Sunday, December 1, 2013


It is December 2013. Anyone else feel like just yesterday was January 1, 2013? I swear I blinked and this year was nearly over. How did that happen? Fastest year of my life, without a doubt. What a year it has been! Can you believe Miss Weewee is FIVE MONTHS OLD?!?! I know I cannot believe it. It seems like just yesterday she was growing strong in my belly. Today she is growing strong out here, in this big world. She amazes me day after day. She is growing and maturing, right before my eyes. It is amazing. I am loving every minute of it. I think I need to quit blinking though! Seriously! She is growing way way way too quickly! 
This is Weewee. Five months old cuteness! I am quite the proud Momma!

I hope you all tune in to my blog in a few days! On December 6th my blog post, that is part of the Secret Subject Swap, goes live!!!! I promise it will be GOOD! 

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