Friday, August 26, 2016

Order Up Aug 2016 #FunnyFriday

Today’s post is this month’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month. Funny Friday is a collaborative blogging challenge. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write five captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they have come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

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Here is today’s picture. It was submitted by The Bergham Chronicles. Yes, me!!
32 - The Bergham Chronicles - September 2016.jpg

1. Girl to boy: We've got this! We will have our college funds full in no time!
Boy to girl: You sure?! I mean, I just don't think mud pies are where the money is at right now.
Girl to boy: What?! Everyone LOVES mud pies.
Boy to girl: Okay, but if this doesn't work, we are trying lemonade next.

2. Boy to girl: Ring it louder! I don't think those people over there can hear it.
Girl to boy: I am ringing it as loud as I can.
Boy to girl: Good. Everyone needs to know we are open. I make amazing pretend sketti.
Girl to boy: Yeah you do. I hope we don't sell out. I want some more, before I have to go home and eat my mom's real sketti. Yours is way better!
Boy to girl: My mom taught me everything I know.

3. Boy and girl: Helllooooooo! Come to our store! We have everything you need for playing at the park.
Girl: Get your invisible balls here!
Boy: Get your invisible fire trucks!
Girl: Get your invisible jump ropes!
Boy: Get your invisible frisbees!
Girl to boy: We have frisbees?
Boy to girl: Yeah. Right over there next to the Nerf guns.
Girl to boy: I really need to better learn our inventory.
Boy to girl: If you want to continue on as my business partner, knowing the inventory completely is a must!
Girl to boy: Okay. Okay. I'll work harder.

4. Gigi: Get your food here!!
Boy: Yeah, we will make food!!
Me to Gigi: Will you make me some spaghetti?
Gigi to me: No.
Me to Gigi: Will you make me some french fries?
Gigi to me: No.
Me to Gigi: Well, what will you make me?
Gigi to me: Nothing.
Me to Gigi: You said you are making food!
Gigi to me: Not for you.
Me to Gigi: Well, excuse me.

5. So, this is Gigi and her best friend at the park. His mom is my best friend. They are adorable together. He is a sweetheart, as is she, and I just think they will rule the world one day.

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  1. Love this pic, it was so much fun captioning. I think my favorite of yours is the first one, the mudpie vs. lemonade negotiations!

    1. Thank you!! Number 4 actually happened. LOL. I thought it was a great pic, and could be a goldmine for captions!

  2. I agree! Gigi will rule the world one day. Wonder if she'd make me some sketti?

    1. I KNOW she would make you sketti! I think she would LOVE spending time with you, and making you sketti!! She loves our windchime you made, and LOVES her necklace. She just didn't want to cook for me, apparently. I guess nearly 16 hours of labor, does not entitle me to food.

  3. Number 4, not for you. OMGosh, that's a kid for ya.

    1. That is actually what happened! LOL Her BFF wanted to make me food, but she wasn't thinking I needed/deserved any! LOL She really is an entertaining child! <3

  4. No. 4 is hilarious. "Not for you!"

    You birth the child, bring them up, put a roof over their head, food on their plate, clothes on their backs, and what do you get in return? Nothing! *sigh* :)

    1. Exactly! I thought nearly 16 hours of labor, would entitle me to something, but apparently not. I secretly called her the Spaghetti Nazi for a few days after this. Not sure if you have ever seen the Soup Nazi skit on Seinfeld, but it is immediately what it reminded me of.



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