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Dear Gigi: Family Gatherings #BlogWithFriends

Welcome to November's Blog with Friends round-up!! (Full disclosure, I almost typed September instead of November. Can you believe it is already November?!) This month, a group of us chose the theme of Family Gatherings, to create posts based on. The posts can be any type of post. You may get recipes, short stories, shopping advice, poetry, crafts, DIY projects, and any number of other things.

As many of you know, my father passed away in September. I am just starting to feel okay again. It has been a very hard journey, losing in, and trying to grieve, while still going on. I think having to help Gigi handle the loss, has made it a bit harder on me. She loved her Papa Charlie. It is weird how when people are alive, things seem important, and then once they are gone, those things do not even matter at all. 

When I think about family gatherings, I mostly think about my childhood. Primarily Thanksgivings and Christmases, spent with my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. They are some of my gre…

Next Chapter #SecretSubjectSwap

Welcome to November's Secret Subject Swap. This week, nine brave bloggers chose to submit a secret subject for another blogger to craft into a post, and were assigned a secret subject of their own.

My “Secret Subject” is: "Finally I found you", you hear whispered from a familiar voice behind you. Your heart quickens, your palms become sweaty, your knees go weak and wonder how this is even possible... Finish the story of who is behind you.
It was submitted by: (Jenn, I oughta hug you for this!)

I turn around and see my father. How is this happening? What is happening? He died. He is gone. He has been gone for years now. Yet, here he is. Not the one hundred pounds of skin and bones, I saw at his funeral, but the strong, handsome dad from my childhood. There is a beautiful, young girl at his side. I look at her. She looks so familiar. Her chestnut curls frame her beautiful face. I look from my dad to her, and back again. Suddenly, I know her. I…

Kindness Matters #WorldKindnessDay

One thing this world needs more of, is kindness. A group of us bloggers, decided to create posts for today, to highlight World Kindness Day, and the importance of kindness. There are a few things I can easily talk about, and one of them, is that kindness matters.

If you are in the United States, today is voting day for you. I hope you all choose to vote today, and have your voice heard. I hope as you vote, you keep a few things in mind. One, is who is genuinely best for the job. Not just who is affiliated with the right party, in your opinion. Two, is that politicians aren't above the law, and they should not act as though they are. Three, is the importance of good character and kindness. Four, is that politicians don't just represent you, but the represent every American. It is important to vote for candidates that care about your quality of life, and the quality of every other Americans life.

So, yes, on this World Kindness Day, I hope you vote. I also hope that you choose to …