Friday, January 6, 2017

The Game of Life Jan 2017 #SecretSubjectSwap

Welcome to a the first Secret Subject Swap of 2017. This week twelve brave bloggers submitted a secret subject for someone else to use, and were assigned a secret subject prompt of their own. Each blogger gets to use their Secret Subject prompt, to write any blog of their choice. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My “Secret Subject” is:
Video games give a chance to escape sort of like reading a book or watching a movie but you, the player, is in control of the story or the actions needed to complete it. As technology advances so have games giving people vast open worlds to play in and characters who are more and more customizability. If you could turn any book, TV show, or movie world into a game what would it be? Lead us on an exploration of what it might be like playing this game (feel free to make up your own world if books, TV, or movies fail to give you a suitable choice).

It was submitted by: Jenniy of Climaxed (Thank you so much, for a prompt that really made my brain work!!)

I am probably the worst person to get this subject prompt. I am really not a gamer. Tetris. That is my jam. Other than that, I have really never been all that into video games. I liked Zelda for about a week. I liked Animal Crossing on and off for a year. I don't mind seeing people play games, but I am just not one to sit and play. 

So, I have put days and days of thoughts into this, and I honestly just have no idea. My honest thoughts are.... Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or Doctor Who. Here is the thing.... As much as I would love to be involved with any of these, there are some definite dangerous/scary elements to these, and I am just not so sure I want to go there. I mean... Could you imagine being the Doctor's companion?!?! YES PLEASE!!! Then along comes some Daleks or some other scary creatures.... No. No. No. Nooooo. 

Harry would be awesome, but then there is always He Who Shall Not Be Named.... Sigh. Yes, doing magic and hanging with Harry and the Weasleys! Maybe I could even be an honorary Weasley for a bit. Hermione and I could do magic together and hang out. Maybe we could bring back Dobby. Yes, it could be totally cool. I am just like.... Nope. Too dang risky. If HE comes around.... AHHHHH!

Game of Thrones.... My, my, my. I won't go in detail with my thoughts of the possibilities here, but suffice it to say, I could see the goodness of this choice. I can also see the potential BADNESS. White Walkers, for one. I am just not so sure this would be the right choice. Also, for as much as I adore some of the people on this show.... I am a modern girl. I like modern luxuries. I just don't think I would fit in well. 

So, then I was thinking about it some more. I was kinda leaning most towards joining Harry. The biggest appeal was wanting to find a way to bring Dobby back. On New Year's Eve, we attended a party at my In Law's house, and Harry movies were playing. Gigi took notice and fell in love. (For the record, I think she may just be a Slytherin) So, we spent New Year's Day and my birthday, watching every movie. She enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Dobby died. I cried. Sigh. 

Sadly, I just found out that one of my friends from high school, lost her battle with Epilepsy. Thinking about the blog, thinking about Dobby, thinking about my friend Katie... An idea hit, and so I was finally able to make a decision.

I would want to create a game, where you could bring back people you love, who have died. Whether they are a favorite character from a book/movie/TV show, or someone you loved in real life. I think it would maybe be a risky play on people's emotions, so I would probably prefer to keep it to myself. I just think it would be cool to hang out with people you miss. Maybe get to say the things you never got to. Maybe just doing one more enjoyed activity together. I think it would be best in a Sims type of format. This is probably a horrible answer, but it is definitely my final answer.

So, which game would you create?! Do you have a favorite book or movie or TV show, which absolutely needs to be a video game?!

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  1. It's not a horrible answer at all, I think it's a good healing option to just missing someone. Therapeutic.

  2. Wow what a thought provoking post. I would love that game and probably get lost in playing it all the time.

    I think I'd love to play a game based on Murdoch Mysteries and try to solve the crime using old fashioned techniques.

  3. aaaaah not sure if my first comment went through. I would buy that game and get lost playing it all the time.

    I'd love to play a crime fighting game like Murdoch Mysteries where you don't have technology only your brain and detective skills to solve crimes.

  4. There are a few people I would love to go back and spend some extra time with. Even if it were digital time. It's a great idea!

  5. Intersting and tough prompt. Not sure what I would go for.
    On a related note: did you see the Tetris lamp I got ourselves for Christmas? It's the coolest thing!

  6. I love the game you would like to create and I play it a lot. Lost my parents when I was young and many others as well. It would be good therapy to bring them back and tell them all the things you wanted to say way back when.

  7. The only game I play is Solitaire once in a while. I'm not big on them either, but your last game. That I would love to play. I hope you'll share!

  8. There's an episode of Black Mirror sort of like this. Have you seen it on Netflix? It's sort of like a modern Twilight Zone, and I can't recommend watching all the episodes because some of them are mental torture, but the one this reminds me of is really good. It's called San Junipero, and I think it's the third season.

    Also, I think a Harry Potter game set up like Pokemon Go would be amazing. learning spells, capturing different magical beasts and battling other houses in quidditch! i would love it.

  9. Harry Potter works, but I love your idea.



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