Thursday, July 21, 2016

Happiness in Place #TopTenThursday

Welcome to this week's #TopTenThursday. This is a fun writing challenge, that is hosted by Tamara of Confessions of a part-time working mom. Her, myself, and other bloggers, come together and post Top Ten lists, which we create based on a chosen topic. I hope you enjoy reading my list, as much as I loved creating it.

Last week, we made a list of the top ten things we love/hate about blogging challenges. This week, we are revealing our top ten happy places. I don't know how you guys feel, but I definitely have places that make me happy. Other places, like my oncologist's office and being stuck in traffic, will never make this list. 

Without further ado, in random order, I present my top ten happy places. Be sure to check out the other Blogger's happy places, using the links at the bottom. 

1. Starbucks. Truthfully, any place with coffee, is a happy place for me. I have other coffees I like just as much, and possibly even more than Starbucks, but my favorite coffee place, is definitely Starbucks. I have always found the atmosphere to be warm and welcoming. I can easily relax. I love to sit and write, or simply relax, while enjoying my coffee. The friendly baristas, delicious coffee, and free refills only add to my happiness.

2. Bed with a book. It doesn't matter if I'm curled up with a reading book, or a coloring book, I'm happy. I am a total bookworm, who devours book after book. I'll happily give up sleep, to read.

3. Bed asleep. When I'm not reading, I do love to sleep. I don't get nearly enough sleep, but the sleep I do get, I love and appreciate.

4. In Gigi's embrace. Gigi gives the absolute best hugs. Hands down. Those moments are some of my favorites. I especially enjoy them, now that she's three, and the hugs usually follow or precede an outburst of defiantly expressing her independence. Three is hard, y'all. So very, very hard. So, I soak up all the hugs I can get.

5. The beach. Sand, sun, and ocean. Yes, yes, yes. Admittedly, I prefer the warm Atlantic Ocean, over the colder Pacific Ocean, but either way... If I'm at the beach, I'm happy.

6. Hanging with my besties. I don't have an abundance of friends, but I cherish the ones I have. Most live a billion miles away, which does not make keeping in touch easy. I'm definitely grateful for Facebook. Even if it's just a message/text/call/conversation in a comment section, spending time interacting with my friends, makes me happy. I'm especially grateful for the few friends I have, who I'm able to hang with in person. Lately, I've been blessed with a lot of girl time, with my bestie Jade. This has led to laughs, shenanigans, and me now sporting blonde hair. If you follow my Facebook page, you've already seen my new do. It's a big change from the green/teal hair, I've had for months now. I am loving being a blonde, it reminds me of my (much) younger years.

7. Swimming in a pool. Yes, the beach is definitely a happy place for me, but the ocean really isn't. I'm not the biggest fan of swimming in water that's not enclosed within a well-maintained pool. I'm a total fish, and love swimming, but I'm definitely a pool water swimmer. I have friends who prefer salt water, and ones who prefer fresh (Lake/river/pond/etc) water, but I'm team chlorinated water.

8. In the sunshine. I can be in my yard, at the park, walking, at a friend's house, in the car... As long as I'm being warmed by the rays of the sun, I'm happy. Admittedly, I LOVE dancing in the rain, and it does make me happy, just not as thoroughly happy as sunshine does.

9. Tattoo shop. If you don't already know, consider this me formally informing you, I'm addicted to tattoos. I have seven of my own (two are works in progress), and hope to add at least five more. If you need someone to sit with you, while you get inked, I'm your girl. I've accompanied many of my friends, and I'm not ashamed to admit, I'm the best tattoo shop wingman. Speaking of tattoo shops, I'm way overdue for new ink. I'm hoping to change that soon. My right arm tattoo is begging to be worked on.

10. Nail salon. Listen, put me in a massage chair, with my feet soaking, and I am HAPPY. Getting pedicures is one of my most favorite things ever. I'd get one every week, if I could afford it. They say if you ever win the lottery, you should have two priorities... Making your life better and making the world better. You should also spend some of it with frivolity, so as to give yourself instant happiness. Well, my frivolous spending, will be in a nail salon (every week) and a tattoo shop.

So, where are your happy places?! Do we have any in common?! Are any of mine a sad place for you?!

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  1. Such a great list! Going through it makes me happy :-)
    I can relate to many, as you know, basically 1-8!
    Thanks for playing, see you next week when we go back in time! 🎶

    1. What??!! Not 9?!? LOL. I'm actually more surprised by 10 not being one you can relate to.
      I'm very excited for next week, though it's going to be a HARD one.

  2. Great job sad I didn't make the top ten.

    1. You're included in 6 and you gave me 4!! Plus, your hugs are probably second best!!

  3. Great post, love all your Happy Places. Totally agree with the toddler hugs (I got one of those too), the tattoo shop, beach, Starbucks, bed, besties..all of them! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to reading your Top Ten next week.

    1. I love that we agree!!! Loved your happy places also!!!

  4. Awe I LOVE YOU BESTIE You are definately a happy place for me.

  5. #1 - not a fan of coffee so I really do not like spending any time in a starbucks

    #2 - definitely, reading anywhere really is a happy place

    #3 - sleeping, absolutely

    #6 - hanging out with friends/family is always good

    hope you have a lovely day.

    1. I could not imagine life without coffee.

      I hope you have a fabulous week!!

  6. I miss affordable pedicures SO MUCH! They're very pricey here and I've heard the quality isn't great :-(

    I've only gotten one tattoo ever, but I want to get at least a couple more. Someday :-)

  7. A lot of my happy places are the same as yours. But for me the beach is #1

    1. I completely understand that!!! It'd be my 1 or 2, if I ranked them in order!!



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