Tuesday, November 17, 2015


My friends and I decided to all write poetry inspired by Thanksgiving. :) So, here is my contribution. I hope you enjoy it! 

Poem 1:

God has blessed me so much.
Over the years I have had so much happiness.
Blessings have been great.
Burdens have been frequent, but bearable.
Love has been abundant.
Every day has been a blessing, even the bad ones.

Poem 2:

I find myself being thankful for you on a regular basis.
Thankful for all the good times we had.
Thankful for all the bad times as well.
Those bad times taught me so much.
They taught me about myself and about life.
They made me the person I am today.
You changed my life, you changed me.
You taught me how to love.
You taught me how to please and be pleased.
You taught me how to survive losing love.
You taught me how to move on.
Loving you and losing you, it all made me a better person.
I am so grateful you were a part of my history.
You prepared me for my future.
I always thought you would be a part of my future,
but I have become okay with the fact you are gone.
You taught me how to live with you,
and I have learned how to live without you.
I am very thankful for everything.
I am thankful for you.
I am thankful for the love,
and I am thankful for the loss.

Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry! Please enjoy the poetry created my all of my friends as well! 

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  1. Beautiful poetry, Jules. Love, even love lost, has immense value in our loves and in molding who we become.

  2. Well done! Love the free form style - so much can be said that way.

  3. I love these poems, such a beautiful message of thanks and gratitude.

  4. Always thankful and I know you are too. I enjoy the free style poetry so much more, the haiku was almost the end of me!



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