Friday, August 31, 2018

N to the ap #FunnyFriday

Today’s post is this August’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative project. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write five captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they have come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by Dawn of Cognitive Script.

1. Frank's boss was shocked to see how deep to heart, Frank took his suggestion, to make the absolute most of his break time.

2. Husband on Shopping Day Level Pro.

3. Sally promised she would only be in the store for fifteen minutes. Luckily for Frank, he knew Sally's definition of fifteen minutes, and he came prepared.

4. If you are going to get caught in a five hour traffic jam, it is best to do it, on the way home from a beach vacation.

5. That was the day Frank no longer had any cares to give.

So, this is one of my favorite Funny Friday pictures ever. I am sorry I could not do it more justice. I do not know the story here, but I can only imagine, there is a wife shopping involved. This man is a genius. A serious genius. I don't like shopping, as much as I once did, because I cannot physically handle much. However, seeing this gives me ideas. I could nap between stores, and go on day long sprees. Of course, it would be window shopping sprees, but it would be awesome. At my age, and in my health, I appreciate resting and naps. High five to this man, wherever he may be.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Throw the Balls to the Wall in Fall #UseYourWords

Welcome to August's Use Your Words writing challenge. This is how it works: Each participating blogger submits four to six words or short phrases, that another blogger must use to write a blog post. They are then assigned a set of words and short phrases of their own. Each word or phrase, must appear at least once in their post, and the post can consist of anything they choose. It is completely secret, and nobody knows who received their words, until we publish our posts.

My words are:
throw ~ replace ~ ring ~ wall ~ fall

They were submitted by:
Karen of Baking in a Tornado

I read this words, and felt inspired to throw caution to the wind, go complete balls to the wall, replace my worries with hope, and wait for everything to fall into place. That or maybe just let somebody ring my bell. Either way, it is all good, eh?

Okay, I used all the words. I am done here right?! Of course not. It is so unlike me to write such succinct posts. I am one of those verbose ramblers. You did not honestly think you all got off that easily, did you? I sure hope you all know me better than that.

So, I really just wanted to use this time to give some updates. Gigi has been in school for eight days. This was her first full week, and it has been quite a ride. She had one absence, due to her allergies wreaking havoc on her body and her sleep. She was also late once, because my alarms did not go off. Well, either they did not go off, or I slept through them, so deeply, I did not even register that they went off. I am going with they did not go off. So, I will be working on sorting that this weekend. I do not want any more late arrivals on her record.

Things do seem to be going fairly smoothly overall. She is a bit of a morning person, with a tiny bit of grouch mixed it. Overall, our mornings go decent. I cannot walk her onto school grounds. I have to stop at the gate, and she is still struggling to get it all together, finding her line up spot, and have her backpack with her. She is getting their slowly, and I think pretty soon, she will know exactly where to go, and will arrive there with all her belongings in tact. Until then, I will still worry.

We still have not received word, on if she will be able to ride the bus. I am praying she can. Otherwise, after next week, I have no clue how we will get her there. Thankfully, Chad is on vacation next week, so that should definitely work in our favor. I am honestly still baffled by the lack of bus transportation here. I have never lived somewhere, where school buses weren't a common thing.

I still have not completely decided what to do with myself. I know I want to get into a routine for cleaning the house. One that spreads it all out, so I am not overdoing it on any day, but it all gets done regularly. I also want to go back to school. I just need to decide which school, and which major, and what I want to do afterward.

I just found out, that my ankles and feet are bad. The arthritis has taken over, and I have bone spurs, and a poorly healed fracture. They are just all kinds of bad. I go see a podiatrist next week, to see if anything can be done. I am on restrictions until it all gets sorted. I honestly knew something was wrong. There was no way I was in this much pain, and something not be wrong. I am just hoping something can be done. Honestly, I deal with so much pain on a regular basis, that the pain is not my biggest concern. I don't like the weakness and all the falling from my ankle/leg giving out.

So, lots going on around here. We are definitely still in an adjustment period. I am sure everything will fall into place soon. I hope you all had a fabulous week, and a wonderful weekend.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Easy Peasy Organization Tips #BlogWithFriends

Welcome to August's Blog with Friends round up. Each month, a group of bloggers get together, choose a topic, and create blog posts, based on that topic. This month, the selected topic was Simplify Your Life. The post content, is up to each blogger. They get to interpret the topic in anyway they want. Post can include any number of things, from poetry, short stories, recipes, lists, and any number of other things. 

Honestly, I had this amazing idea for a blog post. I actually got so excited, because I was like this is perfect, and it perfectly fits Simplify Your Life. Unfortunately, I forgot to write it down, and then when I went to make my graphics for the post, I could not remember what the topic I had thought of was. So, then I decided to go with the other thing that comes to mind.

