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My Happy Face #TopTenThursday

Welcome to this week's #TopTenThursday. This is a fun writing challenge, that is hosted by Tamara of Confessions of a part-time working mom. Her, myself, and other bloggers, come together and post weekly Top Ten lists, which we create based on a chosen topic. I hope you enjoy reading my list, as much as I loved creating it.

Last week, we shared our Top Ten Talents. I really struggled with it. This week, we are sharing our Top Ten Things That Make Us Happy. As you can imagine, I did not struggle with this topic. Well, unless you count narrowing it down to just ten things, a struggle. So, without further ado, here in random order, are the ten things that always make me happy.

1. Gigi. I am sure y'all knew this one, right?! I think it is a given. Even on her worst days, and my worst days, she is a huge happy spot. She completes me, and makes me so happy. She is my sunshine, even on the darkest of days.
1 b. Chad. Yeah, he annoys the living daylights out of me, but he is my BEST friend, and he gave me Gigi.

2. Coffee. I can be in the grumpiest of moods, and take one sip of coffee, and BAM... Happiness. Truly. It warms me to my soul, and I don't mean heat warmth, I mean the warmth of happiness. You probably were not surprised by this one either. 

3. Doctor Who. I know. This one probably was a surprise. It just makes me happy. I love all things Doctor Who, especially the show itself. If you knew me, you would probably be even more surprised by this one making the list. I am not into Sci-Fi. I do LOVE LOVE LOVE Doctor Who though. I even wish I had owned a ton of Who gear. Maybe one day! 

4. Ellen. Y'all... I can be in a horrible mood. Feeling sick and just miserable, and I can watch Ellen, and she is just the biggest pick-me-up! Seriously! She is so darn funny, and she is always saying such beautiful things, and doing such amazingly kind things! I just adore her. I often seek out videos of her, when I am grumpy, or not feeling well. It is actually on my bucket list, to go see her show live one day. I would love to dance with her! She is AWESOME!

5. Painting. Really, art in general, but especially painting. Painting is my happy place. I honestly have not done any really painting in years, but it is my absolute happy place. I get lost in it. I can forget my worries, and just focus on existing and creating art. I really wish I had a small studio, and could paint on a regular basis. 

6. Pay It Forward. Anytime I am able to pay it forward, or hear of others paying it forward, I get happy to the deepest depths of my soul.

7. Matt Damon. Him. His movies. His interviews. Basically all things Matt Damon. There is only one thing I am not happy with him about... He is a *gulp* New England Patriots fan. Hey, everyone is flawed eh? His just happens to be a yucky flaw, but in the grand scheme of things, it could be worse. He could be a Yankees fan...

8. Reading. I love love love love love to read. Anytime I get to read for a bit, I am a happy girl. Yep. I will sacrifice sleep, even if I am exhausted, just to have a few minutes of reading time. Reading has always been one of my happy places. Long before I had art, I had reading.

9. Swimming! I really love to swim. So so so much love for swimming! I do not get the opportunity to swim, as often as I would like, but when I do get the chance to swim, it makes me so completely happy. It is so peaceful and restful. I just love it so very very very much! 

10. #Mommitment. Oh my goodness, y'all!!! This makes me SO HAPPY! Especially the Mommitment Facebook Group!! Just a bunch of moms showing each other love, kindness, support, acceptance, and friendship. It is just a beautiful thing. Such a wonderful thing, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. 

Honorable mentions: Road trips. Bowls of chicken and dumplings or Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Working in my Happy Planner. Writing. Giving gifts.

So, did my list shock you?! Were you expecting it?! Some shocked you, others not so much!? What are the things that make you happy?! Are any on your list on mine as well?! 

Don't forget to visit the Top Ten Lists of my fellow bloggers, and find out what makes them happy!!


  1. #3 - only saw a few episodes and wasn't quite into the show but the Doctor character is just so energetic and fun to watch

    #5 - I can relate, sometimes I don't even think at all when I'm drawing, I'm just using my hands and so forth

    #8 - me too though I do not read as much these days

    some things I did expected to be on your list, guess that means I've been reading your blog longer than I thought. great list.

    have a lovely day.

  2. Love 1b sounds like he's great even with his flaws. DR WHO is awesome Damon is just all right. Chuck Norris is the best actor. Can't wait til the next blog

  3. I was surprised you like Matt Damon?! Just kidding 😂
    Painting and swimming... How can you manage to squeeze in those happy activities of yours?
    I wish we could see Ellen in 🇨🇭

  4. Knew you would have Matt in there somewhere - I'm thinking that Chad must be happy he's above your other man on the list. Yes to coffee and Ellen and at the same time would be even better.

  5. Great list but I love those last few honorable mentions! Chicken soup especially on a cold winter day! Mmm!


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