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I just recently received my subject for our next challenge swap. I had to console myself. Did I mention the bloggers I participate with are fabulous?! Did you know fabulous bloggers come up with amazing subject swap topics?! Did you know an amazing subject could intimidate the heck outta me?! Well, now you know. Consider me completely and utterly intimidated. My goal is to work on it later today, and as often as possible over the next weeks. If I don't,  it will never get done. I honestly have no idea what to write. I'll be consulting my better half again, and praying he's a miracle worker. Again.
My Weewee had a sleep over last night with her honorary Nana Cici. I missed her so much. Nana's house is about 30 feet from our house, but it felt like a bazillion miles away. I survived. Kind of. I didn't sleep much. When I knew Weewee would be gone, my first thought was... SLEEP. I should've known that wouldn't happen to the extent I wanted. I was convinced Nana would cave and bring her home. I figured by the second time Wee woke up for a bottle, Nana would tag me back in. Nope. Nana did great. Weewee had a fabulous time. We did this sleep over as a trial run for a July camping (in an RV) trip that Nana wants to take Weewee on. On one hand I'm fine with the idea. Weewee loves Nana. Nana loves Weewee. I want Weewee to experience a full life, and let's face it... I will NEVER bring her camping. As in never. On the other hand I'm like... an hour and a half away?? Nooooooooooo. I promised myself, that I wouldn't be over protective. I promised myself I'd let her live her life fully. I promised myself I'd let her get dirty. I can do this. Right?! I mean... it's not me camping.
My better half is working today. He generally doesn't work weekend, so when he does (2 or 3 times a year), I miss him. Once he gets home, I plan on getting some stuff done around here. We are still unpacking from the move. We are downsizing from a four bedroom house into a two bedroom. Deciding what to keep has been a challenge. We have stuff in a storage unit. My goal is to have the storage unit empty by July 1st. I want our house completely together by July 11th. This brings me to my next thing...
I'm having a party!!!! Technically two, if you count Weewee's FIRST birthday party on June 28th. Her Aunt and Uncle are graciously hosting that at their house though. My other party, I'm having here. At my house. My not fully unpacked, stuff still in storage bins house. Yep. I will be busy the next month. Planning Weewee's party and making this house a home.  Plus, our washer and dryer hookups are being installed in June!!! I'm beyond excited. Going two months without our own washer and dryer... as I type this, I can see the mountain of dirty laundry overflowing from our hamper.
Back to my party.... I've been on a weight loss mission since 2006. So far, so good. I need a boost though. I've seen so many people having success with Body by Vi. So, I've decided to try it. I'm starting June 1st. I'm thinking it will be amazing. I can make a Frappuccino-like shake, that is GOOD FOR ME... plus, I can add peanut butter to it. A healthy peanut butter Frappuccino-like drink?!? Why didn't I do this years ago?? I'm so lucky to have met a wonderful woman, that is going to help me try Vi. Gina has really been a great support recently. She has helped me overcome my fear of trying Vi. Mostly I'm scared because my body doesn't like shakes, but there is also the fear of failure. She is firmly in my corner, and that's an amazing feeling. So, I feel that being healthy is important. No necessarily skinny... healthy. The fact is that healthy and a low weight tend to go together. (Now the Married with Children theme is stuck in my head). So, I really want everyone, especially the people I know, to be healthy!!! Since I've seen so many fabulous Body by Vi results, first hand,  I've decided to throw a challenge party. I'm hoping to get as many of my friends to accept my Challenge to get healthier. Plus, we get to sample yummy Vi shake options and have fun together. I'm so excited. I genuinely feel Vi is going to be the boost I need to achieve my goals, and I'm hoping to bring some friends along for the ride. Wins all around. Plus, let's be honest... when taking on a task (such as getting healthy), the bigger your support system, the better you do. My support system pretty much lives thousands of miles away. Hopefully, I can build and strengthen one here. Not to mention... after we've all sampled the delicious Vi shakes and learned all about it (Did you know that when you take the Vi Challenge, you enable Vi to help children fight against obesity?!), we get to have an hour of pampering!!! My amazing friend Bridgette is going to pamper us BeautiControl style. I'm soooooooooo beyond excited. I love love love BeautiControl. They have an instant manicure hand scrub that is life changing.  Seriously life changing. So, yes, I'm having a party. I figure, I've lived in California for six years, it's about time I have a party. Getting healthy, helping kids fight obesity, hanging with friends, and being pampered.... what better reasons to throw a party?!?
On a side note... you should all look up and join the Facebook group "Running with Wine". It is an amazing, supportive, inspirational group. There is no bashing, only uplifting. The owner, Danielle is great, and her blog has the same name. Don't run? Don't drink wine? No problem. Neither do I. The group is so much more than running and wine.
Well, Weewee is up from her nap. Time to have lunch and play!!!


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