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August 2014 Secret Subject Swap... Family Jewels Edition.

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week, 14 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My subject is: Your family is contacted about having your own reality show on TV. What do you call it? What would you try to show off? What would you try to hide from cameras?
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One of my favorite (and least favorite) things about these blogging challenges, is how they truly are a challenge for me. They tend to make me think, and usually take me way out of my comfort zone. This challenge is no exception. 

Reality TV. Something I know basically nothing about. Seriously. I have never been a huge watcher of reality TV. I have plenty of reality in my life. I do have a serious, and sick addiction to the show Hoarders. Bad. I really should never watch that. 

I will tell you right now, nobody in their right mind would ever ask me to do a reality TV show. If they did, I really wouldn't say okay. For the sake of this fabulous subject, I will simply pretend it happened, and answer accordingly.

I know it may not be the best name, but I would definitely name it Family Jules. C'mon! You know that is FUNNY! You laughed. Right?! Well, if you didn't, don't worry. It is not a comedy. Wait. Maybe it is. Chadski does make me laugh quite a bit, and Weewee is just the cutest/funniest little girl. Definitely, not a total comedy though. I tend to be very serious. Life tends to be dramatic.

What would I try to showcase? Weewee. She is fantastic. Truly. She really is. She is a gift to this world, and I would want the world to enjoy her. She is 13 months old, and yet it is already so obvious how beautiful her soul is. She overcame so many odds. God would not have enabled her to survive, if he did not have a great plan for her. I am sure he does, and I am certain she will exceed all expectations. I know, I know. I am very biased. I cannot help it. When I look at Weewee I see true greatness. I would definitely share her and showcase her for the world to see. Now, I say this, and at the same time, I would actually want to protect her from being so overexposed. I guess this is one of the reasons I would not actually do a reality show.

I would also showcase Chadski. He is amazing. He is my real Superman, only Superman is kinda lame, so I will say he is my real Batman! :) He is such a hard worker. An excellent father. A beautiful person, inside and out. I feel like he doesn't get enough rewards and recognition, not that he would want them anyway. I would definitely showcase his greatness, and hope that in some way he benefited from it. 

I would hide myself. For starters, the camera adds ten pounds. Yes, I have lost a lot of weight, but I am nowhere near my goal, and ten more pounds would not do me any favors. Plus, I am not funny or cool or entertaining. I would be the dud. Truly. I am so far from perfect. I guess we all are. I get angry. I get emotional. I have my bitchy (this is an adult blog) moments. I do cuss. I do cry. I do yell. Eh, maybe I am not as boring as I thought? No, really I am. My life is boring. I would also try to hide my coffee addiction. It has always been bad, but since becoming a mom, it has gotten out of control. I seriously want a coffee IV! Somebody invent that! Please! 

Honestly, the show would consist of me sitting at home all week, playing with Weewee and telling her to stop getting into things she shouldn't. Then the weekends would consist of Chadski and I doing the above together. Occasionally, Embee would make her guest appearances. Those would probably be the fan favorite episodes. Embee is a star. Embee and Weewee together is AMAZING. I genuinely love seeing them together. You should see the look on Weewee's face when she sees Embee. It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The love is so intense and bright, like a million watt bulb. I totally get it. I love my sisters too.

Speaking of my sisters, and family... My family is a bunch of nuts! Truly! Not all bad nuts. Mostly good nuts. When reality TV/Hollywood gets involved, people tend to materialize. So the show could actually be decent. I am thinking my family would visit one by one. That would be entertainment. Plus, I'd get to see my family! Wait... maybe this reality show idea isn't such a bad idea. Think I could do it just long enough to get visits from all my family!? Where do I sign up?! I kid, I kid. Though, I really would love for all my family to visit. I miss them and I am quite homesick. 

The moral of this blog is... My life should not be a reality TV show, but if it were, nobody would watch it. Though, they do watch a show about people buying auctioned off storage containers... So, maybe people would watch? 

Now, I would really love to know... Do you watch reality TV? What is your favorite show? Tell me in the comments! Then be sure to visit all the other SSS posts! 

