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Obsession #BookReview

If you follow my Facebook page, you probably saw me talk about Shantel Tessier's new release "Obsession". Well, in case you missed it, I read and LOVED the book. So, I decided to write a quick post, letting you all know, that you should read it!! 

It is the second book in a series, but can easily be read as a stand-alone novel. That being said, I loved it so much, I immediately read the first book "Addiction". So, if you wanted to, you could easily read them both in order. I highly recommend them both. 

So, how it all began... I noticed a post on Facebook about the impending release, and it caught my eye. So, of course I investigated. I added it to my to read list, and moved on. As luck would have it, I got the opportunity to sign up to request an ARC, and was chosen. I was a smidgen nervous, because I am an honest person. So, I said a prayer that I'd like the book, and dove in. 

I not only liked it, but I loved it. The characters totally won me over, not just the main characters (Skye and Brecken), but all the characters. I was excited to learn, a future book will be released, to tell me the story of one of my other favorite characters. I was overjoyed to know I had the first book to read, to learn about Case and Taylor, whom I'd fallen in love with. That's one way I knew I was reading a fantastic book. The characters were so well developed, you found yourself drawn to the secondary characters, who barely got page time. 

I don't want to give away the plot. I really want you guys to read it, and enjoy the journey, just as I did. I do want to give my thoughts though. It is a well written book. As I said, the characters are well developed. The plot is interesting, intriguing, entertaining, and well written. It's a romance, but not a typical, overly sexual romance. Yes, there is hot, steamy sex, but it doesn't overpower the plot. It's more of an enhancement. I often find that romance novels include plenty of sex, and not enough storyline. That definitely isn't the case with this book. 

The storyline itself is wonderful. It takes you on an interesting journey, full of twists and turns. It will make you feel a full gamut of emotions. It will entertain, confuse, frustrate, excite, upset, and tease you. It is a lovely journey. Some of it will be anticipated, and other parts will come as a shock. I was blindsided by a few plot details, and others I had expected. It's not a shallow romance novel, but not so deep you cannot enjoy it. 

It was a book I found myself not wanting to put down. I wanted to know what happened next. I also felt sad when it was over. It was a complete story. You will feel complete closure, and satisfaction. It's just that I was so entertained, and had become invested to the point, I wanted more. I'm secretly hoping for a short story accompaniment or a full part two, in the future. I was comforted, by the fact I had book 1 "Addiction" to read, and knowing book 3 will be coming. 

If you've been paying attention to my Facebook page, you have probably figured out that I LOVE author K.S. Thomas, and I'm constantly searching for another author with books I can enjoy, just as much as her books. Well, I've finally found it. Yes, I enjoy other books I read, just not on this deep of a level. The best way I can think to explain it... I love the writing so much, I want to read everything she has written. The writing is just that good. 

I hope you read the books. If you do, please let me know. I would LOVE to discuss them with you. 

Here is some information for you:

Obsession (Seven Deadly Sins) by Shantel Tessier is #LIVE!!
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Don't forget to join the HUGE three day #ReleaseParty 


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