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Abandoned by Lyz Kelley #BookReview

Okay, I am coming to you today, to tell you my opinion about two books. Yes, two. Not just one amazing book, but two AMAZING books. Do you remember when I told y'all about Blinded by that awesome author named Lyz Kelley? If you missed it, or simply do not remember, then you can read it here. Well, now I am here to tell you about the next two books in that Elkridge Series.

The short of it, is that you need to go get these books and read them. Since Blinded, there have been two more books added to the series... Spurned and Abandoned. After reading Blinded, I was pretty darn sure that Lyz Kelley was an awesome writer, and now two books later, I am completely positive she is. I absolutely cannot wait to read the entire rest of her Elkridge Series. Lucky for all of you, there are three AMAZING books for you to read, and then we will have three more. 

In Blinded, we fell in love with Mara and Joey and the town of Elkridge. We also started on the journey of trying to solve Sam's murder. I am happy to say that in Spurned and Abandoned, we get to fall in love with more of Elkridge's citizens, we get glimpses into the lives of the citizens we already love, and we get some clues to help us solve Sam's murder. Lyz Kelley does this amazing job, making you feel as though you know this town, and you know these characters. She does a wonderful job using her words to paint a complete picture for us. 

If you loved Mara and Joey, you will definitely love Kym and Zach, and Ashley and Chase. You will love their stories, and you will love how their pieces fit into the puzzle that is this Elkridge series. You will also fall more in love with Mara and Joey, as we do get some awesome glimpses into their life. 

These books are these beautiful love stories. They aren't all mushy, lovey dovey goop though. There is suspense. There is pain. There is passion. There is frustration. There is sadness. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be aroused. You will experience a full spectrum of emotions. Also, if you are like me, you may just read them twice. The first time for full enjoyment. The second time to fully pay attention to the details. I am definitely on the case. I am hoping to figure out Sam's murder, before it is completely revealed to us. 

If you love romance novels, you will love these books. If you love suspense novels, you will love these books. If you love to laugh, you will love these books. If you love being immersed into a complete world, when reading books, you will love these books. These books are page turners. They will keep you captivated, and they will entertain you. You will fall in love with the characters, and chances are, you will want to pack your bags and move to Elkridge, Colorado.

These books are so well written. I cannot praise Lyz Kelley enough. If you love steamy romance novels, you will absolutely love these books. If you prefer for your romance novels to leave the details to your imagination, you will love these books. Lyz does this amazing job, of giving you enough details to heat things up, but not so many that it will feel like too much. These books are well balanced in all things.

Please, do yourself a favor and go read these books. Then, come back here or to my Facebook page, and let's discuss it. I would LOVE to compare notes on Sam's murder case, as well as just discuss the storyline in general. Now, that I have read three books, I really have started to develop ideas on the who/what/why of Sam's murder. I cannot wait to hear what you have to say about it!!

So, continue to read, for information on how to get copies of these books for yourself, find out more about the author, get answers to questions about this series, and enter a giveaway!!

Abandoned by Lyz Kelley
(An Elkridge Series Novel)
Release Date: 4th April 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
LIFE DOESN’T EVER GO AS PLANNED, BUT CAN BE BETTER THAN IMAGINED. Her mother’s death. His PTSD. A combustible relationship.  A CAREGIVER WHO NEEDS TO MAKE A PLAN, AND FAST… Ashley Bryant has less than five weeks to organize, sell, and pack away her old life before she’s uprooted and forced into a completely new one. She needs to make several critical decisions, and with her life upended and spiraling out of control, the last thing Ashley needs is a sexy U.S. Marine complicating matters. A MARINE WHO HAD A PLAN BUT HAS LOST HIS WAY… Gunnery Sergeant Chase Daniels has just buried his best friend, and his commanding officer has given him a month to commit to either retiring or returning to active duty. Struggling with PTSD, fatigue, and grief, he stumbles into Elkridge, a quiet Colorado mountain town, to figure out his future. With their lives in upheaval, Ashley and Chase have a lot in common, but the last thing each needs are more complications—like their instant attraction to each other. The ELKRIDGE SERIES is a set of steamy contemporary romance novels about wounded women and the men who heal them.  If you like heartfelt characters, deep topics with powerful emotional cores, and happy endings, then you’ll love Lyz Kelley’s incredible tales of strength, love, and survival.  The third, full-length novel in the series, ABANDONED continues to give you a peek into the day-to-day lives of the town characters, and drops clues about Sheriff Sam’s murder. 

