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Till Forever by Elena Matthews #BookReview

So, I was given this great opportunity to read an amazing book, and tell you all about it! Plus, included in this post, is not only my review, but so many awesome extras, so please stay with me here. I need to ramble for a few minutes.

I never give away too much information in my reviews. I try to tell you if the book is good or not, if the characters are well developed, how steamy it is, and maybe some other important details. As for the plot, I do my best to never spoil anything. Now, I am not trying to give spoilers of this book, but I do want to point out a few things. 

When I enter into books, I try to know as little as possible going it. It makes it a better read for me. Everything is a surprise. So, I knew very little going into this book, and I am grateful for that, though for once a bit of a warning may have been nice. However, even knowing what I know now, I would still have read this book. 

If you have read my blogs, or know me at all, chances are you know that in 2003, I gave birth to a daughter way too early, and her tiny little body just was not strong enough. She is my guardian angel in Heaven, and I miss her every day. I will always miss her. If you have experienced the same or similar, or if you just struggle with this sort of event, you may want to think before you read this book. The very beginning, we experience Tyler and Mia's loss of their daughter Erika with them, and that theme is woven into the fabric of the entire book.

There were a few moments in the beginning, when I almost walked away, but I didn't and I am glad that I didn't. Another thing I should mention... Again, as you probably know if you know me... My mum is battling Metastatic Breast Cancer. She is a warrior. There is mention of cancer in this book, and if that is a hard subject for you, then you may want to give a few moments thought if you can handle it.

With these warnings given, I encourage you to read on.

This book was fabulous. It is honestly a five star book. I do not like to give star ratings within my review, because I feel everyone has different standards, and my five star may not be your five star, and vice versa. However, I feel like I just need to say that I loved this book that much. 

You know by now, how important character development and plot are, for me in books, and this book scores an A plus on both. It is just that great. It is good enough, that I happily read about subjects that are not necessarily comfortable for me, and I do not regret doing so.

You will absolutely fall in love with these characters. The main ones and the supporting ones. You will be thoroughly entertained by the plot. You will feel emotions, good and bad. You will not want to put it down, until you are done reading it, and then you will wish it were not over. Though, the ending will satisfy you. It is a complete book. 

I highly recommend this book. It takes us on a journey with husband and wife Tyler and Mia, and we see just what their marriage can withstand, and just how much they will fight for each other, or against each other. This book has plenty of steamy parts. If you love for a book to be steamy, this one will certainly satisfy your need for steamy romance. However, if you aren't so into that, this is still the book for you. Just simply skim over those parts. This book has such depth and weight, beyond the steamy love scenes.

Do yourself a favor, and get this book. I genuinely think you will thank me later.

Now, if you continue reading, Bare Naked Words and Elena Matthews, have loads of awesomeness for you. You will find a book synopsis, an excerpt from the book, information on the author, information on where to get a copy for yourself, a music play list to accompany the book, and a link for a giveaway! Like I said, so much awesomeness!! 

Thank you for joining me for another book review!! Happy reading!!

Till Forever by Elena Matthews 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Cover designer: Okay Creations 
Cover photographer: Sara Eirew

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When you marry your soul mate, it’s supposed to last forever. 
Tyler and Mia Bailey are blissfully married, living out their dreams…until a soul-shattering devastation breaks them apart, forcing Mia to walk away from their happily ever after. After months of separation and silence, Tyler is finally ready to fight for the love of his life, but Mia is trying to move on, and her resistance to her husband’s charms will prove to be the biggest battle he’s ever had to face. It was supposed to be till forever…but forever might be just out of their reach.

