Wednesday, April 13, 2016

National Poetry Month April 2016

If you have been around for the past few months, you have probably caught on, that my friends and I like to share poetry with you all once a month. This month happens to be National Poetry Month, and we decided to have that be our theme. Poetry as a theme for poetry. I don't know about you, but I love poetry. All types of poetry. I love to write, and can honestly say that poetry is probably my most favorite thing to write. I have written at least a thousand poems over the years. So, I really do enjoy these monthly poetry shares. I hope you do to! I will post the links to the contributions from my friends at the end. Be sure to check them out! 

Here is my contribution for this month. I hope you enjoy. 

Poem 1 (Razor to My Soul): 

I did it again.
I fell prey to you again.
I shouldn't be shocked.
I shouldn't be surprised.
This is just history repeating itself again.
Chances are this won't be the last repeat.
I don't know how it happened-
how you got so deeply embedded under my skin.
Time and time again your words cut me to my very soul,
like a million razor blades,
but I never learn.
I never learn to stay away from you,
to keep my distance.
I am an addict and you're my drug of choice.
I know that you are no good for me,
I know I should walk away,
I know I deserve better,
I know I need better,
but all I want is you.
The way you make me feel is beyond words.
The pleasure both mentally and physically,
nearly makes up for the devastating cuts to my soul,
from your razor blade words.
Nearly, but not completely.
One day I am sure you will cut my soul too deeply,
and its spark will die.
I know I should leave before this happens,
and I do try,
but inevitably history repeats itself,
and I am right back where I started.
Right back here with you.

Poem 2 (Salty Tears Shed): 

There are nights when I miss you.
When I find myself wishing I could kiss you.
Then I remind myself of the pain you caused.
The hurt you set loose on my heart.
The salty tears you led me to shed.
I remind myself how much I loved you,
of how many plans I made with you.
Then I think of how those plans never
came to fruition.
How you left before that could happen.
How you walked out on me,
for reasons unworthy of discussion.
I force myself to stop wishing for kisses,
and hoping for your presence at my side.
I then can go on with life.
Accomplish needed tasks.
Go to parties.
Hang with friends.
Feel normal again.
Then without fail the wishes return.
The nights of reminiscing begin to make me yearn...
Yearn for you. Yearn for completed plans.
Yearn for your kisses. Yearn for your love.
It takes me a while to make myself once again hate you,
so that I can begin to live my life again.
I cannot help myself.
You were such a part of me.
A part of my life.
A force within my heart.
I am tired of crying these salty tears.
I am tired of missing you all these years.
I am tired of wondering why you left.
I am tired of wondering why you felt okay,
causing all this pain.
I am tired of wishing you were here.
Tired of wishing I could kiss you,
and that I didn't have to miss you.

Poem 3 (Best Medicine): 

They say laughter is the best medicine,
And tonight I need medicine,
But I have none.
You stole my laughter when you went away,
And with it you took my joy and hope.
You left me here in puddles of tears,
Engulfed by my sorrow and memories of yesterdays.
Memories full of joy and laughter.
Memories woven with elation and bliss.
Memories of time spent between the sheets,
And other times out exploring the streets.
I relive them all,
The pain inside me enveloping me whole,
Growing out of proportion.
I hate this misery.
I hate this sorry.
I want you back, today,
Not tomorrow.
How did we get here?
How did it come to this?
Where did we go wrong?
When did it stop being so right?
Was it the time we stayed up all night
Critiquing music, arguing over which rapper had the better flow?
Was it the night you joined me in the shower,
And we made love, so passionate and slow?
Was it when I revealed I love you,
Always have and always will.
Was it that afternoon I asked all the questions,
Prodding you for answers to satiate my curiosities?
I'm so confused.
So sad.
Devastated and deflated.
I watch funny movies, trying to laugh,
Or even just smile.
But that hasn't happened in quite a while.
Not since before you left,
Leaving me lonely and lost.
Shattering my heart, dashing my hopes,
Ending my dreams, taking my pleasure,
And stealing my laughter.
Laughter is the best medicine they say.
Too bad you left, stealing mine away.

Poem 4 (Poetry): 

Passion, purpose, and promises.

Opinions, outpourings of love, and outcries of rage.
Emotions, egomaniacal boasts, and eloquent professions of love. 
Tearful pleas, thankful speeches, and tribulations shared.
Requited love, rambling thoughts, and rousing rhymes.
Youthful wishes, yummy descriptions, and young love.

Poem 5 (Hope You Stay): 

You came into my life,
opening my eyes to new possibilities.
Making me see things differently.
Making me think of new opportunities.
Making me wonder if things could change.
You came into my life,
in the most peculiar way.
I cannot help but to hope you stay.
You probably think that is strange,
since I have done nothing but try to push you away.
I am sorry for that.
I cannot help it.
That is just how I operate.
It is hard for to let anyone in.
It is hard for me to open up.
It is hard for me to want anyone.
It is hard for me to believe anyone would want me.
I like you.
I like you a lot.
I probably already screwed it all up.
I really hope I haven't.
I really hope you stay.

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  1. So much heartache and angst conveyed through such beautifully written prose. I'm so glad you ended with a glimmer of hope.

  2. WHY do you make me cry so??? Girl!
    AND HOW can you write 5, count them, five, when I struggle so with one?sigh...
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  3. There is so much bottled up within you, when you let it out... damn. I can't even.

  4. Wow, wow, wow. That was a head rush of emotions tumbling across the screen! Well done.



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