Friday, September 23, 2016

My Friend Fly Sept. 2016 #FlyOnTheWall

Welcome to a Fly on the Wall group post. Today nine bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you would see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

So, I had to name this post "my friend fly", because no other title seemed appropriate at this time. Gigi has a sudden obsession with flies and *gulp* spiders. I have considered disowning her multiple times, but unfortunately, I kinda love her. A lot. So, I guess I will keep her, despite her obvious insanity. I mean... Who likes spiders?! Not me, that is for sure. In fact, I am freaking out, just because I am typing about them right now.

Anyway, so along with her obsession with flies, comes her calling them "my friend fly" ___. Yes, she gives them names. So, it will be... Oh! There is a fly! My friend fly (some crazy sounding name like Oomoolala). On a couple occasions, we had flies fly into our car, and I will roll down the window, and shoo them out, and she gets upset. So, I have started to tell her, I let them out so they can join their families. It is a whole situation. At least she is entertaining eh?!

So, she has really been developing and learning at the speed of light lately. I am saddened and proud, all at once. Part of me wants to freeze time, and keep her young, and part of me cannot wait to see the woman she grows into. So, some of my Fly On The Wall entries this month, may be a bit controversial, and I am okay with that. If you were truly a fly in my home, you would see me realizing how much she has grown, and realizing I can no longer get away with things I once could, because she is paying attention and learning. So, now I have to censor myself, and really think before I speak and act. Yes, that is the point the Bergham household is currently at. So, without further ado, here is your glimpse into our home...


So, I bought a new Espresso machine with a milk frother... I will pause while we all do a happy celebration dance.... and after I made my first cup, I was saying how truly delicious it was, and it caught Gigi's attention.  

Gigi: I want a sip, Mommy.
Me: No, honey, this is really strong coffee.
G: *pouts* Just a sip.
M: *thinks to myself* Well, this has a really strong taste. She will hate it, and then she will finally quit stealing sips of my coffees, and begging for sips.
G: Please, Mommy.
M: Okay. Just a small sip. You aren't going to like it.
G: *takes a sip* Mmmmm. I love it, Mommy.
M: You do not.
G: One more sip, please, Mommy.
M: Well, that backfired.
Chad: *laughing* She is consistent. She has always loved coffee.
M: Yeah, but this is strong espresso.

So, I guess I have to give up on trying to get her to hate coffee. I think she is just going to grow up to be a coffee lover.


We went to Target to kill time one day, and Gigi got two new headbands and markers as a treat. So I wanted to show her what I got as a treat. I asked her to guess, what she thought Mommy would get as a treat.

Me: Mommy got a treat too! Guess what I got!
G: Umm... *thinks* Coffee? 
M: Yes! How did you know?! You're so smart. 
G: I just know. 
M: Yeah, you know Mommy loves coffee. 
*I show her my $5.48 coffee treat, and ask her if it looks yummy, and she nods*
G: I want my own coffee. 
M: Ummmm... I don't know. Don't you think you're a bit too young for coffee?! 
G: No. No, I don't think I too young, Mommy. I think coffee is good for me. I'm three now, Mommy. 
M: Ummmm.. I think you need to be at least five. 
G: No. I need to be three. It's time, Mommy. 
M: Time for what? 
G: My own coffee.

She is STILL waging the argument that it is time for her to have coffee of her own! We did get her some hot cocoa k-cups, and it has greatly helped. Of course, we may have called them coffee, and she may think she is drinking coffee, when she drinks them. In her defense, she told me they aren't as good as mommy's coffee, and she wants the same ones as mommy. LOL I guess she comes by it honest. I am a coffee addict, her father LOVES coffee, and her grandmother and grandfather (my mother and father) are coffee addicts. I was sipping coffee from the time I could drink, and started getting my own cups of coffee at the age of five. So, yes, it is safe to say she comes by the love of coffee naturally.

(Photo credit me: These are amazing. I went back and bought the other two boxes) 


So, as part of the goody bags from her party, I gave tattoos... Some shark ones and other various Summer/beach themed ones (flamingos, sunglasses, flowers, suns, surfboards, etc). I have so many leftover ones, and we have started applying them to Gigi. She loves them. She is also a drama queen... (no clue where she gets that from...)

*me wetting the shark tattoo I am applying to her arm, and pressing it down*
G: Ow!
M: What?!
G: It hurts.
M: It does not. I am barely pressing on it.
G: It hurts so much!! Tattoos hurt!! OW!!
M: Do you want me to stop?!
G: No!!! I want my tattoos!!
M: Okay, then it must not hurt that badly.
G: It hurts so MUCH, Mom!

Afterwards, after I had applied all four tattoos (one on each arm and one on each leg), I was really pondering her saying they hurt. They weren't red, and it did not appear she was allergic or anything..... Then it hit me.... In the last year, I have gotten four tattoos. After each one she discusses them with me. Well, tattoos don't hurt me. I think it is possibly because I have such a high pain tolerance. That being said, I know she will one day be a teenager, and I know teens are prone to doing stupid things, so in hopes of preventing any stupid choices in her early teen years, I always tell her tattoos hurt A LOT! So, it dawned on me, she was really just being a drama queen, and was really just acting like they were hurting! LOL


So, as I said, Whit has been naming flies lately. She has also been naming all her toys, and various other things. She has even changed her own name to Gouda. Before she was Gouda, she was Luca. 

