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What I need you to know.... I received an ARC of this book, so I could write an honest review of my opinion. I was not paid to say anything, and everything I have written is my honest opinion. Please note, I am sorry if there is an issue with the HTML in this post. I am working to fix it.


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