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Updates and Poetry #UseYourWords August 2015

Today’s post is a writing challenge. This is how it works: participating bloggers picked 4 – 6 words or short phrases for someone else to craft into a post. All words must be used at least once and all the posts will be unique as each writer has received their own set of words. That’s the challenge, here’s a fun twist; no one who’s participating knows who got their words and in what direction the writer will take them. Until now.

My words are:
dominate ~ nailed in ~ continue ~ list ~ pointed ~ around 
They were submitted by: (Thank you for such great words!!)

Lately, a few things have been battling to dominate my time. I recently signed up to me a Jamberry Consultant, and that has taken up quite a bit of my free time. As usual, Gigi takes up most of my time. I have also been working behind the scenes on this blog! I hoping some great things will be coming in the future! I really want to stick around for a while, and I hope to make it an enjoyable experience for all of my readers. 

As a friend recently pointed out to me, I really need to get better at balancing my activities, so I do not continue to get overwhelmed. There have been so many changes in my life recently. I would love to list them all for you, but to be honest, I am not ready to make them all public yet. I do plan on sharing them all, as time goes on. Some are much more exciting than others. 

I am actually really excited about this Jamberry endeavor! It is fun. I basically get to party with people and help everyone have pretty nails. It is definitely fun. I wanted to find something fun to do, to earn a little extra money, and I think I nailed it. Pun probably  intended. 

Gigi is growing at the speed of light. It is incredible to watch her grow. She is so smart and fun. She is also quite stubborn and independent. She makes me so proud on a daily basis. I am so blessed to be her Mama. I am seriously excited for what the future holds for her. I know I am biased, but I really think she will do great things.

So, I am mostly trying to figure out how to balance everything going on in my life, and to get better organized, so I can balance it all better. I used to be such an organized person. It is easy when it is just yourself. You factor in kids and family life, and it seems to be a much harder task. If you guys want to comment with tips on how to be organized, I would love you all forever. Though, I probably will anyway! 

So, I did not want you guys to be stuck with just a boring update about life, so I decided to try to create a poem using my words. 

I should have known better.
I should have been smarter. 
I have been around the block before.
I should have known how this would go.
I should have made a list of reasons not to do it.
I should have nailed it on my wall.
I should have memorized it. 
I should have pointed out the risks to myself.
I should have never let myself fall for you.
I should not have let thoughts of you dominate my mind. 
What I should have done and what I did do, total opposites.
I let you in.
I let myself care.
I let my desire for you dominate my words and actions.
I let my need for you grow.
I let you become a part of my world.
I knew better.
I don't think I really cared.
I don't think I minded that I would get hurt.
I don't think it mattered that we could never last.
I think I wanted you so much, the consequences were worth it.
I immersed myself into being yours.
I dedicated myself to being what you wanted.
I knew your want could not possibly last.
I knew the day would come, when our union would end.

I did it all anyway.
I wanted you anyway.
I needed you anyways.
I cared for you anyway.
I let myself fall in love anyway. 
I knew better, but I let you continue to permeate yourself into my very soul.
I let you in so deeply, and now you are gone.
All that remains in pain and memories.
I have no regrets.
I knew better and I still made the choices I made.
You were worth it.
The memories were worth it. 
I would do it all over again, even knowing how badly it hurts.
I will forever cherish you.
I will forever remember you.
I will forever love you.

Also... The Bergham Chronicles Facebook PAGE recently reached TWO HUNDRED likes!!! I have decided to do a GIVEAWAY!!! :) It will start within the next couple of weeks. I think it will be a favorite things giveaway! So, make sure you keep an eye on the Facebook page for details!!! Thank you to all of you!!! I am so honored!!! 

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  1. Sorry I can't offer you any advice since I have been trying to do the exact same thing lately. My problem is staying focused and finishing one thing at a time instead of starting 50 different things and not getting anything accomplished! Loved the poem!

  2. That poem was perfect and I love the style you did it in. Regarding organization - you are talking to the Queen here. The best tip I ever have received or given is so easy once you get in the habit - "Do it right and Do it NOW

  3. Congratulations on 200 likes! I am honored to be one of them :-)

    My only recommendation as to how to become more organized… just wait till Gigi is a bit older. Once she's in (pre-school) you'll automatically come into a different routine that allows for more personal freedom. For now, just go with the flow, enjoy the time with your cutie pie because it won't come back.

  4. I don't want to be all philosophical and cliche. I hear your pain and I'm sorry. You know I'm here for you.

  5. Woohoo! Congrats on hitting a milestone on your page! And way to rock your words-2 different ways!

  6. Congrats on the 200~
    With a toddler I don't think there is such a thing as being organized.....Enjoy GiGi now.

  7. WOW!! Using your words twice in the same post is AWESOME!!!
    Congratulations on 200!! You know I'll be entering the giveaway!!! LOL

  8. Great poem, very insightful. Congrats and good luck on your new endeavor. I wish I knew how to get organized and get it all done.

  9. Great job and congrats on 200 likes

  10. I definitely can relate. I have been all over the place lately. Taking on new tasks and trying different things for me. I am always about those around me and I finally found me time or should I say take me time and now I need to find balance again. For me I make a schedule. I have learned to run my business with auto posts. When kids are sleeping I set more up, respond to those I can, and send out messages. When kids are up I may check in from time to time on business but it's all mobile. I set my phone down after dinner and don't touch it again until after 9 typically. I have a lot more changes to do. It's not easy but a start. Hope that's some kinda ideas.

  11. Oh pish and tosh on organization. As for your life, it is definitely not boring, honey.

    The poem - just beautiful. Breaks my heart a little, but in the way I understand.


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