Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Rules by Jules #TopTenThursday

Welcome to this week's #TopTenThursday. This is a fun writing challenge, that is hosted by Tamara of Confessions of a part-time working mom. Her, myself, and other bloggers, come together and post weekly Top Ten lists, which we create based on a chosen topic. I hope you enjoy reading my list, as much as I loved creating it.

Last week, we made a list of our Top Ten Things You NEED To Know About Me. This week, we are revealing our Top Ten Rules. I don't know how you guys feel, but I LOVE rules, especially the ones I get to make. So, for this week's list, it could be the rules we feel are outrageous, or ones we think are the best, or ones we think should exist. Basically any list of ten rules, in any category of rules we can think of. So, I had two types of rules pop into my head, and I have actually decided to share top ten lists for both. So, this week, you are getting a read one, get one free from me! Hehe. You'll thank me later, I hope.

Without further ado, in random order...

I present my top ten rules I wish were ALWAYS obeyed in my house:

1. No shoes. Please take your shoes off at the door, come in, relax, and enjoy your visit. It is definitely my preference. Shoes are SO dirty, and I would just rather they not spread the dirt and germs on my floor. 

2. Absolutely no interrupting my sleep. This one, I think, is self explanatory.

3. Put it back where you found it. So often, I find things in places where they do not belong, when it would have been very easy to return it right to where it was found. 

4. Always, ALWAYS, listen to me. Actually listen to me. Really and truly listen to me. Take heed to what I say. Actually KNOW what I said. If I could suddenly never have to repeat myself ever again, that would be AMAZING.

5. Pay attention to and respect all my OCD quirks. I have certain things that upset me greatly, if they could NEVER ever be done in my home.... fabulous. No leaving wet clothes or rags wadded up. Let the hang and dry, and then put them in the hamper, or wash them immediately. Put the clothes in the proper hamper section. Wash hands frequently. Do not put food in the sink or leave food on dishes/stover/counter overnight. Etc etc etc

6. Pick up your toys every single day, preferably multiple times. Obviously, this one is directed at Gigi. 

7. Do NOT make a mess in my car. Do NOT touch the ceiling of the car. Do NOT put your feet on any surfaces other than the floor. Wash your hands before getting in my card. Do NOT leave greasy handprints everywhere. Keep it CLEAN.

8. Do not interfere with me getting/drinking coffee. Do not touch my coffee. Do not even look at my coffee the wrong way.

9. Do not cook things at a temperature higher than the 5 setting.

10. Do not put anything around the sink. The sponge goes in the sponge holder, and the brush stays in the sink. No dishes should be left around the sink, near or behind the faucet, or on the side counter. Do not put empty jars or containers back in the fridge. Do not double dip or east out of bags without washing your hands. Do not move things around on the shelves. <<<<Basically.... You know how I like things to be/be done.... So, just do it my way. 

I present my top ten rules, I would like to impose on all humanity...

1. Be a genuinely good person. Do good, not evil. Be nice and kind, not mean and rude. 

2. Pay it forward. Always. 

3. Do not judge others.

4. Kill all spiders. Always. No catch and release. No ignoring.

5. Do not eat or cook bacon. Don't create bacon. Abolish bacon.

6. Read at least one book every month.

7. No drugs. None. I want them to cease to exist. No making them, selling them, or using them.

8. No drinking Pepsi. Coke only. 

9. No lying. Honesty always.

10. Volunteer at least fifteen hours a month, every month. 

So, there you have it, both of my top ten lists about rules! I hope you enjoyed reading them, as much as I enjoyed creating them. 

What about you?! What rules do you want to make, or do you wish were obeyed always, or maybe what rules do you think are the most outrageous?! Do you possibly think some of mine fit into one of those categories?!

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  1. OMG, two epic lists, love both of them!

    Don't look at my coffee the wrong way, bahahahaaaa! ☕️

    One thing though: if we are supposed to be kind and do no evil, how can we kill spiders? How about a restraining order? No spiders within a mile of where you're going?

    PS: I'm a Mom. I volunteer 24 hours a day!

    1. Killing spiders is not evil. It is ridding the world of evil.

      Hey! What are you looking at?! Better not be my coffee....

  2. With all of your germ rules, I don't know how you deal with sponges! Eww! I always picture sponges (and brushes, really) crawling with germs as they sit on the counter or by the sink waiting to dry. I deal with brushes, because how else are you going to get the nasty leftover food off the plate? But sponges? No. Ew. I'd rather use my hands and wash them extremely well afterward.

    Completely agree with #7 and #4. Kids always make a mess in the car. ALWAYS. And I hate it when I'm talking and the person I'm talking at yawns or looks away bored. I typically stop mid-sentence and see if they catch on. I'm not continuing to talk if I'm not being heard. It's not worth wasting my voice. I don't talk to hear myself talk. :-/

    As for your "be a decent human rules", gotta say I agree with #8! I live in Georgia, so Pepsi is non-existent to me! :) And #4! If you see a spider, the house is going up in flames! (Not really.) But #5? Seriously? You make me sad. :( What about pork? Is pork acceptable?

    1. I HATE HATE HATE sponges. Chad insists on them, so I enforce sponge rules. I'm all for burning the house!! I'm only kinda joking. Pork is cool. I just don't like bacon.


  3. house rules -

    #1 - yes, I follow this as well, it's a really good way to keep the dirt off the floor

    #2 - yes, definitely, unless the house is on fire...

    #3 - absolutely

    #7 - it's your car so I definitely would to do those things...

    humanity rules -
    #1,2,3,5,6,7, 9, 10 - yes

    #4 - not sure about spiders - I think if I don't see them or if they leave before I thought to do something, then there's no reason to do anything

    #8 - I don't drink soda but if I had to choose, coke then

    although I really do not like to impose rules on people unless they are doing something really bad or something really hard to ignore

    two good lists. have a lovely day.

  4. Jules your lists are fabulous and really made me chuckle. I agree, spiders are evil - my husband believes in catch and release and the last time he tried this the spider bit him. No bacon - agree to the point that I tell pigs not to fatten up too quickly. Coffee = sacred.



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