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Orphaned by Lyz Kelley #BookReview

Hello! It is that time again, I have a book review for you guys. So, listen, if you have not figured it out by now, I am not great at writing book reviews. I really don't know what I am doing. I also struggle with the desire to tell you guys every single reason why you NEED to read the book, and with not wanting to spoil a single detail for you. So, I fall back on what I like. When I am about to read a book, or choosing which book to read, I tend to rely on the blurb on the cover, and on any reviews that may be available. That being said, I will admit, I have often disliked books others loved, and loved books others did not seem to love. So, reviews only so far. So, when I approach giving a book review, I mostly just go by if I think you should read it or not. Honestly, if ever I find a book you should not read, I would tell you. I would also hope you do read it, and decide for yourself. Yes, I am weird.

I don't know that I will find a book, that I feel you should not read, because I tend to just review books from a cherished few authors, and they never seem to disappoint. That is the case with Liz Kelley. Her newest addition to the Elkridge series, did not disappoint. Quite the contrary. I found "Orphaned" to be an amazing story. Also, and I could be very wrong, but if you have been reading all the stories along with me, I am pretty sure we were given a HUGE clue in this book, to the overall mystery woven throughout all the books. In my opinion, I think we got a huge clue into the mystery surrounding Sheriff Sam's death. I am getting SO excited about solving that mystery. With every new book in the series, I find myself obsessed with finding any clues. I really hope I can solve it all, before the final reveal in the last book of the series. 

It is my opinion that Lyz Kelley's Elkridge series, is a MUST read series, and if you haven't been reading along with me, you should definitely start. With each book's release, I fall more in love with the town of Elkridge and its occupants. Lyz is an amazing writer, and the tale she is weaving is so complex and wonderful. Orphaned has solidified my obsession with finishing this entire series, and knowing every single detail, about all the characters involved.

Lyz does an amazing job telling a complete story. She is entertaining and endearing. She creates some amazing characters, and her character development is top notch. She paints the entire scene for you, and with each additional book, she adds more to the masterpiece, that is the Elkridge series. So, do yourself a favor... If you have read all the books, definitely don't stop now. Get Orphaned and read it. If you have not read any of the books, start at the beginning, and read them all. I should add, you really could just read Orphaned and be fully entertained. It can standalone. However, I feel you should read the entire series. With each additional book, we meet new characters, and receive much wanted updates about the characters we already know and love. 

You will definitely fall in love with Jenna and Grant, and their story. So, go ahead, get a copy and read it. You will thank me later. You are most welcome, in advance. Be sure to find me here or on my Facebook page, so we can discuss this book, or any of the Elkridge books. I cannot wait to hear what you think!!

Read on for more information about this book, the other books in this series, the author Lyz Kelley, where to get your own copies, and a giveaway!! 

Orphaned by Lyz Kelley
(An Elkridge Series Novel)
Release Date: 6th June
Genre: Contemporary Romance 


THE SEARCH FOR A SISTER. DECADES OF GUILT. WHO TO TRUST? Jenna is desperate to find her younger sister, who was taken from her when she was seven years old. She believed Caitlyn, who was adopted by a wealthy family, was doing fine, only to discover her sibling vanished under eerie circumstances. Unfortunately, Jenna’s attracted the attention of the last man to see her sister alive.  Grant has returned to town to take over his ailing father’s law practice. When his socialite parents try to interfere in his relationship with Jenna, a woman they consider lower class, he puts his foot down. He intends to marry the adorable baker, and no one will change his mind—{add hyphen or comma} not even Jenna.   Jenna and Grant’s future together is challenged when a stranger brings upheaval, and their trust in each other is severely tested by this shocking surprise.  WILL JENNA AND GRANT LEARN TO TRUST ONE ANOTHER BEFORE ALL IS LOST?  The ELKRIDGE SERIES is a set of steamy contemporary romance novels about wounded women and the men who heal them.  If you like heartfelt characters, deep topics with powerful emotional cores, and happy endings, then you’ll love Lyz Kelley’s incredible tales of strength, love, and survival. 
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Meet the Author