Ways to keep your family running like a well oiled machine, or at least like a mostly well oiled machine. Now, I am no expert on anything. Particularly not parenting, running a household, organization, or life. However, I do know how to try things out, and see what works well. So, with Gigi starting Kindergarten, and everything going on in our life, I have been trying out things, for a while now, in hopes of keeping us running more smoothly. 

So, here goes a few of the things I have found, that have helped me keep things running well, or at least well enough. 

1. Planner. These days, so much of life is based on or connected to technology. However, I have found that having a regular paper planner, has helped me immensely. Yes, technology is great, and yes I have many planner options on my phone. However, it was not until I went "old school", and got a paper planner, that I started keeping it all together better. I currently use a Happy Planner from MAMBI. I have a Deluxe Cover for it, and I love it. I actually REALLY love it. However, I do plan on switching over to a fully customized Plum Paper Planner soon. 

I am switching, not because I don't love the Happy Planner, but because I feel like the Plum Paper will better fit my life, and my needs. I can add in an entire section for blog organization. Plus, I feel like it will keep me better organized, as I am now trying to juggle not just our regular life things, my blog, and my health, but now all of Gigi's school stuff. 

So, I highly recommend looking into an actual paper planner. The ones I find most awesome, are Happy Planner, Plum Paper Planner, and Erin Condren. However, there are SO MANY options. I just know you can find one, you will love. Also, there are so many Planner Groups on Facebook, that can help you get started, and get the most from your Planner. My favorite one is called "All Things Planning". 

2. Wall Calendar. Yes, another "old school" item. Do not get me wrong, I still keep my phone calendar fully loaded, with every possible thing we have going on. Sometimes, I even include things that are maybes. I like to try to do things, even if at first I am not sure we can definitely do it. Plus, with my health being so up and down, sometimes I actually have a good day, and we can do something we were originally unsure of. Having the major/important things on paper, helps. I like to look at the calendar regularly, and make note of things that are coming up. It helps me better remember everything, and helps me to plan things out. It also helps me better prepare financially. So, if you do not have a physical wall or desk calendar, I recommend trying it out. My current one, was a gift from my mum Rosemary, and is a Boston Red Sox calendar. So, the bonuses are thinking of my mum, when I look at it, and thinking of my Red Sox.

3. Sync all family members digital calendars. Speaking of calendars, I definitely recommend maintaining digital calendars, and letting everyone possible to have a digital calendar, and syncing them regularly. In our family, Chad has a calendar, and I have one. On mine, I maintain all of my own events, and all of Gigi's. It will not only help things run smoother, and eliminate any schedule conflicts, or at least as many as possible. I thing the more balls you juggle as a family, the harder it is to eliminate all conflicts. Plus, inevitably, some days will be way busier than others. At least, if you are all synced up, you can keep things as easy and smooth as possible.

4. Family Command Center. This can be as simple or as complex, as your family's needs and home allows. I definitely recommend having at least a basket for incoming mail, until it can be processed and discarded or filed away. Other helpful things, are dry erase boards, cork boards, filing cabinets, menu boards, phones, address book (including all important numbers- doctors, plumber, electrician, baby sitters, favorite restaurants, and family members), post it notes, pens, markers, postage notes, a box of blank cards, and any other items you use to keep your life organized. I recommend making a desk are the command center, or some extra space in the kitchen. Our command center is kind of just a corner in the living room, where I sit the most, and have a table with a draw and shelf. In the future, my goal is to utilize my desk in the hallway, as the command center. I do not have that desk in the hallway yet, so it is just a goal. Once I get my hallway organized, and set up how I want, I plan on making a post about it. Fingers crossed that happens soon. I am still trying to find the perfect desk for my space, in a price range I can afford. 

5. File System/Fire Proof Safe. I definitely recommend getting an actual system for all the papers you need to keep. Whether it is receipts, manuals, warranties, tax papers, bills, or kid's schoolwork. Rather than have it scattered all over in various places, get it all gathered up, and organized in one place. As someone who has survived two fires, I cannot stress this enough. In the event of an emergency, it is best to know exactly where you need to go, to find important things. I also recommend, keeping them elevated if possible, in case there is ever any flooding. I also recommend buying a locking safe, that is fireproof, and keeping your most important things in it. Birth certificates, social security cards, medical paperwork, financial paperwork, and anything else you would absolutely not want to lose in a fire.

6. Meal planning. The Bergham family needs to get better at this, but whenever we do it, it helps immensely. I strongly recommend planning your meals for the week out, and do the shopping in advance. You can do prep work the day before, and meal times can run much more smoothly. I feel so stressed, when I am trying to figure out in the morning/early afternoon, what is for dinner that night. Plus, often, I will realize I do not have certain ingredients, and this leads to even more last minute changes, or urgent/inconvenient store runs. Now that Gigi is in school, this is even more important to me, because I value our time together even more, since there is so much less of it.

