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Rebirth of Jules #PoetryCollaboration

Hello! Welcome to January's Poetry Collaboration!! Every month, a group of bloggers turn into poets (or in some cases let their poetic sides shine), and write poems based on a chosen theme. This month's theme is Rebirth. It seems like such a fitting theme, for the beginning of a new year.

I hope you enjoy what I have prepared for you, and don't forget to check out the rest of this month's poetry. The links to those poems will be at the bottom of my post.

Poem 1 (Rebirth):

Rosy skies at dawn, singling a new day beginning.
Endless possibilities.
Bringing the present into the future.
Initiating changes and advancements.
Rising to your potential.
Taking advantage of presented opportunities.
Hoping for a better tomorrow, with the changes made today.

Poem 2 (Your Story):

A new year lends to new opportunities and endless possibilities.
It is what you make of it.
Sometimes fate takes over, and guides your path.
Yet, so much is left up to you to shape, with your choices.
Sometimes those choices lead to good things,
and other times not so good things.
Lessons learned, experiences had, life lived.
Every new year, gives you the opportunity to grow.
To change and become better.
To be the person you have always wanted to be, 
or at least more like that person.
Each year a ring on your life's tree,
telling part of your story.
It is up to you to write your story.
Make it the epic adventure you want it to be.
Or maybe you would rather a suspenseful tale.

Or possibly you are more of a romance lover.
Either way, it is your year, your life, your story.
Write it. Create it. Live it.
Take advantage of the new year's rebirth of you.
Roll with the punches fate deals out,
and make your story worth telling.

Poem 3 (Rebirth of Jules):

It is a new year, a new chapter to my story.
I have a blank chapter in front of me, 
and a fresh ink pen to add to my story.
It is up to me to write the best chapter possible.
I write it with my choices I make.
I write it with the opportunities I seize.
I write it with the risks I take.
I write it with the mistakes I make.
I write it with the lessons I learn.
I write it with the adventures I enjoy.
I write it with the deed I do.
I write it with the words I speak.
I write it with my soul and heart.
It is my chapter, and only I can write it.
Each year, I am gifted a new chapter.
The last chapter no longer matters.
The past is done. 
The future is now.
It is mine to write.
It is mine to live.
Every new year brings my rebirth.
My chance to be a better me.
My chance to have a better story.
It is my book, and I am the author.

Here are the links to the other poems, featuring the January theme of Rebirth. I will meet you there, right after I refill my coffee cup!!

Karen of Baking In A Tornado
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Dawn from Cognitive Script
Nine R’s


  1. Your positive outlook shows through. I have to admit that the last line of the last poem is my favorite.

  2. I absolutely love these! My favorite is the imagery of the rings on the tree!

  3. As always I struggle to write one and your excel with several. I really like the first one. Great job.


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