Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Holiday Dreaming #MakeUpYourOwnHoliday

It really does seem like there is a national (holi)day for everything. My favorites are probably National Coffee Day (September 29th) and National Peanut Butter Day (January 24th). If you saw me right now, eating my peanut butter and banana sandwich and drinking coffee, while I write this post, I think you would have probably guessed those. Well, there is even a day for making up your own holiday. Today, March 26th, is the day we can all make up our own holiday, and so my blogger friends and I, decided to each create a holiday.

Now, when approaching the idea, I spoke with Karen from Baking in a Tornado, about a particular holiday I wanted to create. It would be highly controversial, and I do not want to bring controversy to my blog. However, during my talk with her, we discussed how the sky is the limit. It is literally create your own holiday, and why not go big? So, while trying to figure out what holiday to invent, I had quite the stroll down Idea Way. There were Manatees, ice cream, pasta dishes galore, coffee, and just about anything else you could imagine. My mind truly went everywhere with this. Let me tell you, there are some amazing possibilities with this topic.

I finally settled on a somewhat dangerous, but mostly safe holiday. Now, since this is my blog, my post, and my holiday, I decided that for the sake of really getting to make any holiday I wanted, that whatever I chose, would be celebrated/honored, without question. I could easily say... Everyone Gets a Million Dollars Day, but unless everyone really gets the money, is it really a holiday?! No, I didn't choose that one, but wouldn't that be awesome?! I told you, there was quite a stroll down Idea Way, done by my mind.

I finally decided on..... National All Politicians Must Speak Only the Complete Truth All Day Long Day. Oh boy. What a day that would be. I chose it, because honestly, I think it is needed. Plus, if they have to all be completely honest on one day, then it will keep them in line the rest of the days, because come National APMSOTCTADL Day each year, they'd be in big trouble otherwise.

However, I have sad news, for some, and for others great news.... I changed my mind. It was a spur of the moment change. Chad had taken the suitcase of important things, I brought home from my Dad's house, out from under our bed, and I had been listening to tapes of my Dad singing and playing the guitar. In the moment, I knew that even though it is totally selfish, and I should really keep politicians honest, with my holiday, I wanted something more for me.

So, I hereby say, I would create National Loved Ones Get to Visit From Heaven Day. Final answer. They could come visit, and we could laugh and talk and hug. We could say the things we did not get to say before they died. We could introduce them to newborn family members. We can be with our loved ones again. That is it. For me, that is what I would do, if I really could make ANY holiday, and it need to be obeyed/honored/celebrated. I know I couldn't really do it, but it sure would be awesome.

My first big contender was National Swim with Manatees Day. I decided the impact might be more harmful than good, so I let it go. That is when I decided I wanted whatever holiday I created to have a positive impact. I think in the end, National LOGTVFH Day would be a positive thing. Especially since, I would write it into the decree, that the relatives that visit cannot do any harm while here. I would not want any revenge or anything happening. Just loved ones spending time with loved ones.

What holiday would you create?! 

Do not forget to go check out what holidays my fellow bloggers came up with! I will meet you there, as soon as I refill my cup.

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  1. I love all of your choices (it's hard to make a decision, isn't it? But in the end you chose a sweet and loving day, one we all wish could actually happen.



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