7. Communication. In relationships, communication is so important. I have seen so many relationships fall apart, simply because the couple is not great at communicating with each other. Well, a family is one of the most important relationships, and communication is definitely important. Chad and I are pretty good at communicating. Possibly because I am such a talker. However, at times, we have moments where it is so evident we did not communicate well. Those moments really stink, and I work extra hard to avoid them. We do pretty well, and when we do encounter those moments, we immediately start communicating, and we work through it. I try to make sure Gigi understands how important it is, that she always talks to us. I let her know, there is nothing she cannot tell me, because I will always love her no matter what. I am really hoping she remembers that in her teen years. For now, it just helps keep us running as smoothly as possible, and avoids confusion.

8. Routine. I do really well, when I have a solid routine going, and it is becoming obvious that Gigi is the same. So, I cannot stress enough, how much easier things become, if you get a routine, and keep it as much as possible. I think anyone who has a routine down, can attest to how much this one helps. Sometimes, it is not about having a complete and total routine, but more about routines for the important things. Morning routines, bedtime routines, mealtime routines, chore routines, weekend routines, etc. I don't do full day routines, although, maybe I should, but I do use routines for the more complicated and important times. It definitely helps it all to go smoother. 

9. Pizza and Ice Cream. This addition is from Chad. When he said it though, I knew exactly what he meant. On those crazy days, where you are all so busy, and your family is juggling a million balls... Do not hesitate to fall back on pizza (or whatever extremely simple, cheap thing your family loves) for mealtime. It can be just the break you all need in the day. For those hard days, where emotions are running high, and things are rough, do not hesitate to break out the ice cream (or whatever treat you all enjoy), to give yourselves a metal and emotional uplifting moment. There have been times, when I feel like things are just too much, and I have grabbed Gigi some ice cream, and I am telling you, it was just the thing we needed. Pizza has definitely saved dinner more than once. It has helped us survive some of the busiest days we have encountered. 

10. Plan Ahead. Whenever possible, plan ahead. It can really take stress off of you. Plan birthdays and holidays in advance. Schedule important doctor visits in advance. Plan vacations in advance. Plan fun weekends in advance. Whenever you are able to plan ahead, do it. You will definitely thank yourself later. Plus, planning ahead helps you to avoid any last minute hiccups, and get things fixed before it is too late. Plus, in some cases, it can allow you to save up money, and even save money on the event itself. So, I strongly advise you to plan ahead. 

My bonus advice, is purge. Any chance you get to get rid of stuff, do it. Donate it or throw it away. I think we often tend to hang on to things that do us absolutely no good, and that can clutter up our lives. I am a firm believer, that the less clutter, the better. I think that is why I wish I were better at living in such a tiny house, with such little storage/closet space. I wish I were far better at it, and had less clutter around. 

So, there you have it. My non-expert advice on how to help your family run like a well oiled machine. Do you have any tips not on my list? I would love to hear them! 

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Friday, August 10, 2018

Don't Fear the Reaper #SecretSubjectSwap

Welcome to August's Secret Subject Swap. This week nine awesome bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My “Secret Subject” is:
what if the grim reaper existed, but he took people to whichever afterlife corresponded with their beliefs? Tell us a story!

It was submitted by: 

I must apologize to Jenniy first off, for the fact that I am not going to do this amazing subject justice. I just do not have the ability to think about this type of scenario and write a story. So, I can see that this is an awesome subject, but I just do not have the thought process necessary, to bring it to the glorious level it deserves.

Now, let's discuss this topic. The grim reaper actually existing, and everyone who dies, goes to the afterlife designated by their beliefs. That is some extraordinary reality. It would mean everyone, and every belief is correct. Those who believe in Heaven and Hell, correct. Those who believe there is no afterlife at all, correct. Those who believe in Valhalla, correct. Those who believe in 72 virgins, correct. Those who believe in Reincarnation, correct. I could go on and on. The magnitude of this possibility is mind blowing. 

For me personally, this would mean I would be going to Heaven or Hell. I must say, I am seriously hoping for Heaven. I would love to see all my loved ones, including my children, who have passed away before me. I want to meet God. I want to watch over my loved ones, until they join me, hopefully many decades later. I also believe that when we die, all our unanswered questions, are finally answered, and we know everything. I would absolutely love this. I have lots of unanswered questions.

The sad part for me, would come in the form of the people I love very much, who do not believe in the same afterlife as I do. They would be going to their own believed in afterlife, and I would be void of them for eternity. I would have to seriously spend my time praying, that when Gigi is old and gray, she believes in Heaven, and has remained a good person. 

In truth, with all the different beliefs which exist, the possibilities are endless. Obviously, if you would rather not say, I understand. I am genuinely curious where you would all end up, if this scenario were real. 

Now, please go check out the awesome Secret Subject Swaps, from my fellow bloggers. I will meet you there, with a cup of coffee, as soon as I'm home from bringing Gigi to school. Oh yeah, if you do not follow my Facebook page, you may have missed that Gigi became a Kindergarten student this week. I am handling as well as I am able. I have my moments. She is thriving and loving it. 

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