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Excerpt –
© 2017 by Elena Matthews
I turn and head over to Alex on the dance floor to say good-bye. When she finds my eyes wandering the space around me, she tells me that Mia went inside to grab a drink. However, when I go in search of her, I come up empty. Reluctantly, I order an Uber before heading to the bathroom since the four beers I consumed are making me feel as if I could piss a river.
Thankfully, there isn’t a line when I get to the bathroom, so I open the door. As I swing the door open, I startle when I realize a chick is in here, doing her business.
“Shit, I’m so sorry,” is my automatic response.
After taking a quick second glance, I see that it’s Mia.
So, this is where she disappeared to.
Her face is one of alarm as she scrambles to cover herself, but I don’t miss the redness around her eyes and the tear streaks along her rosy cheeks. Ignoring the scowl I see aimed my way, I step inside and close the door behind me, locking it.
“Jesus, Tyler,” she grumbles with annoyance as she quickly wipes herself before standing, pulling her panties up and allowing the dress to fall back into place, smoothing it down with her hands. “You ever heard of knocking?”
You ever heard of locking the door? I don’t say this. I simply ignore her quip and focus on her raw red eyes that make my heart clench.
“Have you been crying?” I ask attentively, taking a step toward her.
She sighs irritably as she flushes the toilet and closes the seat before walking over to the sink where she begins the process of washing her hands. “No, I’m fine,” she says with a tone that sounds anything but fine.
“Mia?” I step over to her until I’m standing behind her, staring at her reflection in the mirror where she purposely tries to avoid my eyes.
She sniffs, sucking her bottom lip into her mouth, a sign that tells me she’s upset but trying to hold the emotion back.
“I know when my wife’s been crying,” I state confidently, taking in her sad eyes. When seconds pass and only silence greets my ears, I gently whisper, “Baby, what is it?”
She visibly flinches at my words, and as she turns the faucet off, she looks up to the ceiling, breathing heavily. Her eyes flutter closed, her wet hands fiercely gripping hold of the sink.
“You.” There’s a hard edge to her voice, one that chips away at my heart.
“Yes, you,” she grits out, fuming.
Instead of stepping away from her obvious ire, I instinctively step closer.
She gives out a shuddery breath before laying into me good, glaring at me through the mirror. “I’ve waited two months for you to put your money where your mouth is, and as the days passed without a single word from you, I started to think that maybe your drunken vow to fight for me was just bullshit. When that realization sank in, I tried anything not to think of you and just focus on me. And you want to know something? It was working. I was pushing through the depression, finally feeling like me again, finally feeling like, maybe, I could get through the next days without having the constant reminder of what I’d lost. That was when I realized I didn’t need you. That my life didn’t revolve around you, that I could survive without you. I felt like I was slowly moving on with my life.
“Then, tonight, you unexpectedly turned up, and everything I’d felt went straight out of the goddamn window the instant I set eyes on your stupid, beautiful, perfect face.
“Two months, Tyler. Where the fuck have you been?”
She’s breathing heavily, and her eyes are filled with angry tears, but she doesn’t give me a chance to explain. “I want to hate you, slap you, hit you, anything that involves hurting you, but instead, all I want to do is…” She pauses, dragging her teeth over her bottom lip, her eyes filled with obvious turmoil before she lets them fall shut.
I move stealthily closer until my chest is pressed up against her back, both hands on her hips, unable to resist touching her in some way. Just feeling her between my fingertips is everything. She remains silent, her facial expression tormented.
“What do you want to do?” I breathe in her ear.
I don’t miss the way she shivers against me. Her eyes flutter back open, and her stare meets mine in the reflection of the mirror. As well as seeing anger, I see passion. Pure, hot, unadulterated passion.
“I want to slam my lips onto yours. I want to lose myself in your touch. I want you so much.” The words come out on a husky whisper.
My fingers grasp her hips, my cock turning rock fucking hard within an instant.
“You can do both—hate me and kiss me,” I urge, pushing my hips into her ass. “Take your anger out on me, on my lips, on my cock…”
A moan escapes her lips, and my fingers drift lower until they meet her bare thigh just below her dress.
“You can be as rough as you want.” I forcibly dig my fingers against her thigh, showing exactly how rough with my touch alone. “I want your wrath, baby. Give it to me.”

Other books in the series:
Our Forever (Our Forever book 1)
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Amazon US - http://amzn.to/2acFn2b  Amazon UK - http://amzn.to/29WV2AG

Meet the Author:
Receptionist by day, author by night, Elena Matthews is from Manchester, United Kingdom, the home of Manchester United, MediaCity, and of course, Coronation Street. When Elena isn’t writing, she can be found with her nose in a book or watching guilty pleasures, such as Grey’s Anatomy. And, when she isn’t doing those things, you can often find her on Facebook, or obsessing over Kellan Kyle, book-boyfriend extraordinaire.

Facebook group: http://bit.ly/2zGKhgg 
Twitter: @authorelenamatt 

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Here is what I need you to know... I received an ARC of this book, to write an honest review of. I was not paid, nor was I told what to say. Everything I have said within this review is my honest opinion!

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