Monday, March 12, 2018

Rainbow Colored Glasses #BlogWithFriends

Welcome to March's Blog with Friends Round-up. Each month, a group of bloggers chooses a topic, and then creates blog posts based on that theme. The posts can include anything, from poetry and recipes, to short stories and informative essays, and often crafts or DIY projects. This month's chosen theme is rainbows.

I decided to do a round-up of awesome rainbow finds, that are reasonably priced, and an easy way for your to add more rainbows into your life. I personally love rainbows, and actually enjoy adding them into my life whenever possible. I especially like adding them into Gigi's wardrobe. My inspiration for the title of this post, were a pair of glasses I bought her. Rose colored glasses are cool, but rainbow colored is such a better view! Unless of course you love black, and then I am sorry.

I will be posting links to where you can find the items to buy. However, I encourage you to shop around, and see if you are able to find any better deals. I also want you to know, this is not a sponsored post, and I do not profit if you buy anything. I am not sharing these items to earn money off your purchases, I genuinely just like these things, and thought you may like them as well.

Without further delay... Here are some rainbow items I have found, that I love, and hopefully you will love them also! :)

1. Rainbow Projector and Night Light. This thing is awesome. It is the night light you need, with the awesome benefit of being a rainbow projector. It comes in blue, pink, or yellow (prices vary by color. I have featured blue.)

2. Chandelier Crystals Rainbow Suncatcher. This is so pretty. We love wind-chimes and Suncatchers. This will fit in nicely!! 

3. Funko Pop Animation Rainbow Bright and Twink. This adorable collectible is available for pre-order. Their release will be June 1, 2018.

4. Rainbow Unicorn Horn. How awesome is this?! You can use this to make yourself into a unicorn!! You should always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn or Batman. Multiple colors are available, but I'm obsessed with the rainbow one!! 

5. Rainbow Poop Mini Pillow. I bought this for Gigi, and she LOVES it. I have had great experiences with ordering from Wish. 

6. Emoji Rainbow Poop Coin Bank. This entry is Gigi's fault. She saw this bank, and insisted on buying it for me. Of course, it's really her bank. I just get to help provide the money she is collecting in it. It is her Disney trip fund. She is only four, and she is already better with money, than I have ever been. 

7. Rainbow Swirl Lollipops. We love gum and lollipops. Fruit Stripes gum would definitely put some color in your world. These lollipops are delightfully colorful. The package contains 38 lollipops. 

8. Stainless Steel Rainbow Flower Spoons. These are eight of the cutest spoons, you will ever use. Coffee time, tea time, dessert... It will just feel more magical. I love these so very much. 

9. White Knee High Socks with Rainbow Stripes. So, if there is one thing that can be said about me, it is that I am full of contradictions. If I told you that I hate wearing anything on my feet, and prefer to be barefoot, it would be the truth. If I told you I have an obsession with socks, and love them, it would be the truth. I don't know. I cannot explain myself. I do love being barefoot. I do love socks. I even love wearing socks. Oh, to be fully transparent, I am not the biggest fan of being barefoot outside of my home though. It is partially a germ thing, partially a I hate dirty feet thing, and partially a dislike of wounds of any type on my feet thing. So, I love socks. All kinds of socks. When I am wearing shoes, I tend to go for no show, small as possible socks. When I am walking around in just socks, I like long socks and socks with awesome designs. Despite having fat legs and calves, I also love knee high socks. This is possibly a carry over from years of wearing them with my school uniform. Anyway, so I LOVE these knee highs with rainbow stripes. They are awesome!! They would be a great way to add some rainbow to your life.

10. Rainbow Door Mat. So, tell me, do you like to have awesome door mats, are do you just not really care?! It is so weird, because when I found out I was pregnant with Gigi, I sort of panicked. Suddenly, I was terrified. How would be childproof all the things?! We lived in an apartment. How would we add baby things to an already full house?! Our baby, her safety, and her stuff had to be priority. So, I just gave everything away. All our home decor stuff went bye bye. I did not want to have to try to child proof any of it, and I really did not want to have to add baby stuff to an already full home. Well, now Gigi is four, nearly five, and the babyproofing stage is over. We live in a house now, albeit a small house, with probably less room than that apartment had. Yet, I have not really add much home decor stuff back into our home. Her toys and stuff basically decorate every room. LOL So, it is maybe weird that I actually care about our welcome mats, and choose our new ones carefully. So, I would actually LOVE this rainbow door mat!! What a simple way to add some color into our world. I honestly think I will get it, to use this Spring and Summer. Plus, the bonus will be that Gigi will probably LOVE it! 

So, there you have it! A few things you could buy, to add some more rainbows into your life. I hope you enjoyed them, as much as I enjoyed finding them for us. Do you have any favorite rainbow items?! Feel free to share them with me!! 

I wanted to include a few pics of Gigi in her beloved rainbow colored glasses, my inspiration behind the name of this post! She saw them at Target, and just HAD to have them. 

Now, be sure to go see what inspiration my fellow bloggers drew from rainbows!! They have some awesome, colorful, things in store for you this month!! I will meet you there, as soon as I get a refill!!

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  1. Love the Chandelier Crystals Rainbow Suncatcher, but my favorite by far is Gigi in her rainbow sunglasses.

  2. Cool stuff, especially the first two! I PLEDGED not to order anything for St. P's day this year, and I stuck to it.

  3. Rainbow Brite! ha PERFECT! That light looks FUN and I just totally love all the color in your post!

  4. Super cute! We have one of those unicorn horns, but I'm particularly interested in the rainbow nightlight! I think I have an almost-3 year old who would love it!



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