Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Joyful Noise #TopTenThursday

Welcome to a Top Ten Thursday Round-Up!! I know I have not participated in these in a while, and that makes me more sad, than it makes you. There have been some awesome topics, and lists I really wanted to make. Unfortunately, life has a way of getting in my way. So, I have not been able to pull it off.

You may remember, that for Top Ten Thursday, a group of us get together and create top ten lists, based on a chosen topic. It is organized by the fabulous Tamara of Part-Time Working Hockey Mom!

This week, we are discussing our Top Ten Happy Songs! If you remember my Top Ten Favorite 80's Songs list, you probably remember that I struggle picking Top Tens of music. Music is too BIG to be limited to lists, and yet we do it often. I am firmly convinced that every music list ever made, probably has a ten mile long list, of invisible honorable mention songs, the list's creator considered and wished they could include.

It is just the way music is. Now, things that make us happy, well that is an easier list. We probably have more than ten things, which make us happy, but choosing just ten to mention is definitely not too difficult. You may remember that it was easy for me, to come up with a list of the Top Ten Things That Make Me Happy.

So, rather than stressing over this top ten list, and focus on it being a music list, I decided to look at it more of a happy list. So, it was still a difficult list to create, but I made it somewhat easier on myself. I chose to not look at it, in terms of my all-time top happy songs, but in terms of my top ten CURRENT happy songs. The songs that in the past few weeks, have been making me happy.

So, in mostly random order, here are my Top Ten (Current) Happy Songs...

1. "Waiting in Vain" by Bob Marley. I don't think there are many top ten lists involving music, that this song won't make an appearance on. It is my absolute favorite song. It has TONS of competition, but there is just something special about this song, that always gives it a slight edge. I think one of those things, is how happy it makes me. It livens up my soul. It gets into my bones. It infiltrates my mind and body. It makes me dance and sing. It lifts my spirits. There is just something about the rhythm and his voice, and the lyrics, and his voice. So, yes, this song definitely makes me so darn happy, each and every time I hear it.

2. "Havana" by Camila Cabello. Have you heard this song? Well, Gigi is partially to blame for this song making my top ten list. She LOVES this song, and we listen to it a lot, and it just makes me happy. We have danced and sang to this song so often. Seriously, so much dancing has been done to this song in our house and car. Seeing Gigi so happy, absolutely makes me contagious. It is also on here, because the darn song is good. It is catchy, and then rhythm is awesome, and it is just a soul infiltrating song. I highly recommend having a dance party to this one!

3. "Scars to Your Beautiful" by Alessia Cara. This is another dance party song. I love it. I love the meaning. I love the beat. I love the lyrics and meaning. I love just being free and dancing with Gigi to this. I love what the lyrics are telling her. I hope she takes it to heart, and grows up to embrace her own  beautiful, even if it isn't up to par with society's standards of beautiful. Of all the videos I will post, this is probably the one I most hope you all watch. Take it deep to heart, and dance.

4. "Can't Stop the Feeling!" by Justin Timberlake and the Trolls cast. I dare you to listen to this song, and not be happy. Seriously, listen to it. Put it on. Dance. Sing. Come back here, and try to tell me you are not happy. Seriously. I'll wait. *waits, while singing and dancing with Gigi* See! I told you so! 

"True Colors" from the Trolls movie

5. "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran. This song has actually made me cry a few times, nonetheless, it is on my list of happy songs. You have an issue with that?! Say something. I dare you. Not all tears are sad. Not all are happy. Some are just tears because of emotions. This song definitely evokes so many emotions in me. It also just makes me happy. Ed Sheeran makes me happy. Well, when he just got engaged, it didn't make me completely happy. I am kinda sad he did not wait for me. Sigh. Oh well, I wish him a long life of complete happiness and love. I will just maintain my crush from a distance.... while singing and dancing to this song, feeling happy to my core. I need to note... He did two alternative versions... One with Beyoncé and one with Andrea Bocelli. I highly recommend listening to all three. For lack of a better word, they are perfect. 

With Beyoncé

With Andrea Bocelli

6. "End Game" by Taylor Swift, feat Ed Sheeran and Future. Well, Gigi makes me happy, just by existing, so I guess it should not be super shocking most of my happy songs are because of her. Either she loves them, and from seeing her joy from them, I catch the joy, and they become my happy songs too. Sometimes it is because they are just awesome songs on our dance party list. Dance parties definitely make me happy. I do not care what your opinion of Taylor is, you cannot deny she is talented. Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite musicians ever, so that goes without saying, that he is talented. This is a unique trio and an interesting song. Whenever it comes on the radio, we turn it up and dance and sing. We play it on Spotify quite a bit. We actually just play all things Taylor and Ed, as often as we can. 

