Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Choo Choo #TopTenThursday

Welcome to this week's Top Ten Thursday! In case you don't know, or don't remember.... Top Ten Thursday is a blog round-up that is hosted by Tamara of Part-Time Working Hockey Mom! It posts on Thursdays, and each week, participating bloggers compile top ten lists, based on a chosen topic.

I like to join up whenever I am able. This week, we are doing our Top Ten Trains of Thought! There were multiple ways to handle this topic. I did quite a bit of thinking about how I wanted to cover this topic, and I finally decided I would simply record the Top Ten Trains of Thoughts In My Head RIGHT NOW. Yep. Once I start compiling my list, that is when I am coming up with the list. This could get interesting, as my mind tends to go all over the place.

1. Okay. So, ten trains of thoughts. Keep it clean, brain. Keep it clean.

2. Crap. Clean. Ugh. I forgot to wash Gigi's bowl earlier. I just know it is still sitting over there. I wonder what else is there. Well, it cannot be much, because we did not really eat anything on dishes after that.

3. Dishes. I really should buy some real dishes. I mean, our plastic dishes are cute and serve us well, but what about when company comes over. I bet we are the only folks who actually like eating off of fake dishes. I bet teal ones would be nice. Where will I store them? I do not have enough cabinet space.

4. Ugh. I would have more space, if we had a laundry room built already. We could totally use some of that space to store things. Oh my gosh, I could still do that idea with the covered container for my small appliances. They would be safe between uses, and it would free up shelf and counter space. Do I really want to have to go out to the laundry room, every time I need one of them though. I could always send Chad.

5. Actually, I will always send him. There could be spiders. Okay, brain, do NOT go there. Walk away slowly.

6. Ugh. Walk. My leg still hurts. Oh crap. Duh. I told Chad I was going to take my medicine for the cramp, and didn't even take it. I even remembered to get a drink. Crap. Wait. Did I take any of my medicines yet?!?! Oh wait. Yes, I totally took my Prednisone.

7. Sugar shack. Okay, I need to remember to call Dr. Yee's office tomorrow, to see about the injections. I think I should have heard back today. Did my phone ring? No. I missed the call from Rosemary, and then called her back. That was the only time my phone rang.

8. Oh, except for when Chad called, and Gigi ignored it. How did she send that text to him? Obviously it must be a feature on my phone. She's four and uses my phone better than me.

9. Oh my gosh. She will be five soon. I really need to plan her party. Are we doing a party? Are we still going to take her to the beach?! That is what she wants. It would be a nice outing. We need to talk to Barbara, and invite her and her boys. We need to invite Gina and Jessica and their familias. They love the beach. This could be super fun.

10. Oh my gosh. Do I really want that many people around while I am at the beach? What if I have a bad day and get sick. Then I have to leave. That is a lot of days to ruin. Well, okay, I can bring my medicines and I can just take Imodium if anything even seems like it is going to happen. Wait. June.... Will my gut disease be gone by then? Ugh. Okay. Must call Dr. Yee's and get this show on the road. I need this gone pronto.

11. Sweet Mother of the Lord in Heaven. The 5k is in April. Will I be better by then? Can I survive a 5k with this in my gut? I have to. Right? I mean, I promised myself I would never let ANYTHING keep me from finishing this 5k. I will do this. I will just bring medicine with me. If I die out there, I am cool with that. I will have died doing something I love. Something I love but I am terrible at. Ugh. I just need to do more of them, and I will eventually get better. Get better or die. Either way...

Okay.... so yes, I could have gone on and on. It took me less than five minutes to type this up. LOL! So, that is just the typical way my brain works. Don't forget to check out the other bloggers who are linking up this week!!

Now, if you don't mind, I need to finish this train of thought....


  1. Just call your doc and tell them your pain must be gone PRONTO, if that's not possible it must be gone in time to train for your 5k. At the very least till the beach birthday party (how very Californian!) such a great idea, and the more guests, the merrier, no?

    PS: fake dishes during Mr T's term in office sounds appropriate!

  2. so much going on, how do you even think? I think making a list would be helpful, I make a lot of lists and they're always very useful.

    good luck with the 5k.

    have a lovely day.



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