Friday, August 17, 2018

Throw the Balls to the Wall in Fall #UseYourWords

Welcome to August's Use Your Words writing challenge. This is how it works: Each participating blogger submits four to six words or short phrases, that another blogger must use to write a blog post. They are then assigned a set of words and short phrases of their own. Each word or phrase, must appear at least once in their post, and the post can consist of anything they choose. It is completely secret, and nobody knows who received their words, until we publish our posts.

My words are:
throw ~ replace ~ ring ~ wall ~ fall

They were submitted by:
Karen of Baking in a Tornado

I read this words, and felt inspired to throw caution to the wind, go complete balls to the wall, replace my worries with hope, and wait for everything to fall into place. That or maybe just let somebody ring my bell. Either way, it is all good, eh?

Okay, I used all the words. I am done here right?! Of course not. It is so unlike me to write such succinct posts. I am one of those verbose ramblers. You did not honestly think you all got off that easily, did you? I sure hope you all know me better than that.

So, I really just wanted to use this time to give some updates. Gigi has been in school for eight days. This was her first full week, and it has been quite a ride. She had one absence, due to her allergies wreaking havoc on her body and her sleep. She was also late once, because my alarms did not go off. Well, either they did not go off, or I slept through them, so deeply, I did not even register that they went off. I am going with they did not go off. So, I will be working on sorting that this weekend. I do not want any more late arrivals on her record.

Things do seem to be going fairly smoothly overall. She is a bit of a morning person, with a tiny bit of grouch mixed it. Overall, our mornings go decent. I cannot walk her onto school grounds. I have to stop at the gate, and she is still struggling to get it all together, finding her line up spot, and have her backpack with her. She is getting their slowly, and I think pretty soon, she will know exactly where to go, and will arrive there with all her belongings in tact. Until then, I will still worry.

We still have not received word, on if she will be able to ride the bus. I am praying she can. Otherwise, after next week, I have no clue how we will get her there. Thankfully, Chad is on vacation next week, so that should definitely work in our favor. I am honestly still baffled by the lack of bus transportation here. I have never lived somewhere, where school buses weren't a common thing.

I still have not completely decided what to do with myself. I know I want to get into a routine for cleaning the house. One that spreads it all out, so I am not overdoing it on any day, but it all gets done regularly. I also want to go back to school. I just need to decide which school, and which major, and what I want to do afterward.

I just found out, that my ankles and feet are bad. The arthritis has taken over, and I have bone spurs, and a poorly healed fracture. They are just all kinds of bad. I go see a podiatrist next week, to see if anything can be done. I am on restrictions until it all gets sorted. I honestly knew something was wrong. There was no way I was in this much pain, and something not be wrong. I am just hoping something can be done. Honestly, I deal with so much pain on a regular basis, that the pain is not my biggest concern. I don't like the weakness and all the falling from my ankle/leg giving out.

So, lots going on around here. We are definitely still in an adjustment period. I am sure everything will fall into place soon. I hope you all had a fabulous week, and a wonderful weekend.

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  1. The beginning of the school year, especially the first one, is always difficult, but Gigi will settle comfortably into a schedule, and so will you.



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