Friday, October 24, 2014

All The King's Horses.... October 2014 Funny Friday

Today’s post is October’s Funny Friday, a regular feature published on the last Friday of every month (We are posting early this month, due to the holiday). Funny Friday is a collaborative project. Each month one of the participants submits a picture, then we all write 5 captions or thoughts inspired by that month’s picture. Links to the other bloggers’ posts are below, click on them and see what they’ve come up with. I hope we bring a smile to your face as you start your weekend.

Here’s today’s picture. It was submitted by The Bergham’s Life Chronicles ( Yes, that's ME!!!

1. Sit on a cloud, they said. It will be fun, they said.

2. I should've taken a few extra skydiving lessons. I just don't think I'm doing it right.

3. Look, Mom, I'm flyinnnnnnng.

4. Obviously, I'm going to get there way before the chicken. 

5. I hope the King's men stocked up on Krazy Glue.

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I hope you all have a happy and safe Halloween next week!!! Feel free to let me know what you and/or your children are dressing up as this year!!!


  1. So funny. Don't know how you got this pic but I love it.
    Your first caption really had me laughing out loud!

    1. We have a hot air balloon festival here, every Summer. This was one of the balloons this year. :)
      I'm glad I returned the favor.

  2. Your picture was amazing. I'm sure it made for a lot of laughs today. Thanks for sharing!<3 #2. Happy Friday!

  3. I remember when you posted pictures from that balloon festival on FB. This one sure made for a good funny Friday!
    Is there a right way to skydive? I wouldn't know cause I would NOT jump out of a perfectly fine airplane. Just not.

  4. Love this pic!!! Love your lines!!!!!! #2 is my fave!!

    It seems like #2 is my favorite from almost all the lines this week. LOL

  5. I love, love, love number one! Great picture - so fun.

  6. Lesson learned: Don't sit on clouds! lol



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