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A is for amazing. B is for bottle. C is for climb.

I know I'm biased, but I think Weewee is amazing. It is genuinely a joy to be her Mama. She is happiness personified. It is so rare for her to be cranky. When she is cranky it never lasts long. She is fun, loving, and her joy is contagious. I'm blessed.
She can say quite a bit, and I have really been able to tell that she has a good understanding of what I say to her. She now says: Mama, Dada, doggy, nigh night, see you later (ee uu ate er), num num, ut oh, no, ball, yay, ow, Nana, doll, out, up.
I was talking to her Godmother on Tuesday, and we were discussing her vocabulary. It was Weewee's nap time, so I picked her up and went in the kitchen to make her a bottle. I said to her Godmother... You know what word she doesn't say, that shocks me? Bottle or baba. A few weeks back she said it two or three times, which was exciting, but nothing since. Her Godmother said she probably doesn't say it, because she doesn't need to. I know when she needs a bottle and I get it for her. So why should she ask? I was in the process of walking towards the counter, and told her that made sense to me. All of a sudden Weewee pointed to her bottle on the counter and said bottle. I said WOW and laughed. Her Godmother laughed and said sounds like she said it. I said I know, right! Weewee followed that up with "bottle, bottle" and giggled.
She absolutely amazed me, and I must say she has perfect timing. Now, how many times do you think she has said bottle since? Zero. I've tried so hard, but she won't say it. She definitely does stuff when she wants. She is definitely stubborn and determined. I really think she will grow to be a unique individual, not a clone of society's norm.
She's also developed a new skill, that she is obsessed with. Climbing. She seems to have no fear, and she has a daredevil streak in her. Definitely going to be a handful. She spent a good hour today climbing onto the couch, sliding off, climbing back on... over and over... giggling and grinning the entire time.
As for walking, I call her a sometimes walker. She can and does walk, but she definitely prefers to crawl. She's somewhat wobbly on her feet (Chadski wonders if it is due to the ear issues she has been having), so she will take a few steps, then drop down and crawl. She could win races with crawling. She is super fast. I've never seen a baby crawl as fast as she does. I'm hoping she gets tired of crawling soon, and becomes an always walker.
In exactly two weeks Weewee will be a one year old. One. An entire year. Twelve months. Fifty two weeks. I'm still in denial. This has definitely been the fastest year of my life. Despite the struggles, it has also been the greatest year of my life. I was blessed to have Chad in my life, but now he and I are both blessed. Weewee has made us both happier than we could have imagined. She is definitely our dream come true.
Happy Friday the 13th!  I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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