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La Fin #PoetryCollaboration

Welcome to December's Poetry Collaboration. This month's theme is endings. Considering this is the last month of 2017, I feel that this theme is quite appropriate. I hope you enjoy the poems my fellow bloggers and I, have created for you all to enjoy!

Poem 1: La Fin

Last day together.
Almost to much pain to bear.

Finally realizing it is over.
Internally praying you change your mind.
Never ready for this goodbye.

Poem 2: Endings

Everyone must come to an end, they say.
Nobody is every truly prepared for the end.
Despair and sadness are usually felt.
Incredible strength can come from it.
Next doors open can be better than previous.
Growth and healing are welcomed.
Strengthened bonds can grow.

Poem 3: Endings part deux

Emotions running wild.
Never-ending stream of tears.
Doubts filling your brain.
Inescapable worries and fears.
Nagging feelings of failure.
Getting weighed down by the feeling of loss.
Sadness seeping into your soul.

Poem 4: Untitled

We both knew this day would come.
We had talked about it often.
I am not sure either of us believed it would finally happen.
I am not sure either of us are truly prepared.
I am torn between wanting to accept the inevitable fate,
or try to prolong it a bit more.
I feel like either way, I am going to hurt.
I love you with a love so deep, I cannot find its end.
I just know that we aren't good for one another.

I never could quite understand this about us,
and that is probably why I have fought our end so long.
One one hand, we are perfect for one another.
Our love is deep and real.
Our passion is undeniable.
Our connection and bond is profoundly strong.
We are a match made in Heaven.
On the other hand, we are terrible for one another.
I have hurt you deeply, without even meaning to.
You have hurt me so deeply, I thought I would die.
Even the simplest of discussions, between us,
can turn into the most heated argument.
We can rarely agree on anything.
Your wants are the exact opposite of mine.

I would die for you, without even a moments thought.
In my heart, I know you would do the same for me.
Nobody else will ever make me feel the way you do.
Nobody else will ever bring me to the heights of passion,
you've delivered me to.
Nobody will ever love you as deeply as I do.
Nobody will ever be able to replace you for me.
I am confident you will never find a replacement for me.

Despite the good,
despite the bad,
despite the pleasure,
despite the pain,
despite it all.
The day has come,
for us to say goodbye,
and for our story to end.
There will be no more us.
There will be no more dates.
There will be no more passion.
There will be no more arguments.
There will be no more debates.
There will simply be no more.
Our ending has come.
Our fate has been sealed.
It is over.
Good bye.

So, there you have it. My contribution to this month's poetry collaboration!! Be sure to check out what all the other bloggers created for your enjoyment!! 

Karen of Baking In A Tornado

Dawn of Cognitive Script


  1. Very well done but all so sad. I guess that's what happens when we choose "endings" as a topic. Have a great week! Hope you are feeling better.
    aka Spatulas On Parade
    Cognitive Script

  2. Jules...I love your poetry. You have a gift my friend. <3

  3. Oh, my word! These are fantastic! The emotion in 'Untitled' is undeniably real! Very well done!

  4. Your poems make my cry . . . and wish that life were easier.

  5. Wonderful! Made me think of things long in the past and miss him all over again


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