Friday, August 5, 2016

Location, Location, Location #SecretSubjectSwap Aug 2016

Welcome to this month's Secret Subject Swap. This week thirteen awesome bloggers submitted a secret subject for someone else turn into a blog post, and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today, we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and publishing our posts. 

My “Secret Subject” is:
You have the option to move anywhere in the world. Where would it be and why?
It was submitted by: The Diary of an Alzheimer's Caregiver - Rena (Thank you for such an awesome subject! <3)

For being such an easy, straightforward subject, it sure has been hard for me. I think at certain points during my life, I could have answered this question in under two seconds. At this point in my life, it just is not that simple. I have so many places streaming through my head, as I ponder this subject. So, the job is trying to figure out which location I most want to live in. 

Bear with me here. Let's work through it together. 

The very first place I ever truly wanted to travel to, was Australia. For many years, it was my favorite country. Then I realized the brutal truth about all the horribly terrifying creatures that live there. So, it slipped down the list of my favorite countries. Then the internet became huge, and my exposure to internet videos started. Now, Australia is one of my least favorite countries. I doubt I will ever travel there. It is sad, because I do still think it is an amazingly beautiful country, and the accent is my favorite. So, it is safe to say Australia is not where I will be moving to.

Belize. One of my dorm mothers from high school, Sister Marie Lucette, was from Belize. She would show us pictures, and I fell madly in love with it. Such a beautiful place. You can sit in her mother's kitchen, and see gorgeous tigers right outside. They would come out of the rainforest, and walk through their yard. That was both captivating and terrifying for me. I could imagine how awesome it would be to enjoy the local wildlife. I also can imagine how dangerous it could be. Plus, I wonder what critters are there that I don't know about. So, I probably should not live there full time, but I definitely think it will remain on the list of places I want to visit.

Ireland. The beautiful scenery, the lovely music, the Pubs, the castles, the heritage, the accent... I can think of so many reasons to go there. In fact, I genuinely hope to spend time there before I die. I also know there is some issues there. So, Ireland is a place I am probably firmly on the fence about wanting to reside in permanently. Definitely a possibility though.

Scotland. I have basically the same feelings about Scotland, as I do Ireland, so it is safe to say it is a firm possibility.

England/Great Britain/The UK. I can think of a million reasons I should pick this option. So many reasons. I have even grown fond of the Royal Family. So many reasons to pick this option.

As a quick side note... Anywhere in Europe would be awesome. I often hear stories of traveling throughout Europe, easily and happily. So, if I did choose someplace in Europe, my future vacations (holidays/travels) would be amazing!

Switzerland. Now, I am currently probably slightly obsessed with Switzerland. From its infamous neutrality, to its overall safety and peacefulness, to the physical beauty of the country, to its location. So many things to genuinely love about Switzerland. Plus, as an added bonus, Tamara from Confessions of a part-time working mom, lives there. Unfortunately, I do not speak any languages other than English fluently. So, adjusting could be hard.

France. I love France. Visiting the Eiffel Tower is near the top of my Bucket List. I studied French in high school, and did really well. I have not used it in years, but still understand it when I see it written, and most of the time can understand it when it is spoken, so I feel I could quickly relearn the language to a level of comfortable communication. 

Italy. First of all... The food. That alone is really reason enough to choose Italy as my permanent home. Plus, I have often talked about retiring to Tuscany, and enjoying the immense beauty of the local country and culture. Yes, I think I could LOVE Italy, despite the obvious lack of knowledge of the native language. Plus, cannolis, lasagna, spaghetti, FRESH pasta, and homemade sauces.... The food. 

Do you see why despite how easy this subject is, how truly hard it is? I mean, so many options. The possibilities are vast. 

Which one do I choose? One we have discussed? One of the other ones running through my mind? None? Do I just choose an amazing location within the United States? There are plenty of awesome places right here in my native homeland. Right here in California, there are many awesome options. 

Part of me feels like I should pull a Mermaids type move. Have you seen that movie? Cher and Winona Ryder. No? Yes? Well, when Cher wanted to move, she would close her eyes and pick a random spot on the map. I could do that. I could just pick a place at random, move, and make the most of it. The problem with that... Too much up to chance. I think if I am going to make such a huge and permanent change, I need to have some control. 

