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Eight by K.S. Thomas #BookReview

Okay, so today's book review is a bit special for me. I know we should not have favorites, as far as people go, but K.S. Thomas is definitely a favorite of mine. I try really hard to not be biased, and I think I am successful. If she wrote a horrible book, I would tell her. Lucky for me, she has yet to write a horrible book. Far from it. Her books are my favorites. I love every single one of them. I fell so in love with her writing, that I found every book of hers that I could, and read them all. Some I have read more than once. 

Her latest release, Eight from the pINK series, is no exception to the excellent writing she has done. I absolutely loved it. Now, you can totally read this book all by itself, and you would be happy, but I urge you to read the entire series. Every book, every novelette. READ THEM! I promise you, you will thank me!! 

In Eight, we learn the story about Memphis and Riot. We learn the reasoning behind Riot's disappearance, and we are given the fill in for the blanks we had. Their story is one with sadness, hope, romance, suspense, and overall love. It is a wonderful story. Personally, it is everything I could have wanted for them, and much more. It is a wonderfully written story, and it will keep you entertained. 

The most amazing thing about K.S. Thomas' writing, is that she weaves the most amazing stories. She does it without a lot of excess words and needless information. She paints perfect pictures for us, to truly understand what is going on, and she keeps us captivated. They are romance novels, and they can be a bit hot, but if you aren't into TMI romance books, you will be very happy. The great part... If you do love those HOT HOT HOT romance novels, you will still be happy. She has the way of really giving us the impression of the passion happening with the characters, and manages to do it without a lot of TMI. 

Nothing I can say to you will do this book, or any of her books justice. Just know that she is an amazing author. She tells fabulous stories, complete with suspense, drama, romance, happiness, sadness... Everything you need for an awesome story. She fills the stories with amazing characters, that she builds up, and gets you to love, or love to hate... She is thoughtful in her writing. She gives the tiniest of details, that you may not even realize are just so important. She has a wonderful way of surprising her readers. You will be captivated and satisfied. 

Once her stories are over, you will feel a sense of completion, and yet still wish there were more. She has a knack for really getting you involved with the characters and their storyline. If you read the entire series, you will be rewarded with updates and glimpses at your other favorite characters. I urge you to pay attention, because she uses the simplest of details to build grand moments. 

There will be plenty of mentions of coffee, so if you LOVE coffee as much as me, that will be the icing on the book cake for you. 

Truly, go read this book. Go read the entire series. Once you are done, get every book she has ever written, and read them. Hopefully, by then, you will finish just in time to read the next pINK book!! 

Another thing, that I personally love about the pINK series... It really showcases strong female leads. Women, who even at their weakest moments are strong. There is plenty of ink, romance, and passion to keep you coming back for more!! 

Please, once you read this, or any of her books... Let me know! I would love to discuss it with you!

So, don't wait... Go get Eight, and fall in love with Memphis and Riot!! 

Read on for a excerpt, and information on how to get a copy of your own!!! There is also information about Nine, Ten, and Eleven. I highly recommend them ALL!!

A pINK Novel, #2 by K.S. Thomas

Genre: contemporary romance

Eight seconds at a time. That’s how you beat the bull. Survive the ride. Win.

Eight seconds at a time.

It’s been drilled into me for as long as I can remember. To help me focus. Manage my fear. Stay in control.

Eight seconds at a time.

I can do anything eight seconds at a time.

Even get over her.


When she disappeared, it was all I could think to do. Keep breathing. Keep moving. Keep living.

Eight seconds at a time.

Until eight seconds turned to eight minutes. Eight hours. Eight days. Eight weeks. Eight months.

And finally, eight years.

Only now she’s back.

And I know the only way I’m getting through this, is eight seconds at a time.

“Babe, I don’t care about your past.” She waves her hand, trying to gesture how far out of the picture it is, even when we both know it’s not nearly far enough.

“But you should.” I lift my wrist and hold it out for her to see. “Remember this?” I shake it, as if shaking her name will somehow shake her out of my system. “This is her.”

“Riot?” Juli’s growing more confused and scared every time I open my mouth. I’m not doing this very well. “Riot is a person?”

“Yeah, Riot is a person.” I drop my arm to my side again. “Stone’s her real name. She’s Sketch’s sister. We’ve known each other since we were kids. Fell in love by the time we were in our teens. She was crazy and off the walls, she was a non-stop riot, my Riot.”

Juli’s lips press together tightly, leaving a white line across her face where her mouth should be. “Until she dumped you,” she spats, clearly hoping that’s the end of my story.

“She didn’t dump me.” Hell, maybe she did. Maybe running away was her extremely elaborate way of ending our relationship. Wouldn’t be the first time I considered the possibility.

“She disappeared. Middle of the night. Her parents thought she’d been kidnapped. Cops were leaning toward runaway, but no one ever knew for sure.” I haven’t told anyone about any of this in years. Not since it first happened. It’s strange how easily it’s all coming out. Maybe it’s shock. Maybe I should just enjoy the slow spreading numbness of it while it lasts.

“Sounds very dramatic,” Juli snorts snidely. “I’m sure everyone felt really stupid when she showed up again just another moody teenager.”

My brow furrows. She’s not getting it.

“No…that’s what I’m trying to tell you, Juli. She never showed back up. She was missing this whole time. For eight years no one had a fucking clue what happened to her. She was just…gone. Until today.”


Well, the loud rush of blood and explosive pounding of my heart from the adrenaline notwithstanding, silence.

“Why are you telling me all of this now?” Her voice is quiet. She knows the answer to her own question even if she doesn’t want to.

“So you understand…why I can’t do this right now. Us. Moving forward. Making plans. I just need…a break.”

Tears well up in her blue eyes and her usually flawless mascara smears despite her attempt to lightly dab at the corners with her fingertips. “Are you going back to her?”

I shake my head. “It’s not about going back to anyone. It’s about all the shit I have to figure out now that she’s here. Shit I can’t drag you through, Juli. Shit that I buried so far down inside me the only thing that was ever going to bring it back to see the light of day was her, and honest to God, I gave up believing that day would ever come a long time ago.”

She bites her lip, eyes turned up at me with such sadness I hate myself for putting it there. “But you wanted it to. You wanted the day to come…for her to come back.”

Always. Every second of every day I wanted it.

“I never wanted this.”






The number of years between us.


And that’s just one reason it’ll never work. I have eight more. One for every year I’ve been alive longer than he has. They’re simple reasons. Obvious ones. And all I should need to know to understand that giving Lucas McNealy even half a thought, is a total and complete waste of time.

Only he doesn’t seem to know that. If he did, I’m sure he wouldn’t keep showing up.

In my thoughts.

At my shop.

And on my doorstep.

Nine simple reasons.

Nine undeniable years.

Nine attempts to tell him ‘No’. Nine.


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Amazon ✯ B&N ✯ iTunes ✯ Kobo ✯ Goodreads

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I just need you all to know.... I was not paid to write this. I did receive a FREE ARC copy of Eight, and was asked to give my honest opinion about it. Of course I happily volunteered to do this. I have read enough of K.S. Thomas' books to know I was going to love it, and I did!! Just know... Had I disliked it, I would have said as much. It is too amazing of a book to dislike. As stated, I strongly recommend it. So, go ahead and read it, and fall in love with Memphis and Riot!! 

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