Friday, May 10, 2019

Stop and Count #SecretSubjectSwap

Welcome to May's Secret Subject Swap. This week nine brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My “Secret Subject” is:

As you are driving, the car in front of you stops at a stop sign and six more people than can fit in the car pile out, run around, and climb back in, then drive off.

It was submitted by: Bookworm in the Kitchen (Thank you for such an awesome subject prompt!! I am not sure I did what you had hoped with it, but I truly enjoyed my trip down memory lane, that you sent me on!!)

I may have been the worst person to get this subject. I am sure for most, this would have been an excellent short story starter. For me, it simply brings back a memory. A fond memory, now that I think of it. 

I had just graduated high school, and I was wasting a few days on fun, before I had to start working seriously, and preparing for going away to college. I lived in Connecticut, and our favorite way to have fun, was to hang out at the casinos (Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun). I still enjoy visiting casinos, even though I never do any major gambling. I think a lot of my love for them, is the nostalgia of my fun, younger days. So, it should be of no surprise that it was a Friday night, and I had just gotten paid, and my friends and I had just left Mohegan and were headed to Foxwoods. (I should add in, none of us were even old enough to gamble. We just loved the buffet, concerts, stores, and people watching! I actually met one of my most meaningful boyfriends at the casino!)

This was back when everything was still new, and many things were still in the process of being built. I have not been to either casino is quite some years, but they have both expanded a lot from the days I spent there. We were at this area, where there is really nothing around, you come to a big intersection, and you can see the casino a short ways down the road. It was as if the casino was an oasis. Now, it has built up extensively. I actually hope to go visit both one day soon. I want to go for the food and shopping, not the gambling.

So, it was raining and my friends and I were sitting at the red light (sorry it's not a sign), and suddenly the doors all open on the Jetta that was stopped in front of us. Then suddenly all these buff looking athletes (probably early 20's), are running laps around the car. There were five of them. My friends and I were laughing and honking, and some old guy was yelling out his window about "idiot kids", and then suddenly they all piled back into the Jetta, and we all traveled on our ways. 

It was so random. My friend and I were trying to figure out how they all fit, considering there was a girl who was in the center of the backseat. I would be lying if I said that something similar did not happen a few hours later, only it was three girls and one guy, and the car was a Jeep Grand Cherokee. I would also be lying if I said that I wasn't one of those girls. I would be telling you the truth, if I said, if you ever did decide to do something like that, don't do it with a police car three cars behind you at the light. 

I still have no clue why those guys did it. They ran so many laps, that we lost track, but we were pretty sure they all returned into the doors they came out of. So, they did not change drivers or anything. Nonetheless, it added some laughter into what turned out to be a really fun night (Minus about twenty minutes being lectured by a Trooper).

Gigi better never do anything crazy like that though. It is funny how as a kid we don't think twice about doing something, but then when we have a kid, we do NOT want them do many of the things we did ourselves. It really gives you a bigger respect for your parents. 

Do any of you have stories of encountering the same or similar thing as we did?! Did this prompt put a short story into your head?! If you want, you are welcome to send it to me, and I will add it onto this, with full credit to you.

I hope you are all having a wonderful May so far!!

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  1. I know why they did it, they did it because they were 20 year old kids. Bet it was fun for them just knowing the reaction they were getting from others. Fun story, Jules.
    PS: Foxwoods was my stepfather's favorite, and my cousin goes there regularly now too.

  2. I understand how you never forgot about this. Sounds somewhat surreal, right? Maybe they lost a bet? Or it was just a game: how many laps can we run before the light turns green? Did you follow the car, did they do it again at the next light?

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  4. I am so glad you got this prompt and had an actual experience with this. I might have peed myself laughing.



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