Ireland. UK. Switzerland. Greece. Scotland. Mexico. Hawaii. San Diego. France. Italy. Malta. Boone, North Carolina. Canada. Jamaica. Miami, Florida. Sweden. Japan. Norway. Boca Raton, FL. Poland. Martha's Vineyard. San Francisco. Iceland. Denmark. New Zealand. Hong Kong. 

So many places and thoughts are flooding my mind. Unfortunately, moving day is quickly approaching, and I have so much to prepare, so I need to pick my location.

Well, if I could move ANYWHERE in this world, I guess I would pick.... I honestly think my top three contenders are: France, Switzerland, and Italy. I am possibly leaning most towards Italy, there is just something about Tuscany that has always appealed to me on a massive level. So, I pulled back and really thought about. The reality is that any of those would be great, and they are close enough, that I could vacation easily in any of the ones I don't choose as my country of residence. So, then I am brought to the thought that Switzerland is in the middle, and centrally located between them. Then I think about the language barrier, and admittedly, French would be the easiest language for me to transition to. Both France and Switzerland have French as an official language.

Decisions. Decisions.

Location. Location. Location.

I choose Switzerland. It is a great country, from what I have been told and read. It is safe and beautiful. It has Starbucks. It has the most delicious chocolate I have ever tasted, and I am not even the biggest fan of chocolate. It is close to France. It is close to Italy. They speak French. Tamara is there. The culture is lovely and kind. I think it would definitely be the best choice for me to make.

If I did stay in the United States, I think I would move to Ripon, California. It is really close to where I am now, so I would still have the same amazing weather, and be located near to everything and everyone I am now. It is just nicer, and a place I would actually really like to live. It would be a change, without being drastic. 

So, there you have it.... If I could move anywhere, I would move to Switzerland. Final answer.

What about you?! Where would you move to? Why? Do you have a huge list of possibilities, or are your options less bountiful than mine? Thanks for taking this journey through my thoughts with me. I hope is was as painless as possible. I hope you enjoyed my post! Now go check out what subjects my fellow bloggers got, and what they have in store for your reading pleasure!!

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  1. I'd chose Switzerland also and I have no language skills what so ever. BUT Tamara is there.......

    1. The three of us together. Can Switzerland handle that?!?

  2. I would move just across town into a bigger house with two bathrooms, a front porch and a great yard! That's all I want! Promise! LOL

    1. Honestly, I'd be happy with the same move!!!

  3. OK, so you've kept me on my toes. When I read your prompt I was so sure I knew your answer!!!
    I think a decision on where to live depends on so many practical factors, the most important being "will I be able to get a job", except of course income is not an issue. Dunkin' Donuts' expansion has only just begun in Switzerland, maybe their HQ will send you on assignment to do their publicity in Western Europe?

    1. What did you think my answer was?!

      So, you're telling me in Switzerland, I'll have Starbucks AND Dunkin?!

      It just keeps getting better and better.

    2. The second DD store opened just this week! 🍩
      Of course I thought your spontaneous answer was gonna be Switzerland!! 🇨🇭

  4. I had a feeling I knew what you'd choose, but I had so much fun working through your thought process with you!

    1. I wasn't sure. I definitely needed to think in through.

  5. I would have to choose between Ireland, London, and Alaska or maybe just own homes in all three!

    1. All three!! I couldn't do Alaska. I can't handle snow, especially not copious amounts of it.

  6. I love how you went through your possibilities and reasoned it out. And when you move to Switzerland...I'm inviting myself to visit you and Tamara!!!

    If I'm staying CONUS - I'd have to choose Montana/Colorado area. If Europe - anywhere with snow, mountains, and gondolas. #snowboardalltheplaces

  7. I got exhausted just traveling around with you on this post. For me, there is only one option and will realize it very soon -- in the same city as my grandbabies. Can't wait.

  8. Good choice, and dang had good choices to choose from!

    I think I would pick Iceland...or Argentina...or Puerto Rico...dang it Jules...



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