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Mad Mad World #PoetryCollaboration

Welcome to March's Poetry Collaboration!! If you have been a follower of my blog, you know that each month, a group of us bloggers choose a theme, and then write poetry based on the theme. It can be any type of poem, and there are no rules. This month, our chosen theme of March Madness. Not necessarily the basketball March Madness, just madness in general.

After you check out my contribution, make sure you check out the poetry all my friends have created. I think it would be amazing, if you feel inspired, to read any poetry you could may write based on the March Madness theme.

Poem 1 (Mad Mad World):

All around me the world is mad.
People are dying.
People are going hungry.
Politicians are lying.
Schools are unsafe.
Drugs are taking lives daily.
It's a mad, mad world.
Hatred is more aparent daily.
Fear is filling hearts.
Danger lurks everywhere.
Criminals are seemingly fearless.
Some days it is hard to see the good.
Some days I forget that goodness is everywhere.
Some days, I have to remind myself to focus.
I have to seek the silver linings.
I have to find the good news.
I have to seek it out.
Why do we do this? 
Why do we broadcast the negatives,
and leave the good unspoken?
Why do we aid the spread of madness?
Why do we fuel the fire of hatred?
It needs to stop. 
We need to end the madness.
We need to regain control.
We need to smother out hatred with love.
We cannot let hate win.
We cannot let the madness spread.
Love must win.
We must work together, and end the madness.
We need to stop the spread of madness.
We need to plant seeds of happiness.
Good must triumph over bad.
We need to make this world better.
It's a mad, mad world.
We need to make it a glad, glad world.

Poem 2 (Madness):

Mismanaged rage.
Anger and resentment.
Disputes and misunderstandings.
Nasty attitudes.
Egos out of control.
Sadness and hurt feelings.
Stress and anxiety.

Poem 3 (Madly, Deeply):

My love for you is true and pure.
I love you madly.
I love you deeply.
My love for you is strong and fierce.
I love you madly.
I love you deeply.
My love for you fuels my soul's fire.
I love you madly.
I love you deeply.
My love for you unending.
I love you madly.
I love you deeply.
My love for you is unconditional.
I love you madly.
I love you deeply.
My love for you is emotional.
I love you madly.
I love you deeply.
My love for you is electrifying.
I love you madly.
I love you deeply.
My love for you is blisfully beautiful.
I love you madly.
I love you deeply.

So, there are my contributions to this month's March Madness Poetry Collaboration! I hope you enjoyed them! Now, go check out what poetry my fellow bloggers created for your enjoyment!! I will meet you there!!

Karen of Baking In A Tornado
Dawn of Cognitive Script


  1. As always, you give us a few perspectives on the same theme. Your first poem is my favorite, full of hope.

  2. A three-fer! You are amazing! And I love that first one. So scary, this world. But you've given it hope!


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