Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day.

I've known Chadski was an amazing father pretty much since the day I met him. Embee was four when Chadski and I started dating. I knew the moment I found out I was pregnant, that Chadski would be the greatest father ever to our child. He's proven me right thus far. Seeing him and Weewee together today really made me happy. Chadski is the perfect example of why we celebrate fathers. He's fantastic. No doubt in my mind Weewee will grow up to be extra amazing, because he's her dad.
To make this Father's Day even more special,  Chadski's dad arrived today for a two week visit! I'm beyond excited!  It was amazing getting to see Weewee meet her Papa for the first time.
So many special moments today. Today was definitely a good day.

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