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Meet the Author
Award-winning, contemporary romance author Lyz Kelley lives in a small community in Colorado with her husband and several four-legged family members. Lyz writes about brave women who have faced extraordinary challenges, and the honorable men who have an enormous capacity to love, even if they may not know it. 
A healing love is at the heart of her book series. Creating wounded yet amazing characters—discovering what drives them, frightens them, heals them, makes them laugh—is what gives her joy. Lyz is pleased to share that joy through her masterfully written stories. 
To keep tabs on her award-winning novels, connect with Lyz by signing up for her newsletter at Also visit to join Kelley's Heroes, Lyz's VIP club. Members receive an exclusive copy of A Soldier’s Wife, learn about thoughtful giveaways, and get a sneak peek at upcoming releases. Members may even get the opportunity to receive advanced reader copies. Check out for more information.
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Why would I want to read the Elkridge Series?  Each book in the Elkridge series is a piece to a puzzle—a suspenseful mystery involving the murder of a small-town sheriff. You get six contemporary romance books to figure out the mystery and a bunch of happy ever after (HEA) endings. Two novels in this fiction series—Blinded and Orphaned—are award-winning romance books.
Where is Elkridge, Colorado?  Elkridge exists only in my mind. On any given day, I can stop at River Creek Café for Jenna's fresh baked cinnamon rolls, or shop for a birthday present at Mara's Blooms, or get my nails done at Kym’s nail salon. Sitting in the park eating lunch, I can watch the kids play and hear the latest gossip from neighbors. Later, if I want, I can stop at Mad Jack’s to hear a local band play and get some dinner. Elkridge is a great small town where the sun shines 360 days a year and people do their best to make ends meet.
Would you tell us about your writing process?  It takes me awhile to write each stand-alone story because I am passionate about creating the very best stories for my readers. These contemporary romance books have complex plots and sub-plots and include suspense romance threads, with deep emotional women’s fiction elements, humor and even a bit of quirkiness. I’m so excited to see the 5-star ratings because it means I’ve created the ideal mix to provide readers with a few hours of enjoyment.  


ABANDONED: Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

Sheriff Joe shows up in ABANDONED several times. Does this mean there are more clues as to who (OR WHOM?) murdered Sheriff Sam?
Absolutely. Joe is still trying to catch a killer, but he’s not the only character presenting clues in this book.  Don’t forget, I’ve slipped in a few red herrings to keep you guessing. 

I was surprised to see a poem in this book. What inspired you to add it?
I’ve been writing poetry for years. The challenge was to create a poem that Chase’s character would write—something corny, simple, and amateurish. I didn’t want the poem to look like it could be a Pulitzer winner—thus you have Chase’s love poem to Ashley.

Where did the inspiration for Ashley’s father come from?

My father was a Marine. My brother was in the Navy. My husband was in the Air Bourne.  I have friends that have served in both the Army and Air Force. Basically, I respect those in the military for their sacrifices and challenges. While I know many military families move  as their assignments change, I’ve had two friends in my life where a military parent has chosen to create a stable base for their spouse and kids, and return home whenever possible. This type of arrangement is unusual, but it does happen. I wanted to explore the family structure and how each person must live with the sacrifice.

Other Books in The Series

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Spurned - Buy Here

What I need you to know... I received free ARCs of these books, to read and give an honest review of. I was not paid. I was not told what to say. Every opinion is my own, honest opinion. If I had hated these books, I would have said as much. Luckily, I LOVED these books, and I am sure you will also LOVE them! I have an inkling that any book Lyz Kelley writes, is worth reading, and I fully plan on reading all of her books one by one, after I finish reading this series. 

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  1. I like (but don't love) romance but I am addicted to mysteries. Sounds like I better get reading!



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