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Let Freedom Ring #SecretSubjectSwap July 2016

Welcome to July's Secret Subject Swap. This week fifteen brave bloggers submitted a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My “Secret Subject” is:
My favorite 4th of July memory is . . .
It was submitted by: Molly from (Thank you for such a fabulous subject!!)

Oh you guys... My heart is so heavy right now. So, so heavy. There is so much negativity going on in this world right now, and a lot right here in the United States. I have come to realize over the last year that racism is alive and well, more than I realized. Yes, I was very aware it still existed, but I had no idea just how widespread it was. Well, my eyes have been opened. Between a blatantly racist person becoming a front runner for President of the United States, and all the disgusting displays of racism I have seen from people, in reaction to current events. I am really hoping it ends soon. I am hoping things change. 

If I am being honest, the 4th of July is my least favorite holiday. I love that we became an independent nation. That part is lovely. I like the parades. I like the family time. I like the food. I do like all of that. What I hate are all the illegal fireworks that go on the weeks before, the day of, and the following days after. I hate seeing people hurt by them. I hate seeing the fires that get started. I hate being kept up until 2 am, and how nervous I get that my house or yard will be caught on fire. 

I much preferred it before I moved to California. Here, houses are very close together, and we are constantly at high risk of fires. It just really ruins it for me. I think it would not be so awful, if there weren't so many illegal fireworks. Or if people would simply not set them off so close to houses and fields of dry grass. I guess I have become a lame adult. I no longer have the naive innocence of a child, that enables me to just see the fun of it. I now see the consequences. 

That being said, I think this year was my favorite. I did spend quite a bit of time reflecting on America. Where we stand currently. Current issues. Really thinking about it. Thinking about what our Independence meant back then, and what it means now. I thought about freedom. I thought about the cost of our freedom over the years. I thought about possible outcomes of the future election. I also enjoyed family time. We went to a local (30 minutes away) sausage market, and bought fresh sausages. Then Chad grilled them up and we devoured them. They were absolutely delicious. The best I have ever had. I was amazed. We tried three different ones. I cannot wait to go back and buy more. 

We had been invited to a BBQ, and I had been so excited to go, until I realized Chad had to be up at 3:30 am, and going out really wasn't feasible. We attended the town parade, and Gigi really loved it. It was fun watching her excitement over it. She is three now, and so she really enjoys things more. We had a Starbucks date. She enjoyed her lemonade, and Chad and I obviously loved our coffees. It was just really a nice, low-key, family day, and that is something I can appreciate and love. 

We did not go watch any fireworks, but there were plenty going off right around us. I did watch the Boston Pops Fireworks special on TV. It was nice. Boston really puts on an amazing fireworks display. I really enjoyed it, as did Gigi, though she obviously would have preferred to be seeing them live. I think next year, I will probably make sure to plan ahead (get extra sleep the night before), and she and I will go watch the live fireworks. Overall, this year was lovely. It is great watching Gigi grow.

I would have loved to enjoy our friend's BBQ, but water balloons and fresh sausage with Chad and Gigi, was a great way to spend the day as well.

It is weird, I feel almost un-American for saying that I don't LOVE the 4th. I just don't. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. I think it always will be. It honestly isn't the holiday I don't love, it is the way people celebrate, that bothers me. 

I guess I am just a negative Nelly this year. I am sorry. 

Maybe I should blame my history. I have honestly never really celebrated the 4th hardcore. It has always been one of the simpler holidays for me. I have never really done much celebrating. It has always been about family and food. Never really about big celebrations. Actually, never mind. I cannot blame that. I think I have done more celebrating of the 4th, than I ever have of Valentine's Day, and yet it is my favorite holiday. I honestly don't know. I guess I am just not into fireworks. Eh. 

I hope you all had a beautiful 4th. What about you? What is your favorite holiday? What is your favorite 4th of July memory?

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  1. I think a cookout and family time are great ways to celebrate. Bigger celebrations are not always better, or as meaningful.

  2. Cooking out and family time is the way I remember some of the best 4th of July's ever. It's not fireworks or who can do what. It's hanging out with people you love best, making memories playing tag, eating grilled hotdogs, Gram's potato salad and Granny's peach pie.

  3. It is the same for August 1st (Swiss national holiday) around here. For days people play with fireworks day and night. They're not even real fireworks, only ear-shattering explosion-like noises that scare the babies and the dogs.

    Great to hear that good food and coffee were part of your 4th July! It doesn't take much, right?

    PS: as for my favorite holiday I think you know which one it is? 🍀

  4. I understand, when I was married and my ex was in the Army, the base would do a HUGE fireworks display and free concert. It was such a feeling of community and "proud to be an American" but with all going on ,we/our country is in a sad fix. Breaks my heart.

  5. Our town usually has an amazing display, but was cut short this year due to weather. When I was a kid, we sometimes went out on my uncle's boat to watch the New York City fireworks from the water. That was the way to go!

  6. People were still setting off fireworks last night; 6 days later! I like the parades and food and fireworks too, but if you do it every day it begins to lose is luster, dontcha think!?!

  7. I've not been a huge 4th celebrater (new word lol) either. I like to watch the professional show here in town, but we seldom go because my husband goes in at 4. The babies are only 20 months so they would be terrified.


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