Thursday, August 28, 2014


Fourteen is my favorite number. Miss Weewee is officially 14 months old. It's so hard to believe she's that old. It feels like I was in labor just yesterday. She's growing by leaps and bounds. She has been the best little girl. I'm sure it's not a shock to hear a mom say that. Yes, I'm biased. I'm also correct. She is so smart and funny. She loves to communicate and is quite animated. As simple as it is, "hi" is her favorite thing to say. She just recently started paying attention to the television and I am still in awe of her grasp of what goes on. Her favorite shows seem to be Chuggington and Thomas and Friends. I'm not shocked. She's always been a fan of Choo - Choo Trains. Two other shows she likes are Doc MacStuffins (Yay) and Little Einsteins. She never sits for long periods of time. She watches for a bit, plays some, watches some more, plays a bit more, etc etc. She is stubborn and intelligent. She takes a bottle at bedtime and sleeps through the night. She takes another bottle in the early morning. She's an excellent sleeper, but fights sleep on occasion. She's growing well. She eats all day long. She eats tiny bits all day long. She's a grazer. She seems to be average size, or maybe a tad small. She can still fit in size 6 Mos clothes. Her feet are huge. She wears a size 5/6 shoe.  Overall, she's still a happy and healthy and social little miracle. We are beyond blessed.

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