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The Selkie's Tale by Nara Malone #BookReview

Till Forever by Elena Matthews #BookReview

So, I was given this great opportunity to read an amazing book, and tell you all about it! Plus, included in this post, is not only my review, but so many awesome extras, so please stay with me here. I need to ramble for a few minutes.
I never give away too much information in my reviews. I try to tell you if the book is good or not, if the characters are well developed, how steamy it is, and maybe some other important details. As for the plot, I do my best to never spoil anything. Now, I am not trying to give spoilers of this book, but I do want to point out a few things. 
When I enter into books, I try to know as little as possible going it. It makes it a better read for me. Everything is a surprise. So, I knew very little going into this book, and I am grateful for that, though for once a bit of a warning may have been nice. However, even knowing what I know now, I would still have read this book. 
If you have read my blogs, or know me at all, chances are you know that in 2003, I …