Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Joys of Fall #PoetryCollaboration

I hope you are sitting. This post is a poetry collaboration. Remember that? How my fellow bloggers and I, pick a theme, then write poems based on that theme, and share them on the same day?! Yes! That! Well, this is one of those!! I have not done one in a while, but here we are.... I am doing one. I apologize in advance for my horrible poetry.

This month, we chose we the appropriate theme of Joys of Fall. 

Poem: Joys of Fall

Jogging through the fall leaves.
Overjoyed at the cooler temperatures.
Yellow, orange, red, and brown painting the landscape.
Sounds of laughter, as we play in the piles of leaves.

Owls and scarecrows covering our windows.
Family gatherings around the bonfires.

Finally getting to enjoy the beautiful smell that is the Fall air.
All your family and friends gathering to give thanks.
Licking sticky traces of s'mores from your fingers.
Laying under blankets, as we sip cocoa and watch movies.

So, there you go. What about you?! What are some of the joys of Fall for you?! 

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