G to Chad: My name is Luca.
Me: Your name is Gigi.
Chad: What is your name?!
Me: She said Luca.
Chad: Luca? Where did she get that name?
Me: I don't know. Out her ass. Where does she get any of these names lately.
G: Out my ass, Daddy. 
M: Ooops.
C: *looks at me*
M: *looks at him*
*we both laugh*
C: Gigi, you need to stop being so smart and repeating Mommy.
G: My name is Luca! 


Gigi: Mommy, I need something.
Me: You do?
G: Yep.
M: What do you need?
G: I don't know.
M: Well, how can I help, if you cannot tell me what you need?!
G: I know what I need.
M: What do you need?
G: My own cup of coffee.
M: Um no. You don't need that.
G: I do.
M: How about apple juice?!
G: *sighs, obviously frustrated* I guess.

(Photo credit me: Gigi stealing a sip of my coffee) 


One of Gigi's new things is to tell us to "shhhhhhh" whenever we say anything she doesn't like. She is so adorable doing it, but it is so annoying. I am working to get her to stop doing it, and she is getting better about not doing it. Unless if we are insisting she doesn't need coffee or candy. We still get the shhhhhhhh then. 


Another one of Gigi's new things is saying when she feels people are being rude. Not just people though, sometimes objects are rude. 

*6 am*
Gigi: Mommy, my blanket is being rude.
M, half asleep: Huh?
Gigi: My blanket is being rude, and I cannot sleep.
M: How is it being rude?
G: It is not covering my feet.
*I cover her feet* 
G: Thank you, Mommy. *to her blanket* Stop being rude! My feet are cold.
*We go back to sleep*

To Gigi, it is rude to deny her candy, or to deny her coffee, or to make her leave the park, or to breathe (if it isn't exactly how she wants you to breathe).... Just don't tell her when she is being rude. She is never rude. LOL 


So, I play this silly game called Cookie Jam. I am decent at it. I am on level 665. I like to play it before bed, and anytime I just need a mindless way to pass the time. The following happened one night, when I was playing, while waiting for dinner to be ready. 

*I used up my last move on an attempt to pass a level, and I only needed to break one more waffle cone, and it was a frustrating level I had been stuck on for days*
Me: No! No! NO! Ugh! Mother.... *caught myself*
G: Fucker!
*Chad and I both look at her, and then at each other*
M: Oh no!
C: Why are you so smart, Gigi?! Do not copy what your mom says! 
M: Yeah, don't repeat what I say.
G: Why not?
M: Well, Mommy says bad things, that only adults can say.
*Gigi gets frustrated, as she has been, because yet again she isn't old enough for something*
M: Yep, it is officially time to quit swearing. Oh well, it is awful anyway.
C: Yeah, she is too smart.
M: She gets it from me.
C: She gets the swearing from you.

So, yes, I am now working on watching my language at all times. 


*Gigi walks up to me, with one of her toys stuffed in her shirt* There is a baby in my belly, Mommy.
Me: Oh, there is huh?
G: Yep. My baby.
M: Well, I don't think you are old enough to have babies in your belly.
G: I am! There is a baby in my belly!
M: Okay! Well, that makes me a Grandma, and I am really not old enough to be a Grandma.
G: Yes, you are. You are OLD, Mommy.
M: Thanks, Kid, I love you too.

This is her new thing. She loves to "have babies". All her toys are her baby. It is adorable. I like it. She has really started to like dolls, and her imagination is really developing.


While at our friend's house, they mentioned pumpkin pie, and Gigi really wanted some, and so did I. So, I stopped on the way home to buy a pie. When we got home, I cut us each a piece of pie, and we ate it. It was Gigi's first time.

Me: Do you like the pie?
Gigi: Mmmm. It is yummy!!
Me: Good, I am glad you like it. Mommy likes it too, and I do not like much pie.
Gigi: I like the cinnamon in it. 
*my mind was blown*

She often makes observations about foods, that really baffle me. I do not think I have a very well developed palate. I cannot often pick apart dishes, and figure out what elements join together to create them. I did not even know there was cinnamon in pumpkin pie, until I was in my twenties, and read a recipe one day. 

(Photo credit me: First pumpkin pie of the year) 


So, there you go! Things you would have seen, had you been a fly on the wall in the Bergham household. Our household is not that interesting, so be sure you check out what you would have seen and heard in my fellow bloggers' households!

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  1. I tried that "don't say what mommy says". Did not work.
    I like Gigi's name changes, too cute.

  2. Kid coffee that's really hot chocolate - love it! We have kid wine, sparkling grape juice.

  3. Love the name changes! I am sooooo ready for pumpkin pie. Do you grow your own pumpkins? Your little coffee drinker.....scary. :)

  4. pumpkin pie is really the only pumpkin thing I like, Ive been pumpkin'd out, LOL. I'm all about apple cider...

    Oh boy she cracks me up with her coffee and tattoo obsession and comments. I know when I got my tat AJ was uspet because it hurt me and needed extra carefulness...I can't stand pain, but had to do it.

  5. Oh man the day they start repeating your swear words... I've heard some real pearlers come out of my little miss' mouth, it's always such a surprise to hear such dirty words come out of something so innocent and sweet. Good luck with stopping that one.



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