Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Frosty Toes #PoetryCollaboration

Welcome to February's Poetry Collaboration!! Each month, bloggers choose a theme, and then create poetry based on the theme. I try to join in as often as possible. This month's chosen theme is Frosty! Is it frosty where you are?! I have been seeing lot of pictures of frosty weather posted on Facebook this Winter. I am grateful to say, we don't have snow where I live. However, I can definitely put myself into a Frosty mood, at least for the sake of poetry.

So, I hope you enjoy my addition to this Frosty Poetry Round-up!!

Poem 1: Frosty

Freezing cold temperatures. Red nose and frosty toes. Outside world covered in snow. Scarves, mittens, hats, and coats. Toasting marshmallows in the fireplace. Young kids sledding down the hill.

Poem 2: Frosty Toes

Flames crackling in the fireplace.
The clock ticking away the passing minutes.
Your words leaving me feeling out of place.
I miss you when you are gone.
I just never sleep as well without you.
I hate when you leave before dawn.
You knocking on my door is music to my ears.
I love when you ask to come over.
I hope you continue this for many years.
Your hatred for blankets, leaves me with frosty toes.
I could just wear socks, but then my skin would miss you.
I definitely prefer us to both be without clothes.
Maybe one day we can have more.
Maybe one day our story can include longer chapters.
Maybe one day you won't need to knock on the door.

So, there you have my contribution! I hope you enjoyed it! Don't forget to see what poetry my friends have written for you to enjoy! I will see you there!

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  1. You've taken me to two completely different places with these poems, contentment and longing. Enjoyed them both.

  2. Great job as always. Love your poetry



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