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Stable Layne Pt 3 Oct 2016 #UseYourWords

Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked four to six words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That is the challenge, here is a fun twist; no one who is participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

My words are: 
dessert ~ weight ~ scary ~ domesticate ~ husband
They were submitted by: http://www. thediaryofanalzheimerscaregive (Thank you so much for such great words!!)

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Layne was starting to feel the burn in her calf muscles and abs. Well, she assumed it was her abs. Did she have abs? She was sure did somewhere under her tummy flab. She had never really had any problems with her weight, but she was not one to ever turn down dessert, so she had never exactly been skinny. She could use to lose a few pounds, tone, and tighten, but the truth was she was happy. She did not have a perfect body, but she did have a good body. With the exception of the last few months since her accident, her body had always done well by her. She was a decent athlete, an excellent jockey, and could hold her own in the marathons she did twice a year. She just always seemed to have a little extra padding, which in the Winter was a benefit. Now, during the Summer, when she was at the beach, maybe it wasn't such a blessing.

"I think that is enough for today," Damon said, his voice breaking through her thoughts. "You did really good. Much better than I had expected for your first session."

Trying hard not to blush, she smiled at him. "Thank you. It was actually nice getting a workout in."

"Oh," Damon said, his voice barely holding off the laughter bubbling up in his throat, "That wasn't a workout. That was just an assessment. Next time you come, you will get a workout."

"Is that a promise?" she asked, before she could stop herself, looking away quickly to hide her blush, she walked over and returned her weights to the rack.

"As a matter of fact it is," Damon said, as the laughter quietly got the best of him. "I do promise to give you a workout! To be honest, you did really well today. Based on the injuries listed in your chart, I had expected you to be much more limited. You seem to be healing very well."

Layne turned back and faced him, a giddy smile covering her face, unable to hide her excitement. "Really?! Does that mean I will finish therapy faster than expected, because that would be great!"

"Well," Damon said, a fatherly look settling onto his gorgeous face. "I wouldn't go that far. You did great, and I think you will progress quickly, but the reality is, no matter how well you do, you would definitely still benefit from a few months of therapy. You will just be able to accomplish more in that time, than previously anticipated." He said smiling warmly at her, and her heart sank.

She reached down and took her coat off the bench, her disappointment written all over her face. She was really going to have to go weeks more without riding. Weeks more without her normal life. Weeks more maintaining the sad existence she had been living since her accident.

Seeing the disappointment etched on her face, Damon reached out and gently squeezed her arm. "Hey! Don't let it get you down! You will do great, I can just tell. I may actually be able to get you back better than you were, and you may even be able to obtain that, while keeping up your weekly Lucky Charms habit."

She smiled, and laughed softly. He really was a sweet guy, or so it seemed. He was probably an excellent husband, to his super hot wife at home. "It isn't that, that I am really worried about. It has just been months since I have been able to ride, and I was really hoping to get through therapy as quickly as possible, and get back on my horse."

"Oh," Damon said, cheer returning to his voice. "Don't worry about that! You will probably be back in the saddle in a few weeks. You will start back doing normal physical activities outside of therapy, before your actual therapy is over. I mean, you won't be back in the saddle tomorrow, but it will be soon. I promise. I will do everything in my power, to help you get back in the saddle quickly. I will also do everything in my power to make sure you are fully healed, and able to be back to your old self, by the time I am done, and as I said, I may even have you reach an even better self."

Layne squealed, and practically hugged him. "Thank you so much!! That makes me so happy! SO happy! I have missed riding!"

"So, have you been riding long?" Damon asked her, as he picked up his towel, and handed her one.

She took the towel and wiped her face and neck off. "Well, I have been riding since I was four, but I didn't start riding competitively until I was almost sixteen. I mostly just really love riding. Really, I just love horses. I guess that is why I still work on our family ranch. I get to be near my favorite horses, and it gives me plenty of time to ride. Plus, it is fun. My Dad works with wild horses, that have been rescued from wildfires. Most just get housed until we can secure a new, safe home for them. Some we domesticate though. Usually just ones that have been injured, and need extra physical therapy and medical care. It is interesting and fun work."

Damon had been watching her closely while she was speaking. "I can tell you really love it," he said, his eyes staring deeply into hers. "Your eyes shine with a passion that is rare to see. I am glad you have found what you love to do."

"Do you love what you do?" she asked, as she began digging through her purse for her lip gloss.

"Physical therapy?" Damon asked, as he picked at the label on his water bottle. "I do love it. It is fun and rewarding. I love helping people. This isn't my full-time gig though. This is more of a fun part-time gig. I do this for the enjoyment of it."

Having found and applied her favorite grape flavored gloss, she looked at him, curiosity shining bright in her eyes. "What is your full-time gig?" 

"Well," he said, his eyes staring at her glossy lips, before he blushed slightly and made eye contact. "I am a member of the gang unit, on the town police squad."

"Wow," she said, surprise showing in her voice. "Isn't that scary?!?"

"It has its moments," he said, reaching out and placing his hand on her shoulder, starting to guide her towards the exit. "It is also very rewarding and worthwhile."

"Yes," she said, smiling and walking with him. "I can imagine it would be very rewarding. I just think it must scare your wife a great deal, I know if I were married, and my husband were a police officer, I would be scared."

"Well," he replied, as they stopped near the door. "I guess if I did have a wife, she might would be scared by my job, but I would hope she would have faith in me to always do everything possible, to make it home safe."

Layne could not help but smile, at the news he was not married. "I am sure she would trust you completely. Well, thank you for a great therapy session. When should I come back?"

Damon led her out into the hall and stopped, he pointed to a small office area to the left. "If you go over there, Melissa can get you set up for your next appointment, and I will see you then. It was great working with you today, and very nice meeting you." He started slowly walking away, still facing her.

Layne smiled and waved. "Yes, same to you. See you next time." 

They both turned and walked their separate ways. She could not help but feel butterflies in her stomach. So what, if he wasn't married. Surely he had a girlfriend or fiance. She stopped and spoke briefly to the bubbly Melissa, and made her next appointment for the following afternoon. As she headed out to meet Zayne, she was actually looking forward to her next appointment, and only a small amount of residual disappointment remained, that she would not get to discover the mystery behind her brother and Gwyn. 

(to be continued)

Okay, I hope you all enjoyed part three. I will probably continue this story with each Use Your Words challenge, where I am able to utilize the words in a way that fit. I may also write some parts separately, outside of the challenges, but I will definitely link any and all parts in the new posts, so you will always be able to easily find the entire story. I hope you are enjoying it so far. I am excited to write it out, as it has been burning a hole inside my head, wanting to be told.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!! Do not forget to go check out the other blogs featuring this month's Use Your Words posts!! I will see you there!!

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  1. You continue to build up the suspense. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  2. Clever way to find out about his martial status 😂
    Do YOU like to ride yourself?

  3. I love this story! Hopefully she'll be back in the saddle soon. Maybe she can take the hot therapist for a ride!

  4. Glad you are continuing this -- you didn't disappoint! Keep up the mystery :)



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