Friday, July 14, 2017

Mother Earth #UseYourWords

Welcome to July's Use Your Words post! This is how it works: participating bloggers picked four to six words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That is the challenge, here is a fun twist; no one who is participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

My words are:
bat ~ environment ~ foreshadow ~ lonesome ~ oddly
They were submitted by:

I am typing this on my new Chromebook. I got it dirt cheap on Amazon Prime Day. I am not trying to brag, but I am a fast typist, and make very few typos. However, In just these last few lines, I have made about a million typos. Change may be nice, but sometimes it takes a bit to get used to. Oy. So, please bear with me. Oddly, despite not liking change and fighting it as much as possible, I am actually excited about this change. Hopefully, having such a simple system to type my blogs from, will enable me to do more. Don't hold your breath. I am definitely not holding mine. I am so not tech savvy at all. As simple as this Chromebook is, it could very well get the best of me. Update, typo count is now near a billion.

Enough about this early Christmas gift, let's get down to the task at hand... These wonderful words that Rena has gifted to me. Thank you, by the way, these words are lovely.

I had so many thoughts enter my mind, when I first read my words, and each additional time I read them, more thoughts came to mind. One thing that consistently stuck, was environment. We have one world. One Earth. One home. The environment is changing. Many of the changes are directly related to our choices and activities. I firmly believe Global Warming is not only real, but a genuine issue. One we need to face head-on. Every single country in this world, every single culture, needs to join together. We need to find common ground on all things, and we need world peace, but I am not going to hold my breath. However, we definitely need to set any differences aside and work together on this one issue. If the Earth becomes uninhabitable, we will all suffer.

It worries me that our leader has decided to stop our involvement, in working together with other nations, to help our planet survive as long as possible. This is something we need to be involved in. I want my future ancestors to enjoy this planet for many generations to come. I really pray that this destructive choice, does not foreshadow future bad decisions. I hope it really is an isolated thing, and I honestly hope there is a change of heart, and a new choice made.

The thing is, many things that are profitable, aren't good for the environment, and money rules all, or so it seems. So, of course the greedy slugs, who cannot see past their own wallets, will make choices that benefit them now, and who cares if future generations suffer. It just makes me so sad. In general, it is far too common for people to get greedy, and focus on profits more than what is best for everyone. We have turned things into profit machines, that should NOT be focused on profit. Our education and medical systems, for examples. Sadly, it seems that we have taken a turn, to where greed is more important than our planet.

I am sure that I am not sitting here, all to my lonesome, and the only one worried about this. That enables me to maintain hope, that we can get it right. We can turn things around. We can save this planet. Plus, hopefully, as our technologies advance, hopefully new techniques for saving our planet will come about.

I am sure you saw, how recently, a huge piece of Antarctica broke off. That is so scary. It means things are changing way too rapidly. We absolutely must stop it's progression. When I heard about it, I could not help but to pray that it would help change the necessary opinions, and get us back on track. Either way, whether our federal government makes the right choices, or not, we as individuals can make the right choices. We can choose to lessen our personal negative impact on the environment, and increase our positive impact. I truly hope each of you, do your best to leave the world better than it was before you were born. We can be the difference.

I have not completely written off the idea of creating my own personal survival Batcave, just in case things go very wrong in my lifetime. I just really don't want that to ever be necessary. So, I am curious... What do you think about Global Warming?! Do you do things to lessen your negative impact on the environment?! Do you not care at all?! Let me know how you feel. This is something that has really piqued my interest lately. I am currently looking into ways to easily lessen our negative impact. 

I hope you all have a great Friday, and an amazing weekend. The final typo count is about twenty-five billion. Not too bad, but definitely a need for improvement. 

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  1. Definitely not the only one worried about it my friend....

  2. glad you got a good deal on amazon prime day. I think I would be lost without my laptop, I'm so used to typing on this device.

    it is scary to worry about the future of our planet and how long we can survive on Earth.

  3. I have actually been so pleased to see that although we as a country have been forced out of the global discussions of how to help our earth, specific cities are pledging their allegiance to the Paris agreement despite what has happened on a national level. This gives me hope, not in the administration but in our fellow citizens.

  4. I am worried about your leader too, not only about his non-involvement in environmental issues. But let's not go there.
    I live in the country that is world leader in recycling, so I feel good about that. Tonight we went out for dinner by bicycle which was beneficial not only to the earth but also our health. Most residential buildings don't have A/C around here which can be a pain. On the plus side we don't use energy for them. Most of our appliances have the highest energy saving level, all except the fridge, and I am working on replacing that one, too.
    I may drive a car that needs a lot of gas, but I do care about the earth.

  5. Definitely concerned here in Canada. We do what we can. Recycle. Alternate energy sources. Bicycle whenever we can. Walk when we can't bike. (Icy roads and bicycles don't mix!) Garden. But it seems so little for such a big problem. We're definitely counting on others doing everything they can, too!

  6. Terrific job with words! I couldn't agree more. I strive to make less of an impact, but there's always room for improvements.

  7. Normalmente eu não aprender post em blogs, no entanto eu desejam diz que este write-up muito pressionado
    me para verificar e fazer então ! Sua escrita sabor tem sido
    espantado me. Obrigado, muito grande artigo .



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