Thursday, December 8, 2016

Songs of Christmas #TopTenThursday

Welcome to this week's Top Ten Thursday. In case you are new around here,  this is a weekly post,  hosted by the fabulous Tamara of Confessions of a part-time working mom. We all get together and create a weekly top ten list,  based on a chosen topic. This week,  we are revealing our Top Ten Christmas Songs.

I have participated in quite a few of these Top Ten Thursday,  but if you follow my blog and Facebook page,  you know I have not been feeling my best lately,  and writing has not been happening much.  I actually have lists for all the weeks I missed,  and I may share them all in a post soon.  I am still not feeling my best,  so for now,  I just want to focus on this week's list.

Are you a fan of Christmas music? I feel like,  for the most part,  either you love it or you hate it.  I do not know too many people that tow the middle line.  I fall under those who love Christmas music.  In fact,  I often catch myself singing certain songs all year long.  What can I say?! Most Christmas songs are catchy,  and it is catchy songs that tend to pop into my mind,  when I am singing in the shower or car or while cleaning.

Okay, now let's get down to the task at hand...  My Top Ten Christmas Songs...

1. "The Little Drummer Boy".  This is hands down my favorite.  Ever.  I think it became my favorite when I was about four years old,  and no other song has ever dethroned it.  It reigns Supreme.  I love it.  I love the lyrics.  I love the music.  I love love love love it.  I think when I was four,  I was drawn to it for two main reasons....  1. I dreamed of being a drummer.  2. I felt like I really did not have much to offer God or Jesus,  but knowing that they will appreciate anything I can give,  and want to give,  always filled me with an overwhelming sense of love and hope.  So,  yeah,  if you don't like it,  I strongly recommend listening to it again. It is the best.

2. "The Chipmunk Song".  Oh how I love this song.  I still get excited when it comes on,  and I am nearly 35 years old.  I get giddy,  and love singing along.  As a young kid,  I was kinda obsessed with the Chipmunks,  so I think it was just a given that I would love this song.  Plus,  overall, it is just a really fun song,  and I love fun songs.

3. "Silent Night".  Oh how I love thee.  This song soothes me.  It fills my heart with love and my mind with peace. I am pretty sure this song will remain a favorite for my entire life.  End of story.  It has wonderful lyrics and the music is lovely.

4. "Away in a Manger".  I think the reason I fell in love with this one,  is because I love the story of Jesus and his humble beginning.  He was quite honestly,  one of the most important humans ever,  and he was born in a barn,  and did not have a "real"  bed. This song has just always been a symbol of the true meaning of Christmas, and I just love it.

5. "Mary Did You Know".  What can I say?  I just love it.  The lyrics.  The music.  It is all lovely.  I have always wondered about Mary.  What it would have been like to be her.  What she felt.  What she thought.  What she endured. How she felt about it all.  So,  the very first time I heard this song,  I fell in love.

6. "Pretty Paper",  specifically when sung my Willie Nelson.  Oh my gosh.  Love love love love.  This song is fabulous,  and Willie is fabulous,  and together it is a winning combination. Christmas is not Christmas,  unless I have listened to this song at least ten times.

7. "O Holy Night". Another lovely song,  full of peace and hope.  I just love it. This is one of the ones I tend to see all throughout the year.  Never know when it will just pop into my head,  and I will start singing it.

8. "Carol of the Bells". I think this one goes without saying eh? It is just one of those songs that helps make Christmas feel like Christmas. I absolutely love it.  This is one that I pretty much love every single version of it.  Some others,  I definitely have preferences of the artists I like to hear sing them.  This one is just one that I love,  no matter the version.  I am sure it is possible that a version I don't like exists, I just haven't heard it yet.

9. "Happy Xmas (War is Over)". This is the latest edition to my list.  Most of my songs,  I have loved since childhood.  This song, I feel in love with it the first time I heard it,  but that was not until I was a teenager in high school.  One of my dormmates sang it for me.  I instantly loved it,  and requested for her to sing it,  as often as possible.  To this day,  it is still one of my favorite ones.

10. "Christmas Shoes". Have you heard this one? Did you listen to it without crying? Probably not.  I know it makes me cry,  and I have heard it so many times.  There are songs I probably enjoy more, but this one made the cut,  because it is always a reminder to me of the important things in life.  It always reminds to be genuinely grateful,  and to know that no matter how bad it is,  it could be worse,  and it will be better.

Now,  I have a few songs I need to mention.  The first two are not technically Christmas songs, so I felt I probably should not put them on the list,  even though they are most definitely FAVORITE songs of mine,  especially during the Christmas season...  1. "Silver and Gold"  by Dolly Parton.  Please,  do not confuse this with her song about ribbons and bells,  that is obviously a Christmas song.  This is a lesser known song of hers, that is actually one of my most favorite songs EVER. This song fills me all the love and hope and compassion needed during the Christmas season.  In fact,  if I am shopping or just out this time of year,  and people's poor behavior begins to get me grumpy,  I hum this song internally.  2. "Angels Among Us"  by Alabama. This song.  All the feels. There truly are wonderful people in this world,  and this time of year tends to bring them out into plain sight.  I seek this song out,  whenever I am listening to Christmas songs.  It has become a tradition for me.  3. "Do They Know It's Christmas". Have you heard this?  Listen to it.  I think you will thank me later.

So,  there you have it.  My Top Ten Christmas Songs,  with a few extras. Did any of your favorites make my list?  Any songs you think I am crazy for not including?

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Tamara of Confessions of a part-time working mom


  1. I don't know all the songs on your list, so I will do some youtubing this weekend in order to catch up on my holiday music knowledge.
    I agree, you either love or hate Christmas music. I think those who hate the music don't feel comfortable about the whole holiday "drama", and the fact that the catchy (or cheesy) music is played EVERYWHERE annoys them.

  2. I was in orchestra in high school and every year we would play Carol of the Bells. Every year. I think it was my teacher's favorite. :)

    I'd love to know which singers' versions of these songs are your favorite. :)

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well lately. :(



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