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Smell My Feet #SecretSubjectSwap October 2015

Welcome to a Secret Subject Swap. This week fifteen brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts. 

My “Secret Subject” is: 
Trick or treat?
It was submitted by:  (Thank you so much for such a simple yet complex subject!!)

Trick. Treat. Trick or treat. Such a broad subject. Wow. The first thing that comes to mind is Gigi in her owl costume last year. She was the cutest thing ever. I may be biased, but she was pretty dang cute. This year she will be Minnie Mouse. What will your children be?! I am already thinking about next year. I know, weird. I am seriously going to confess something...

I have never really celebrated Halloween. As I have said before, my dad was not one for really celebrating holidays. I have never really dressed up. I have mostly used a few accessories, but never any amazing costumes. Well, one of my most favorite bloggers DeBie Hive, goes all out in the Halloween costume department. Her entire family wears coordinated costumes. Now, I am not saying the Bergham crew will ever do that, but I am seriously considering coordinated costumes. Well, I am seriously in love with foxes. So, I was thinking Gigi could wear a fox costume, and Chad and I would wear ears and face paint and MAYBE tails. I think It could be cute. This idea came to me while doing my nails last night. 

So, we will see. There is more than a year to decide. I will also admit, that I thought about totally letting her decide. Though, I really want to wait until she is four or five for that. That way if she were to pick something we could not afford or find, she could really understand and we could discuss other options. Plus, since I never dressed up, it is kind of fun to choose her costumes! Another thing I have thought of doing for next year is a shark. She loves sharks and her Dad loves them. I think it could be cute. Plus, Chad could dress as a shark, and maybe I could dress as a wave, and by wave, I mean dress all in blue. Easiest costume ever. 

Gigi went to the safe trick or treating downtown last year, and we visited Bass Pro a few times. Overall it was a successful October. Lots of family fun. I discovered Gigi makes the most adorable owl ever and looks fabulous in orange. This year, we will definitely be going to Bass Pro again. I also plan on going to the safe trick or treating downtown. I think I also want to bring her to a few houses. I am just not so sure. I will definitely let you all know what we do, and I will most certainly share pictures! 

This past weekend, we went to the Pumpkin Fair. It was fun. She rode on her first choo choo train. She was beyond thrilled. She is so in love with trains. I have even considered letting her dress up as Thomas the Train. I bet she would love it! 

So, tell me... What was your best experience with trick or treating? What was your favorite costume you ever wore or that your kids wore?

I have decided to treat you all with some pics from our October last year! I hope you enjoy! 

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  1. You may not have dressed up much when you were young but Gigi already has some great picture memories and it sounds like you're making some fun future costume plans. Hope you do the foxes!

  2. That owl costume is precious! My kids haven't really mentioned what they want to be this year. I probably ought to ask pretty soon, huh?

  3. Great pictures! I want to go to a pumpkin fair....

  4. I wish I could post some of Evan's and my costumes here in the comments! We go all out!!

  5. I love the fox idea! We have twin grandbabies a boy and a girl and they will be a year old 6 days after Halloween. Their last name is Utter and they are dressing them like little cows this year. I had no idea about Pro Bass though I am going to tell my daughter about that!

  6. Fox idea is great but she is the cutest owl EVER.

  7. Wow -- what a lot of thought you put into the costumes. When I was young I was a bum every year. My kids were ghosts and bunnies -- and everybody else did the same thing. Way too complicated now but a heck of a lot more fun.

  8. Last year, we were all superheros. That was super fun! I adore Halloween!

  9. My husband is really into Halloween. He makes a great Shrek!

    We haven't really nailed down the costumes this year, but we are going to a party, then trick-or-treating, so it will be fun. :)

  10. Such cute and wonderful pics and memories. I need to get a better costume for this year... Halloween means so much more to me now that I have AJ.


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