Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wacky, Weird, and Poetic #PoetryCollaboration Aug 2016

Welcome to this month's poetry collaboration! For this month, we chose the theme 'Wacky and Weird'. Hopefully you enjoy my contribution! Don't forget to check out all the other contributions!

So, this month, we celebrate bad poetry. That is basically my inspiration for this post. I had the hardest time coming up with poetry for this theme. Usually, I am inspired, even if just a tiny spark of inspiration, and I build on the inspiration, creating poems. This month was not a month for poetic inspiration, but then I realized we celebrate bad poetry day. So, at the very least, you can file these poems under that! LOL

Poem 1: 

Weirdly interesting.
Always entertaining.
Cooky and crazy.

Kid at heart.
You always make us laugh.

Poem 2:

Wonderfully unique.
Interesting and quirky.
Radiating intrigue and individuality.
Drumming your own beat of life.

Poem 3:

Your love is like bad poetry. 
You make me crazy.
I love to hate you.
You make me happy one day, and wacky the next.
One moment things are good, and the next they are weird.
You are not consistent at all.
One moment you say you love me, and the next you want nothing to do with you.
I am tired of the bad poetry between us.
I want to make poetry that inspires.
I want to be happy.
I want to be fulfilled. 
I am over this.
I am over us.
I am over you.
I want to meet a new poet, to collaborate with.
I want to write sonnets that rival Shakespeare's most beloved pieces.
I want to write happy endings every single day.
I am done with this collaboration.
I am moving on.
You can stay in your own wacky world.
Find someone new to be weird with.
Happy writing.
Farewell, good bye.

There you go, my gift of bad poetry for you. I hope you enjoyed at least a little bit. Now do yourself a favor, and check out the other poets, contributing to this month's Wacky and Weird poetry!

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  1. This month's theme was a much more difficult challenge for all of us but as usual you pulled it off!

  2. Great job. 3 Poems, way to go! Love the "Drumming to your own beat of life" line! :)

    1. That was my favorite line of all three poems!!! :) Thank you!!

  3. I'd have to say you aced it, Jules! Wacky. Weird. And both together. Well done! I'm impressed by how you do in a 'non-poetry' month. How would you do in a 'poetry' one? :)

  4. That's some great, weird, wacky poetry! LOL!

  5. "Your love is like bad poetry...I love to hate you..."

    ^digging that :)

  6. I knock out one bad poem and you come up with more than one, two, three. Come on, ya makin' me look bad. LOL
    Love it when creativity strikes.



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