Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ten of Me #TopTenThursday

Welcome to this week's #TopTenThursday. This is a fun writing challenge, that is hosted by Tamara of Confessions of a part-time working mom. Her, myself, and other bloggers, come together and post weekly Top Ten lists, which we create based on a chosen topic. I hope you enjoy reading my list, as much as I loved creating it.


Last week, we made a list of our Top Ten Favorite Italian Foods. This week, we are revealing our Top Ten Things You NEED To Know About Me. I don't know how you guys feel, but I think I'm a simple person. I also think I'm kinda complex. I've often said I'm a walking contradiction. In many, many ways I am. Still, I'd have to say, knowing certain things about me, could definitely make it easier for us to get along. 

Without further ado, in random order, I present my top ten things you really, probably should know about me. 

1. Coffee. I love it. I drink it. It's my favorite. It's my life source. 

2. Spiders. I hate them more than anything. I'm terrified of them. I will flip the f&$% out, if one is anywhere near me. By near, I mean within fifty feet. I've jumped from a moving car because of one. I've left the driver's seat, and lept into the passenger seat, while driving, because of one. I lose my mind, when I see one. 

3. I'm a freaking crybaby. I wasn't always a crybaby, but I am now. One of the things Chad LOVES to tell people, is Adam Sandler movies make me cry. What can I say?! I'm able to empathize easily, and my heartstrings are easily tugged. So, I can be genuinely happy and okay, and still be bawling my eyes out. 

4. I'm bluntly honest. I genuinely believe honesty is the best policy, and adhere to it. I'm a horrible liar, and avoid it at all costs. In general, I only ever lie to protect people and/or their secrets. I do try really hard to avoid it though. 

5. I have OCD. I hate odd numbers. I hate germs. I have PTSD and social anxiety. I genuinely hate crowds, and if I'm in one, it's guaranteed that I'm beyond miserable, even if I seem okay. I'm a social person, by nature, and most that knew young me, would say I'm a "social butterfly" and a "life of the party" type, but certain experiences changed me. 

6. I'm fat. I used to be much fatter. I used to be much skinnier. I've experienced the size spectrum. I'm comfortable in my skin. I love myself and know my worth. When I say I'm fat, it's because I'm fat. It's not a sign of low self-esteem. I don't hate myself. I'm just honest. I may have "big bones", but those big bones are covered in fat. I've lived enough years, to realize my value isn't based on the size of my clothes, but on the quality of my character and the size of my heart. So, don't mistake my honesty for low self-esteem. I love myself. I've strived to be a person who is beautiful where it matters most. Some of the best gifts under the tree, may not have the best wrapping paper, but it doesn't stop them from being the best gifts. You can quote me on that. 

7. Matt Damon. He's the best. He's my favorite. He's mine. Mine. Understood?! Good. I don't want to be intimate with him. I don't want to marry him. I just want to be his CO-BFF with Ben. I adore him. Not only is he an amazing actor, but he is an AMAZING human being. The world is a better place, because he is here. I adore him beyond words. He's the best. 

8. I've literally stared death in the eyes multiple times, but I'm still here. I may not be here tomorrow, but I'm here right now. I'm grateful for every single day, even my worst ones. I'm not sure why I'm still here, but I know God has his reasons. I live each day with gratitude. There are many things I need, but don't have, and that's okay, because I have life. I've made peace with my life, my failures, my successes, my choices, and my mortality. I hope to live decades more, but if I die tomorrow, it's okay. Honestly. I genuinely hope people celebrate when I die. Not celebrate my death, but celebrate my life. My life has been simple and I've had a lot of negatives, but I've also had joy. I've been able to live thirty-three years, and some people don't even get hours. I've know failure and success. I've loved and been loved. I've traveled a bit. I've learned so many things. I've known the joy of motherhood. I'm good. I could have done more. I could have been better. It's okay. I lived. Celebrate it. My life will have been way more, than my death ever will be. 

9. I'm a firm believer in treating everyone well. Do unto others, as you'd wish them to do unto you. I pay it forward every chance I get. I'd genuinely give the shirt off my back, or my last penny, if need be. I believe we are all equal. I believe we are all God's children, and he loves us all. I believe we should not judge others. I believe in spreading love and joy, and in ending hate. I believe in being a good person. 

10. I'm Gigi's mom. It's what I'm most proud of. It's what I'm most grateful for. She's a living, breathing miracle, and I'm forever grateful. She's my number one. I'll always put her first. I believe she's destined for amazing things. I genuinely believe she's going to be an amazing human being. She will be so much more, than I'll ever be, and I'm lucky to be her mom. She's my best friend. She's the love of my life. She's my everything. 

So, that's me. I hope this has helped you know me a little better. What about you... What do I need to know about you?! 

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  1. That is beautiful! I love it :-) So positive, unlike mine...
    Not surprised about coffee, spiders and Matt Damon.
    I may have expected your mentioning your love for writing, blogging, poetry,...
    Thank you for linking up, you did such a great job in literally no time, and on your phone no less - you rock!

  2. Good blog babe keep up the good work.

  3. Great blog. Keep up the good work love you.

  4. Aww! I love #10! It's the sweetest! :) And I totally agree about Matt Damon! He is pretty awesome! :)

  5. #1 - if I had try coffee when I was young perhaps I would feel the same way but I was never near coffee until much older

    #2 - that is me with insects and snakes...

    #3 - me too, been known to cry every time someone dies on screen, I guess that's what most movies do

    #4 - same here, I don't have a knack for lying, in fact, I'm kind of too lazy to think up lies

    #5 - I think in some situation, you just had to get away from crowds

    #6 - I like that you're honest, most people cannot face their own body...

    #7 - he seems to be a good actor and I like his movies

    #8 - yes, celebrate life, that's what everyone should do

    #9 - yes, me too, although sometimes it's hard when people are mean to you

    #10 - Gigi- such a cute girl & I love the name.

    hope you have a lovely day

  6. Love your list so much and I'm with you on the eight legged beasties - my friend and I once both left a car before it had come to a standstill because of one...the fact it was in the middle of our small towns main street is beside the point, we just had to get away!! I understand your feelings about Matt - I'm the same about Hugh Jackman - I would so love to be mates with him.



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