Award-winning, contemporary romance author Lyz Kelley lives in a small community in Colorado with her husband and several four-legged family members. Lyz writes about brave women who have faced extraordinary challenges, and the honorable men who have an enormous capacity to love, even if they may not know it. 
A healing love is at the heart of her book series. Creating wounded yet amazing characters—discovering what drives them, frightens them, heals them, makes them laugh—is what gives her joy. Lyz is pleased to share that joy through her masterfully written stories. 
To keep tabs on her award-winning novels, connect with Lyz by signing up for her newsletter at Also visit to join Kelley's Heroes, Lyz's VIP club. Members receive an exclusive copy of A Soldier’s Wife, learn about thoughtful giveaways, and get a sneak peek at upcoming releases. Members may even get the opportunity to receive advanced reader copies. Check out for more information.
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Why would I want to read the Elkridge Series?  Each book in the Elkridge series is a piece to a puzzle—a suspenseful mystery involving the murder of a small-town sheriff. You get six contemporary romance books to figure out the mystery and a bunch of happy ever after (HEA) endings. Two novels in this fiction series—Blinded and Orphaned—are award-winning romance books.
Where is Elkridge, Colorado?  Elkridge exists only in my mind. On any given day, I can stop at River Creek Café for Jenna's fresh baked cinnamon rolls, or shop for a birthday present at Mara's Blooms, or get my nails done at Kym’s nail salon. Sitting in the park eating lunch, I can watch the kids play and hear the latest gossip from neighbors. Later, if I want, I can stop at Mad Jack’s to hear a local band play and get some dinner. Elkridge is a great small town where the sun shines 360 days a year and people do their best to make ends meet.
Would you tell us about your writing process?  It takes me awhile to write each stand-alone story because I am passionate about creating the very best stories for my readers. These contemporary romance books have complex plots and sub-plots and include suspense romance threads, with deep emotional women’s fiction elements, humor and even a bit of quirkiness. I’m so excited to see the 5-star ratings because it means I’ve created the ideal mix to provide readers with a few hours of enjoyment.  

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Book FAQ:

Why did you choose the storyline for Orphaned?

I started thinking about this story more than 10 years ago after I chatted with New York Times best-selling author Grace Burrowes following a writing workshop. A child advocate attorney in Maryland, she told tales of wonderful foster families in the area, no names included, who warmed my heart. Years later, I volunteered at Mount Saint Vincent’s, a non-profit in Denver, where I discovered teachers, psychologists, and administrators who were passionate about helping kids removed from abusive homes. Add those two things together, and I started to ask, what if. What if there were two sisters: the older one is placed in foster care, and the younger is adopted by what seemed to be perfect parents? What if the one, who didn’t get a forever family, had a happy and healthy upbringing? From there, the story came alive and ORPHANED was born.

How did you come up with the idea for Grant’s character?
When the story opens, Grant’s love for Jenna never wavers. How odd. Right? Usually, it takes pages and pages for the hero to fall in love with the heroine. That’s the normal course of things, but I’ve never liked rigid rules. Grant falling in love with Jenna before he really knows her is what intrigued me about him. He’s already in love, and then that love is tested to the point of breaking. That’s what creates a good drama.
Jenna is a diabetic baker. How does that work?
Can you see the irony in having a diabetic baker?  I can. But this combination fits Jenna’s need for family. She must rely on others to taste her baked goods, which creates a conflict for the independent baker. Baking is her way of creating a family.
Finding a cure for diabetes is also something I care about. Several of my family members have diabetes, and I wanted to highlight the struggle, the embarrassment, the challenge of living with the condition. I hope a cure is found soon.
Are you still adding clues to Sheriff Sam’s murder?
Yep…big time. Hope you are enjoying playing detective and finding the clues as to who murdered Sam.

Other Books in The Series

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What I need you to know.... I received a free ARC of Orphaned by Lyz Kelley. I was asked to read it, and then write a post with my HONEST opinion about the book. I was not paid to paint the book in a positive light. I was not forced to say I love the book. The above opinion is my honest opinion. Had I disliked the book, I would have said as much. Luckily, I LOVED it. So, quit reading this, and go read the book!!! :)

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