Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Love, Lovely Love #LovePoetry February 2016.

As we have done in the past, a group of us got together to share poetry with you all. This month we decided on the theme of love! Very appropriate, since Valentine's Days is right around the corner. Valentine's Days is my favorite holiday, followed closely by St. Patrick's Day! Without further delay, here is my contribution to this month's poetry collaboration!! 

Poem 1: 

Lilies and lilacs and roses too.
Only you on my mind.
Visions of our future in my dreams.
Eternity our goal.

Poem 2: 

You always told me you would love me endlessly.
Yet, your love ended.
You always told me you would be there for me.
Yet, you are long gone.
You always told me you would be mine forever.
Yet, you belong to someone else now.

Poem 3: 

I love you for the way you make me feel.
I love you for the way you kiss me deeply.
I love you for the way you give me bliss.
I love you for the poetry you share with me.
I love you for the way you test my limits.
I love you for the way you stretch my mind.
I love you for the way you care.
I love you for the sacrifices you make.
I love you for you.

Below are the links to the other contributions to this month's poetry collaboration: 

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  1. Lovely poems, perfect for Valentine's Day <3

  2. As always, beautiful wistful poems, Jules.
    And I love your graphic!

  3. These are fantastic. You have such a way with words, Jules!

  4. WHY do I struggle to do ONE poem and you bust out three???
    Love it.
    Spatulas On Parade

  5. Lovely poems spanning the reach of what love means. Creative and genius all at once! I don't know how I forgot to comment after reading them all the first time...uhh, cuz I comment in my head as I read I guess, but I'm here now! LOL. My apologies, sweet girl!



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