Friday, April 6, 2018

Man in the Mirror #SecretSubjectSwap

Welcome to April's Secret Subject Swap. This week nine brave bloggers submitted a secret subject for someone else to use, and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

My “Secret Subject” is:
While on vacation, you are in your hotel room minding your own business, you step out of the shower and there stands a man. What do you do? Who is he? Why is he there? What happens next?

It was submitted by:

Well, the possibilities are endless. I want to first say, that with any luck, there is a mirror, and I saw him in the mirror, so I was a tiny bit prepared for this. Otherwise, the first thing I would do is scream loud enough to wake the dead. I would also probably jump, slip on the wet tub/shower bottom, and hit my head, passing out immediately. 

I would hope he were a harmless guy, even if his intentions aren't the best, I would hope he would not harm me. It would be great, if he were maintenance, and maybe the room below me was experiencing a terrible leak, caused by the pipes controlling my shower, and so he rushed up, in hopes of limiting the damage, and to get me out of the shower, just in case the leak caused the floor to collapse into the room below. I would quickly get covered up, he would explain the situation, then he would leave to gather tools, and I would get dressed. Neither of us would speak of this situation again.

Maybe the accidentally marked my room as available, and assigned it to someone else, and he came up to settle in, only to find me in the bathroom. That would be highly embarrassing, but easily fixed, and hopefully we could both pretend it never happened, and with any luck, we would never even see each other again. Plus, I am pretty sure I could get a free night or two out of the situation. Yay for an extended vacation!!

Maybe he is a psychotic serial killer, and I manage to get away, or possibly even subdue him, and call the cops, ending his spree. Or maybe he kills me, and I become part of an Investigative Discovery true crime show.

Maybe he is the handsome and mysterious man, that I was flirting with for a few hours, while I ate dinner and had a few drinks in the hotel restaurant. Maybe he happens to be the billionaire owner of the hotel chain, and had a Master key to every room. Maybe he missed me, after I left the restaurant, and just wanted to seize the opportunity to talk to me, and try to make a connection. Maybe he instantly covered his eyes, and apologized, and went out to the main room to wait for me. Maybe he had been waiting in my room for nearly an hour, but when had had not heard any noised beyond the water, and thought maybe I had fallen and was hurt, and so he had come in to check on me, just in time for me to step out and see him. Maybe we talk, once I am dressed, hit it off well, and start a long lasting friendship.

Maybe he is an assassin sent to kill me, by a rogue group, who has mistaken me for a spy. Maybe he kills me. Maybe he doesn't. Maybe I really am a spy, and the rogue group isn't mistaken.

Maybe he is room service, and he was delivering the extra towels I ordered, and he had popped in quickly, hoping to leave the towels by the sink, and slip back out, only I finished up and stepped out of the shower, just in time to run into him. Maybe I blush, he blushes, hands me a towel, says excuse me and leaves, and we never speak of this again.

Maybe he woke up inside a bar, and is suffering from amnesia, and the only clue he had to his identity, was the key to my room in his pocket. Maybe he came to the hotel, to search the room for clues. 

Maybe it is Chad, and he came to surprise me. Maybe I thought he and Gigi could not join me on a trip, but he had secured a ticket for them, leaving at a later time, and they showed up, just to surprise me.

Maybe it is my fairy Godfather, and he is there to grant me three wishes.

Maybe he is a vampire, who saw me at the hotel bar, and could not resist following me to my room. Maybe he bites me. Maybe he doesn't.

Maybe he is a cop, and there has been a bomb threat at the hotel, involving the convention being held there, and he is going from room to room, evacuating guests to safety. 

Maybe he is a long lost love, who I lost touch with years ago, and he got a glimpse of me, as I was entering my room, and he was exiting the elevator. Maybe he spent half an hour trying to get up the nerve to knock on my door, and when he did, I did not hear the knock over the water, but the door opened, because it had not been closed properly, and so he came in looking for me. Maybe we still have a connection. Maybe the connection is long gone.

So. Many. Possibilities.

What comes to your mind, when you read this prompt?!

I like the cop idea. Maybe just as he almost has me to safety, me being the last person who needed to be evacuated, the bomb goes off, and I am injured. Maybe he is fine, but feels guilty for not getting me to safety in time. Maybe he stays by my side during my recovery, and we form a deep bond, which leads to a long, strong, passionate romance.

The fairy Godfather option would be cool too.

I could possibly be down with the vampire scenario. It really depends on the circumstances and who he is. What would my future be like? I would need to know more details, before I jumped fully on board with that option. Also, I would really want the hotel to be in New Orleans. It would just be the best option. If he sparkles, I'm out. If he owns a club named Fangtasia, I am so very IN.

Yes, this prompt has so much potential, in about a million different directions. 

Feel free to let me know where this prompt took your train of thought!!

Here are links to all the other sites now featuring April's Secret Subject Swap.  Sit back, grab a drink, and check them all out. I will see you there, right after I fill up my coffee cup:


  1. Goodness girl -- you have quite the imagination. Enjoyed the scenarios. I think I would scream and, he would leave and I would never know why he was there!

  2. I love all of your options and many of them really get me creating stories in my mind. And you know I'm a huge fan of ID TV, but I don't ever want to see you as the subject of one of their shows.

  3. I'm hoping for room service and that they have chocolate covered strawberries with those towels...

  4. The opposite actually happened to me one time on vacation. We checked in and I went to the room while hubby brought up our bags. I took the key unlocked the door. I was looking down to make sure that I didn't drop anything and when I looked up I saw an open suitcase on the further bed. I just started to step out when a man(luckily in a towel) walked out and said, "WTF!" I yelled, "sorry wrong room" and ran all the way back to the office. By the time I got to the front the man was already on the phone with the front desk. Then she gave us the room RIGHT NEXT DOOR!



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