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Indiscreet by Amelie S. Duncan #BookReview

It has been a bit, since I wrote a book review for y'all. I am here today with one, and I think it is one you will love. Now, I will state upfront, because I know sometimes people have certain genres/plots they dislike, that if you are not into MFM romance novels, than this may not be for you. However, I would always like to say.... They are definitely not my favorite, by any means, and I absolutely loved this book.
This is an Erotic Suspense novel. So, you will get your steamy romance, with a huge side of suspense, and a nice mix of plot  twists and turns. This is not just a straight up romance. I will also add, that the ending does tie up nicely, but it also leaves you hanging. So, I would definitely plan on reading the second book in this duet, once it is released, if I were you. I say this, because I do know some people who dislike series/duets/trilogies. So, yes, this book could definitely satisfy you, if you are one of those people, but I also think you will be left NEEDING…