"Everything Has Changed" Taylor and Ed

7. "Whiskey" by Tje Austin. Listen.... This song should probably be number one. Truly. I just decided to go for lucky number seven. This was one of my most listened to songs of 2017. I listened to his latest album over and over and over and over. I know the entire thing by heart. It is my favorite album of 2017, and in my top ten albums ever. He is one of my favorite singers ever. Everything this man does makes me happy. Everything. If ever I get married, I am going to sell a kidney, just to pay for him to play at my wedding. He is going to pull double duty. He is going to be in the wedding party, and the singer. That is a long story. Maybe I will tell you one day. Let's just say, I am a woman of my word. So, for whatever reason, I love everything that comes out of his mouth. I am tempted to get him to sing a Chinese food menu, or the phone book, and see if I  love that too. I suspect that I will. He is just that damn good. I highly recommend you listen to his entire I Belong To You album. I also suggest visiting his YouTube page, and watching every video. 

I want to do a hundred bonus videos for Tje, but I will have self control.... Bonus: 
Thinking Out Loud (cover)

"Right For You"

8. "Hallelujah" by basically anyone. We listen to this song a million times, and sing and dance, and we just feel it in our souls. We tend to love Rufus' version, as well as the version from the movie Sing. Just watching Gigi sing to it, makes me happy. I love that she loves songs, that I love, and have loved for years. I am sure she likes when I love songs she loves. However, there is one video of Choir! Choir! Choir! with Rufus Wainwright doing it, that is hands down our favorite. Period. End of story. Take it to the bank. 

From the movie Sing

9. "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur. This man and his voice... They serenade my soul. I could listen to it on repeat and not get tired of it. In fact, I have on multiple occasions. Love dancing to his songs with Gigi. They tend to be my songs to catch my breath, and just get my sway on. Perfection.

10. "Let It Go" by James Bay. No, there is nothing frozen about this song. I love this man and his voice. This song is magic for me. I love it. We listen to it a lot, and Gigi can sing parts of it. We make a great (off key) duet, her and I. This was also one of my most listened to songs of 2017. Right at the top with Tje. 

"Hold Back the River" another of my top songs of 2017.

"Need the Sun to Break" another top 2017 song.

11. I have to do another one. Hear me out. I absolutely needed to list the above songs, but this list would be incomplete without me sharing something, and then sharing a video or two. Willie Nelson. This man is the True North on my music compass. I travel all over the musical map, in every direction, but without fail, I always return to my True North. Willie is my favorite go to artist. I have many I love. So many. Willie is the one I seek out at my happiest times, or my saddest times. In the in between times. Just because. I was blessed by my friend Kim (amazing lady), to attend a Willie Nelson concert this past August. It will be a forever memory. Something I never forget. Something that is forever a part of me, my life, and my story. I got to share the same space with Willie, and listen to him LIVE. In person. From right by the stage. It will forever be one of the greatest moments and experiences of  my life. Period. It is one of my happiest moments. The moment he walked on to stage, and my breath got stuck in my throat, my heart skipped a beat or two, and then started to just pound. The tears just streamed down my face. I was so happy and my body could not even handle all of it. It was just perfect. I was sitting right next to my True North. I am certain at some point, he heard me. He heard my voice. He heard my cheers. I am just a grain of sand in his life's memories. A tiny part of one of his wholes, but that is okay. I made it. I was there. So, pick any of his songs, no matter the subject, and it is hands down one of my happy songs. His voice makes me happy. His music makes me happy. His legacy makes me happy. He makes me happy. I am so grateful for him. I am so grateful God gifted him to us, to be a part of our musical history. So, yes, I had to have an eleven. When I look back on my childhood, once of the biggest memories, is my daddy singing to me. He would always sing "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain", and it was everything to me. No matter how bad my day had been, and I had some terrible days, during that song it did not matter anymore. Nothing did. It was just me, my dad's voice, that song, and infinite potential for better days to come. So, I will put the official listing of eleven as... "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain" by Willie Nelson. I wish I could tell you that Willie did this song in August. Sadly he didn't. Honestly, it is probably best he did not do it. I think the sheer happiness would have caused my heart to explode. Miracles happen, maybe one day, I will get to hear Willie sing it live. I won't hold my breath, but man the thought of it is amazing. Also, I should tell you... Nothing can prepare you for seeing him live. Truly. I have watched every video, every performance, and listened to every album. Hearing his play his guitar is person... Mind blowing. 

"Always on my Mind"

"Seven Spanish Angels" with Ray Charles

"Old Timer"

Gosh. For a list of happy songs, I sure cried a lot while making this list. In my defense, I just want Willie to live forever, and I know he won't. None of us will. However, music. It will live forever. Plus, Ed and Tje. They can sing me to happy tears.

So, there you have it... My happy songs. I hope you listen to them all, enjoy, and get happy!!!

Don't forget to check out the other Top Ten Thursday lists of our Top Ten Happy Songs!!


  1. Your post made me smile, Jules! I KNEW there was going to be Bob Marley!
    LOVE Ed Sheeran's songs, especially 'Perfect', and it would totally make my "top ten contemporary love songs'!
    We even have Justin Timberlake in common :-)
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. #1 - I like the song but I prefer Annie Lennox's version though

    #2,3,4,5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10- never heard of them

    I like 'true colors' but I prefer the cyndi lauper version

    not a fan of Taylor Swift, guess I'm too old for her music

    I like 'always on my mind' but I didn't hear Willie Nelson's first. I prefer the 'pet shop boys' version a lot though.

    I know the original is suppose to be better but I always seem to listen to remakes first somehow. good list.

    have a lovely day.



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