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  1. Hey Jules, it's called Reality Show (and not "Perfection Show") for a reason! It's about real people! People who need coffee and/or wine, people who get bitchy, people who laugh and cry. That's you! I would totally watch the Family Jewels, oohps, Jules Show - in fact I kind of already do: I always enjoy watching Whitlee's little movies on Facebook :-) And then there's the episode where you lose your car keys. Girl, you are TV material :-)

    1. If by TV material you mean boring... Sure... LOL!
      I could totally do televised Coffee-aholics Anonymous meetings on the show, and do some good in the world!
      I would totally watch you/your family on a reality show!

  2. You speak with such love about your family, wish you did about yourself as well. Screw the cameras and their 10 lbs, you belong front and center!

    1. Aw! I don't want 10 pounds! Argh! I am going to gain 10 pounds from your Strawberry Lemonade Cheesecake Bars though! I won't complain. Every bite will be so worth it!

      I love myself, I do. I am just very realistic about my shortcomings!

  3. Jules, Hoarders is a big show at our house. I think I watch it to make myself feel a bit better. I love how you describe your family; so sweet. I would totally tune into your show; the name is awesome! Happy Weekend to you :)

    1. Hoarders is like therapy for me! I have OCD and it really makes me face my issues and deal with them. It is extremely uncomfortable for me. I think in the end it is a great thing for me to watch it. I probably shouldn't watch it though!
      My family is amazing. God truly blessed me. I think he must love me a bit.
      Happy weekend to you!!!

  4. It has been my experience that people will watch anything. Unfortunately most of that is crap. YOUR show would be worth watching for all the love you share with your family. :D

    1. Yes! I have tried over the years to watch some of the more popular shows... and I mostly just sit there thinking... People watch this?!? Really?!?!
      My family is pretty dang amazing! I would probably watch a show about them!
      I'd watch a show about your family!
      Thank you!

  5. All those things that you would hide would be exactly why people would watch. Trust me. No one's life is as boring as they think it is.

    1. My life feels so boring. So so so so boring.
      Then I talk to somebody about it, and they react in a way that makes me think differently of it. If that makes sense. I have a friend that recently told me he would love to know more about a particular part of my past... I was like... OH NO! So boring! Not worth your time..... Then recently I was telling him a tale from that era... He was like... You said your life was boring why?!
      Like... Isn't it? Maybe not as much as it seems to me.

  6. I love the name of your show.

    And I admit to being entranced by crappy reality television when Sherlock or Downton Abbey is not on for my viewing pleasure :)

    I think your reality show would be a hit, you can feel the love and adoration you have for your family and that would make the show worthwhile with that alone. Not to mention-I would be upset if you hid yourself--seeing someone be real (having a minor breakdown showing an addiction to coffee) would be refreshing to watch!

    1. Thank you! I thought the name was quite clever! LOL I thought of it from the years of saying... "Yes, like family jewels" to people when they question if the understood my name correctly. :( LOL
      One thing I will say... IF I ever did a reality TV show... and I wouldn't do it... The only way I would agree to do it, is if in the contract it was written that we would be COMPLETELY real. No scripting or staging. Just us. The real us. Good, bad, and ugly. For better or worse. Oh, and there would be LOTS of coffee.

  7. Love what you did for this prompt even though it took you out of your comfort zone. It would have for me as well. Reality TV is not my thing either. And get out in front of that camera! I know that's easier said than done, but our society could use more role models who are representative of all the shapes and sizes women come in. You'd have critics, sure, but you'd have a ton of fans (like me) too.

    1. Thank you so so so so much!!! I agree!!! We need more people to shine a focus on REALness!!! We are all different. We are all unique. We all look differently. That is what makes life AMAZING. If we were all the same... all perfect... all skinny... all fat... all anything... it would be boring.

  8. love this, you rocked this babe! I hate reality TV, but hear about it all the time...that;s how the prompt came to me...I would have no idea how to answer either. Maybe they could see how being crazy is really normal.

    1. It was an excellent prompt!!! I cringed and thought OMG! NO! What do I say. I enjoyed the process though. The thinking and analyzing. Loved it. Thanks so much! Yes... crazy is definitely normal. I am extremely "normal", let me tell you!

  9. I really love the name. I think you should have a reality show just for the name alone. You know, it wouldn't be reality if it didn't have every-day things in it, and it wouldn't be entertaining without the occasional cuss word :)

    1. Well, shit. Okay! LOL Yeah, I do have a potty mouth at times. I'm trying to get better, so Whitlee doesn't catch on. Thank you!!! :)


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