Friday, March 8, 2019

Ten Years Later #SecretSubjectSwap

Welcome to a March's Secret Subject Swap. This week nine brave bloggers created a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My “Secret Subject” is:

#10YearChallenge – your way

It was submitted by: Tamara of  (Thank you, T!!!)

I immediately thought of three ways to use this prompt. It was very hard to decide which to do. My immediate thought, was to post a picture of me from 2009 and one of me from today. Voila! Challenge met. However, I felt like that was too easy. Plus, it says "your way", and that means I can choose to do anything I want. Endless possibilities. Well, not really. I could only think of two.

After careful consideration, I have decided to tell you ten HOPES I have for my life in ten years. I like the thought of hopes over goals. I feel like a goal needs to be realistic. Something that can be able to be achieved. Hope leads to more possibilities. Some realistic and maybe some reaching for the stars. So, none of these things may be true of my life in ten years, possibly some of them will be true of my life, and most likely not all of them will be. Hey, I had to reach for the stars a little.

So, in no particular order, here are ten things I hope are true about my life in ten years.

1. Gigi and I are very close. We are not just mother and daughter, but friends. She does well in school, has a great group of close friends, she is a hard worker, and she is rarely in trouble; not to mention the trouble she gets into is very minor.

2. I won the lottery. It was the largest win in lottery history. I invested a large amount of the money wisely, and receive a large monthly profit from each investment, and plan on doing as much good as possible with my money, as well as laying the foundation for my ancestors to do the same, while maintaining steady profits.

3. I have fully funded over fifty no-kill animal rescues around the United States of America, and animals needing emergency shelter, are no longer out of luck.

4. I designed a state of the art, fully loaded, ten bedroom suite home. It includes all the amenities a person could want their home to include. It has a very warm, cozy home feeling to it, despite being a modern, fully smart home.

5. I have a solid following on my blog, and have written some blogs that I am incredibly proud of. I not only have improved my writing skills, but my photography skills as well, and my blog has become a lovely, virtual memory book of our exciting life. I have become even closer with my blogger friends, and host blogger retreats every six months.

6. Since we no longer needed to have income coming in from any source, other than my investments, Chad retired. We spend our days volunteering, exploring the world around us, creating memories with friends and each other, and leaving a positive mark on this world.

7. Thanks to medical advancements, I live a healthy, pain-free life. I am able to be as active as I want, and I am well on my way to completing a marathon and triathlon in each of the United States and its territories.

8. I have developed a deep friendship with Matt Damon, and our families regularly get together for holidays and vacations.

9. With the help of several other philanthropic friends, I have helped to develop a stable renewable energy infrastructure throughout all of North America, along with efficient water treatment facilities. We are hoping to one day supply the entire world with affordable, environmentally conscious energy and clean drinking water. We have made leaps and bounds in the efforts to permanently reverse the effects of global warming, as well as repairing the most badly damaged areas of our ecosystem.

10. Oh and I almost forgot... I really hate being called Madam President, but I respect the fact people wish to address me in a way, that shows respect for my newly elected position. 

If you are going to hope, you may as well go big!

I have also decided to include ten predictions for how my life will actually be in ten years. If I am still blogging then, it will be fun to compare the reality with my predictions.

1. I will still be unmarried.
2. I will have at least a Bachelor's degree.
3. I will have a very close relationship with Gigi, and will be in full-blown panic mode, over her impending leaving of the nest.
4. I will own a cat.
5. We will finally be living in a home larger than the tiny one we are in now, but still be renting.
6. I will still be volunteering with the local Food Bank, and still doing random acts of volunteering and kindness every chance I get.
7. I will be one hundred pounds lighter than I am now.
8. I will still have long hair, but it will be mostly all gray.
9. I will still be living in chronic pain, but I will still have a positive attitude. Due to my pure stubbornness, I will still only be using a wheel chair part of the time, but I imagine my bone issues will have progressed significantly by then.
10. I will still be praying to meet Matt Damon in person one day.

How do you think I did with my predictions? I feel fairly confident about them. Do you have a prediction about the me ten years from now? How about one about the you ten years from now?

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  1. Love what you did with my post! The first scenario sounds fabulous, and one needs to dream big to make small changes happen, right? Of course Matt was in the picture.
    Even if the second scenario will happen you have a pretty good future ahead of you! Who knows what progress modern medicine can accomplish within 10 years!

  2. Of all the hopes you listed and all of the predictions, I would love to see hope #7 come true.

  3. I love the way you did this -- I am a realist and a dreamer so I totally related!

  4. Somehow I knew that Matt Damon would make the list. I have an adult daughter and I can tell you that honestly it's just like you hope. Your daughter will become your best friend and her kids will be the sprinkles on top! After all she is being raised by you!



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