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Islands In My Dreams #SecretSubjectSwap March 2016

Welcome to this month's Secret Subject Swap. This week fourteen brave bloggers submitted a secret subject for someone else and were randomly assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and publishing our posts. 

My “Secret Subject” is:
You inherit an island from a distant relative you didn't even know you have. This relative leaves instructions for you--invite anyone you want or need to join you on the island and make it work for 1 year and you will inherit his $700 million estate. The island is stocked with all the essentials, but you have to keep every single person you invite for the entire year and the community must thrive. Who would you invite and what rules would you make?
It was submitted by:   

Okay. Let's just get the absolute obvious out of the way. Gigi is going with me. End of story. If I were only allowed one person, she would be it. Of course, Chad gets to come. Not because I want to be stuck on an island with him, but because Gigi needs her Daddy. Plus, he is super strong.

Now, an entire year on an island. Anyone I want. This could get interesting. Well...

1. Myself.
2. Gigi.
3. Chad.
4. Andrea. (Andie Runs Off Crazy)
5. Matt Damon. 
6. Mr. P.
8. Dr. Randall Yee.
9. Rachael Ray.
10. Ellen.

I would allow Matt Damon to bring his family, if he wanted to, and I am fairly sure he would want to. I would also allow Rachael Ray to bring her husband and doggy. I would allow Dr, Yee to bring his family. I would allow Tamara to bring her family. I would allow Andrea to bring her hubby and pets. I would allow Ellen to bring her family. I would arrange for monthly visitation weekends for the people I bring with me to have outside visitors, except for Chad, Gigi, and I. We won't be allowed visitors.

1. No rudeness.
2. No judgement.
3. No invasion of privacy.
4. No leaving the island.
5. No violence.
6. Quiet hours 10 pm until 9 am. From 8 pm until 9 pm, noise levels must be a minimum.
7. Must keep all common areas clean. Clean up any messes you make.
8. No drugs are cigarettes. No excessive drinking.
9. No talking to me before I have had my coffee.
10. Every week, each person must do at least five volunteer hours. They must help with yard work or gardening. 
11. Everyone must participate in the book club! :) 
12. No visitors, except for on the monthly visitation weekend. All visitors must abide by the rules of the island. 

I really think this would be an awesome year, and it would work wonderfully. I think we could each have the comfort of our own space and peace, and yet be able to enjoy each other's company. I feel like we could all benefit from being there with each other. Admittedly, I think I would benefit the most. I would be surrounded by some of my most favorite people. Some of my absolute most favorite people. 

Mr. P is one of my greatest friends. I would be so excited to have him at my disposal for an entire year. We have the most amazing debates! Matt would be the most amazing company. Can you imagine? Andrea and Chad and two of my best friends and greatest loves. Gigi will keep me busy and entertained. Rachael can teach me to cook! Ellen. Ellen will be such an amazing person to spend time with. Dr. Yee is a phenomenal man, and he will make sure I stay alive for the entire year. 

Can we make this happen!? Hello, distant relative!! Where are you?!?!

Here are links to all the sites now featuring Secret Subject Swap posts.  Sit back, grab a cup, and check them all out. See you there:


  1. Sounds like a good plan. Can I come visit? Please? I'll follow the rules. Pinky Promise. And my pinky will look awesome cos I'll be wearing my Jamberries..........

    1. Of course you can visit!!! I just assumed all my blogger friends would be visiting. I even imagined we could have an informal island blog conference. LOL

  2. OMG, I'm so excited!!! You picked me! This makes me very happy! I love fully equipped and stocked island scenarios! There is wifi, too right?
    Now about the yard work... I don't do gardening. How about I volunteer as coffee brewer and bread / cake baker instead?

    1. You can make coffee. Lots of coffee. I'll never say no to coffee. You could help pick the fruit off trees and stuff. We will have so much fun!!! Definitely support you baking!!! Yes, definitely WiFi, so we can blog.

  3. Matt with his shirt off should probably be a rule...I'm thinking. I'd want to take GiGi too, she's adorable!

    1. Oh yes. Rule 13. Shirtless Matt. LOL

    2. Oh and thank you!! I do think she's adorable.

  4. OMG... great list of rules, I just don't think I could do it for a whole year. But then again, the reward may be just worth it.

    1. Oh I would happily do it for a year. I need a vacation. The reward would be the cherry on top. I don't know how much more than a year I could do.

  5. Think of all the blogging topics you'd have with a whole year on an island!!

    1. YES! I'm hoping I could finally be the blogger I'd love to be! Maybe even write a book, I were brave enough to submit for publication.

  6. Wow, it certainly seems as though you've given this some thought, not only a list of people but a list of rules. Hope that distant relative finds you after all!

  7. I'm so there - with you. You made it sound like fun and yet took it very seriously LOL

  8. Smart to include a doctor and a chef. Everyone can stay healthy and eat well!

  9. Sounds like a fun mix and a great time!


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